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  1. as others reported in this thread i cant use this build and has to revert to the previous build cause of the game hard freezing on me when joining a server which only lets me exit through task manager
  2. Any ETA on when we will get to the release of 1.63?
  3. Paintface

    Broken Filters

    same issue here, i search specificly for a certain name of a server and only after 5-7 refreshes it shows up. If i didnt know any better i would suspect after 3-4 times that the server was down. this is not an acceptable "feature" for a game being updated in the year 2013.
  4. Paintface

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    any update if the light version of ACR will be included into 1.63?
  5. Paintface

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    i regret buying this since its not used in multiplayer , which is the only way i play arma. cant BI at least add the units to next patch as light edition?
  6. less and less servers being shown :( i dont understand how this is seen as feature.
  7. yup why not provide us with a slider or something to set it ourselves? alot has changed hardware wise the past 2 years , would like to take advantage of it.
  8. i cant understand for dayz its not as great of an issue since every server is the same addon and your char is saved all around those servers. Though its annoying if you cant join a friend cause you cant see the server. alot more annoying is the non dayz server list , which was around 50 populated servers for me. Right now 2-3 servers that i know are online and that i used to play regulary on barely show anymore. showing a couple of servers with 3-5 ppl on it with ACE running i never play isnt very helpful to me if they got a ping of 30 instead of the eastern european server with 50 people running domination that i play alot but has a ping of 80 so it quit showing to me...
  9. or how about a LOD slider where i can set the zoomed in LOD to be the standard LOD, i have a videocard that can handle that kind of detail. would get rid of LOD switching and make the game look better in general.
  10. despite these changes and features, i will be able to see full server list in the future again if filters set to show all?
  11. very happy about this update, though what if there are server owners who are basicly cheaters? will their servers behave as before?
  12. how come? i noticed that for a while not all servers are showing up.
  13. Paintface

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    really hoping for ACR lite minus maps ( which are very forgettable ) to be included in 1.63
  14. LOD switching perse isnt the problem for me, but rather it not switching. even up close characters and vehicles use the lowest possible texture no matter how long i wait. though i cant imagine that being the issue with an SSD and 8gb ram
  15. very happy to hear! and its all we need to know.