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  1. Wobbleyheadedbob

    Bistore closed

    This went through my head when I loaded the page up this morning: http://www.sadtrombone.com/
  2. Have a quick run around the island... then onto porting our mod content over to A3. Fun times ahead.
  3. Wobbleyheadedbob


    Ditto this! Projects like these are the ones that have the potential to take the engine to a whole new level. Keep up the good work!
  4. Wobbleyheadedbob

    All the Bis game have Counter Strike sounds

    There isn't actually anything wrong with the Arma sounds, they're closer to reality than any of the games mentioned above by the way. Though I'd admit that the engine could use a nice postprocessing engine for the sound, some environmental audio at least would be good. What it sounds like all of you are after is the traditional hollywood-type bs that most other games employ to make them sound like movies. Arma is a simulator, and it does that pretty well. I'll admit some of the rapid-fire weapons don't quite hit the mark but again, you need a better sound engine to get the correct effects (something BF:BC2 has... a good engine, their sound samples are a bit shit though). Some variability in the samples Arma use would also be good, again this could be achieved through post processing.
  5. Wobbleyheadedbob

    Community feedback - improvments for Arma3

    A2 already does that...
  6. Wobbleyheadedbob

    Do you want Laaagdoll Physics in ArmA 3?

    Agreed! Havok was used for the Source engine, while that not really comparible to Arma, I think it may have been used in "World in Conflict" which... well if you were to scale up the models or just zoom in to the battlefield CAN be compared to arma. They handled physics client side evident by the fact that you can choose realism levels in your setting which impact your local performance. However, the phyiscs are used on a base level for ballistics. Another game that uses VERY accurate physics on a wholesale level is the "Men of War" series. Another strategy game which if you havent played... GET IT!!! It is the "Arma" of the RTS world(if I may make so bold a statement). There's no greater pleasure than having your sniper take out the front wheel of a german motorbike with sidecar going full speed and watch it cartwheel forward throwing the passenger. Or perhaps watching your AT round richochet off a german Panzer only to slam into a house that comes tumbling over onto it. (it's the little things that amuse me).
  7. Wobbleyheadedbob

    Do you want Laaagdoll Physics in ArmA 3?

    Well you shouldn't, if an HE shell landed be near a fella's feet you'd see a poof of dust, a pinkish mist where the soldier used to be, followed by a light shower of gravel and burger patty. PEOPLE ARE NOT HELD TOGETHER BY TITANIUM-ALLOY-BUNGEE-CORD! We are steak with a pulse! But I agree with some of Walker's comments, hollywood style ragdoll physics has no place in Arma BUT, seeing a chopper get swung around and explode cos an inch of its rotor clipped a %&*$ing leaf is not very immersive! Watching a soldier keel over in a bullet-death animation as a tank runs over him at full kilter... is not very immersive! Flying a Harrier at 500 km/h into a tree only to have it stop dead on the spot... is not very immersive! The list goes on and on. There are a lot of ways to simulate physics in multiplayer games, not many of them are comparible to Arma 2 because there is no game currently on the market that can simulate the scale of arma 2, but that doesn't mean BI won't try and nor should the community try and stop them. BI push boundaries, its what they do. Arma 2 should have at least extended things on this front but they chose to wait in favour of other extension to their engine, now that they're finally attempting it you wanna get all ancy? Thats a bit dumb.
  8. Wobbleyheadedbob

    Community feedback - improvments for Arma3

    Top of my list would have been: 1. A Physics engine that belongs in this century But seeing as they're drawing attention to that maybe they've nailed it now. So... 1. Improved Sound engine - Could do with some environmental audio, firing a rifle in a valley would sound very different to indoors I imagine. 2. Improved User Interface - Having to look away from my screen to find the right "F1 - F12" key is retarded. -- Logical/Intelligently structured rose menus are an EASY solution. 3. Improved Voice comms - I know Arma 2 has a pretty neat built-in VOIP but why bother?!?! -- 90% of the comunity use Teamspeak, why not just set up a pipeline to a plugin and do what ACRE has been doing with GREAT success. -- You can even make it part of the game engine, (losing contact with your air support cos your radio man got sniped adds great immersion!!!) 4. Improve the SQM scripting language - It has rough features that mimic object oriented like coding but why not go all out? -- Allow inheritance, overloading contructors, custom object classes etc. (if this is already possible then pardon my ignorance) UPDATE: Prayers..? Answered: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?128800-Take-On-Java&p=2073101#post2073101 ---------- Post added at 11:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:58 PM ---------- Oh, a 5th point! 5. Carry over old content! - All those old islands and models will be missed :( -- This is a mammoth task which no SANE company would do but how about an officially supported community project?
  9. Wobbleyheadedbob

    I think we can all agree... optimization

    Bahahahaha!!!!! You should work where I do. You'd delete that post vey quickly. There is more BAD code in the world than there is good code.Trust me. When it comes to particular coding problems there are usually multipe ways to get the job done. Different options are often suited to particular scenarios, when you pick the wrong one you can often go down a path that completely over-complicates your solution and the result is inefficient code. Managers see no profit in redoing work that has already made them money so optimizing existing code hardly ever happens. If you'd like an example of a well written engine: Farcry 1 I used to run that game on a PIII 733 with a Geforce 2 at 35+ frames in a loaded scene. Let me remind you that game had large environements, physics and decent lighting. anyhoo, this is turning into a rant... END
  10. Wobbleyheadedbob

    PMC Campaign Video Effects

    Damn, I'm after the same thing! I tried opening up the missions but can't extract them. :confused:
  11. Try setting combat mode to "Danger" and firing mode to "Hold Fire" ?
  12. Thanks again Shuko, this has worked brilliantly. I've made Deployable MHQ's that players can "Sign-In" to and they will then be "Stationed" there meaning they will respawn there when killed. They can also pack them up again into a Mobile vehicle. Tested on the Dedi and Listen server and it's now JIP compatible.
  13. Sweet, I started putting it together last night anyway. now just need to test with multiple clients. I think I may need to add another eventHandler on the server-side to listen for events triggered by the clients.
  14. Thanks shuko! Would this approach work if I used it to create a function to 'addAction'/'removeAction' on dynamically created vehicles?
  15. Any tips on how to perform a global addAction when called from a script? EDIT: Nevermind, this I jsut found a solution. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=116523&highlight=addAction