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  1. I was kind of hoping this DLC would be the starting point to a new visual damage model. Like a wing being torn off in the 3d model without the damage state going to 1 and boom. The same i was expecting for the Tank DLC, like blowing off the tracks or a knocked turret. Maybe the changes would be more visual than functional but i think destructive models would breathe some new life to the 3d world.
  2. carlostex

    Malden DLC discussion

    Hi pettka, first of all thanks for taking the time to clarify our doubts. As far as maybe trying to answer your question, which raises a good point, i'll answer it by restating what i said before. Malden by CUP is Malden 1985. It is a recreation on Arma 3 how Malden looks in 1985 in the Armaverse. But for Malden 2035, i would expect an island that would have grown 50 years in the future. Take the old layout, leave the old buildings right where they were, and have new buildings around the town. This is what happens in real life right? Towns and cities which have their historical centers. Furthermore, some new buildings could be some memorials to the lives lost in 1985 (for instance) maybe some easter eggs too... I feel this would be a great homage to the original OFP, to its legacy, story and characters as i consider the Armaverse part of my life. OFP is my favorite game ever, number 1, and from 2 to 20 is maybe all MS-DOS games.. :) Anyway i wouldn't mind paying for this Armaverse 2035 future Malden, even if my favorite was actually Everon, but i would be very happy to see the Armaverse further expanded.
  3. carlostex

    Malden DLC discussion

    Or maybe Malden women were too slender, with only one body type and decided to leave Malden islands so that OFP wouldn't offend Anita Sarkeesian...
  4. carlostex

    Malden DLC discussion

    1 - Whether you like it or not people have the right to complain. We're human beings, it's in our nature to complain; 2 - What i wrote above does not apply in this case, i'm not complaining, just making a point; 3 - No matter how the map on Malden DLC will look, i can never be offended by it, it's just a map...on a video game..no reason to be offended; 4 - "To play it or not to play it" is a right i claim for myself. It's my business, not anyone elses... Take a chill pill, and let's just respect everyone's opinions.
  5. carlostex

    Malden DLC discussion

    Nobody is complaining, we all can have different opinions. A 5€ price would actually be pretty fair for a proper 2035 Malden. In my opinion a 2035 Malden would keep the original shape and the old buidings, with new buildings around them as 50 years had passed. As far as vegetation it would be nice that the same tpe of original vegetation was to be used, up to Arma 3 standards of course, but the placement of vegetation (with the greater exception of forests and most trees) could change, since vegetation can change a lot during 50 years. Now i don't want sound like an elitist, which i would hate, but i am (proudly) an OFP veteran. A 2035 Malden that would pay homage to the original OFP: Cold War Crisis game would bring great joy and Nostalgia to every OFP veteran like me. It is true that Malden is based on Lefkas in Greece, but i care more about the ArmAverse. I care about its legacy, about remembering the story and the characters, about stories that haven't been told yet. No doubt the best way to play on Malden is the CUP mod right now, but i'm sure that some agree that Malden 2035 should be Malden 50 years after Malden 1985. And this means that the old Malden is still there but it has grown independently thanks to many who lost their lives in 1985. Fiction i know, but a beautiful homage on the 16th anniversary. So yeah i would rather pay for a 2035 Malden where i can still relate to all the battles i fought there 16 years ago (in real life) or 50 years ago (in the ArmAverse) should i say.
  6. carlostex

    Malden DLC discussion

    My 2 cents: I certainly appreciate the idea of bringing an old map like the beloved ones from OFP. But seriously it doesn't look like Malden at all, it feels like were on Stratis. Although i do agree that 2035 Malden would look different from 1985 Malden, it wouldn't look this different. There would be certainly still lots of old houses and structures from 50 years ago. It would also be appreciated some easter eggs for all us OFP veterans, i'm imagining something like a graveyard with a tombstone engraving saying something like: "Here lies Kozlowski". Or a statue that would commemorate Guba's capture: "On July 10th 1985 Major James Gastovski captured General Aleksei Vasilii Guba, a rogue General from the Red Army of the Soviet Union. The efforts of Major Gastovski and his team assured that peace would endure for the Malden Islands." I was pretty excited with the Malden DLC but now not so much. But i would really love to see Everon and Malden to be remade for 2035, but with a natural evolution, with bigger locations that would keep their old buildings in center and expand to the outskirts with modern buildings, much like in real life. I really loved the Cold War setting in Armaverse and the characters and story are just great. There's great stuff that was not explored, like James Gastovski and Victor Troska were close friends who had been in combat together, maybe during the 1970's. I think the Malden DLC would have been a great way of paying homage to ArmA legacy, the story and its characters.
  7. carlostex

    Targeting improvements

    I love the effort Bohemia is putting into this! Thank you oukej and the other devs. I am however still using the old Xendance mod. I love the target lead cannon weaponry. For rockets however the BIS CCIP is still innacurate. Rockets do not hit where the CCIP is pointing to but rather a little to the left or right depending on if you are using AP or HE rockets. Using the Xendance CCIP mod the rockets hit spot on. I'm hoping for some improvements for the BIS implementation.
  8. I'm having the same problem despite ging through the account and redeeming Apex. When i did, it apparently send the key to my steam account but i still can't access Apex as it does not appear on the DLC. And to make things better now that i am trying to access my BI account to check my purchases and try the redeem again, the damn site is in maintenance.
  9. carlostex

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    How about that story when a pair of SU-24's buzzed the USS Donald Cook and supposedly jammed the Aegis radars making the whole destroyer blind? Does anyone still believe that story?
  10. carlostex

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    It is possible that the warnings started just before the SU-24 entered Turkish airspace. Either way the Turks got trigger happy. I think the US and other countries are interested of having them in NATO because of the strategic reasons. The US have a major presence at Incirlik. Other than that i rather not have them at NATO either. Killing the pilots is clearly revenge and religion motivated crap. They would have much more to gain by capturing them alive and would give the message that they are truly moderate. Instead they acted like fuckin barbarians.
  11. carlostex

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    One more reason to not act like assholes and doing all these silly provocations that happened days before. With such a condensed airspace where Syrian and Russian Air Forces flying around and also the western coalition it would be good to everybody coordinate and cooperate, this would avoid such accidents and even fracticides which we know are common during wartime operations. And since apparently Russian planes had already violated Turkish airspace it would be wise to be more careful to avoid these violations instead of "we can fly over your territory and buzz your aircraft carriers and you can't do anything about it" policy. I don't doubt that the Turks were trigger happy, but again the Russians are saying it was shot down from the ground, so i can also speculate that the Russian politicians don't mind losing 2 pilots to get an alibi to now bomb the FSA relentlessly. To be honest i just want IS to be destroyed, i think the FSA isn't what it was anymore and it wa probably better to keep Assad in power. So this just turned into a big clusterfuck. Our thoughts should be with the pilots (confirmed dead?) and their families, and i hope these stupid politics changed so that lives that fight for the better are not lost.
  12. carlostex

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Wait CNN? So now sources from imperialistic western media controlled by evil US shills is to trust? Seriously now. If the source is accurate Turkish airspace was indeed violated. So was Turkish airspace really violated? Russia says no! If SU-24 never entered Turkish airspace F-16's should have never took a shot at it, so it's Turkey fault. But Russia MOD says that it didn't enter Turkish airspace and it was shot from the ground. So FSA shot SU-24 with MANPADS? Or was it ISIS? Russia claims the Fencer was flying at 6000 meters. As you can see there are lots of information and misinformation that contradicts itself. Reminds me when the Malaysian airliner was shot over Ukraine. For me, i think the truth is in the middle. I think the Turks have been ready the last few days for something like this to happen and took a shot at first opportunity, and the Russian MOD thought the Turks were pussies that wouldn't dare to fire on their aircraft and kept on with the same provocations and violations it has been doing the past weeks. Again this is result of stupid politics and because of that pilots lost their lives because they were following stupid orders. And now it can be that other pilots on both sides might lose their lives on butt-hurt border clashes between TuAF and RuAF.
  13. carlostex

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    If IS positions are on Turkish soil its Turkish jurisdiction. And stop with that bullshit because we know that IS claims territory in Syrian an Iraq. Do you think that politicians in Russia don't know that any attack inside NATO members territory would imply a response from other NATO members? You jump in defence of Russia because you think i'm attacking Russia. French, US and RUSSIAN planes bomb IS positions in Syria but we know its a totally different situation. There should not be any fuss about airspace violation but if the US would bomb IS positions inside Russia you would absolutely love that US or any NATO country was flying inside Russian territory? Lolz... Get over it, this is not the first time Russia violated Turkish territory, and Turkey warned Russia before. This is the fault of stupid politicians decisions, and because of this Russian and Turkish pilots lives are put at stake. Why did Russian SU-30's were painting (air to air lock) Turkish F-16's when the Turkish jets were well inside their territory? Navigation problem like Russian officials claim? Seriously? Maybe Russia should stop entering other countries airspace and it would even avoid disrupting civilian flights like on October 26th my brother in law flight got delayed because of Russian TU-XX incursions inside British airspace. Both stories: Russia: - SU-24 was on Syrian airspace; - It was shot from the ground; - We can prove it didn't violate Turkish airspace; Turkey; - Our F-16's shot down SU-24; - We warned them 10 times and no answer; - It was inside our airspace;
  14. carlostex

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    While i agree with you 100% on this that doesn't justify Russia sending its bombers to violate Turkish airspace. This is apparently not the first time it happens and Turkey warn them before. So those Russian planes should be hammering IS positions instead of being sent in useless childish provocations. Think about the Russian pilot who lost his life because of stupid orders and think of his family. Striked the upper comment has it is not confirmed a pilot died after all.
  15. carlostex

    Chernarus Plus as DLC for ArmA3?

    I'd rather see the amazing engine features of VBS 3 on Arma 3.