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  1. Lowlands Warrior

    The VW Amarok could I get a version MP with lightbar ,hopefully placeable in zeus would like amodule that turns on that lightbar, and radar tank ,if you use such ones? Thank you.
  2. Achilles

    Can we get a module that loads vehicles in transport aircraft automatically? Sometimes stuff happens,get short of time.Place module,add a plane,it gets filled with anything that can fit and drives. Thank you.
  3. Can we get a module that loads vehicles in transport aircraft automatically? Sometimes stuff happens,get short of time.Place module,add a plane,it gets filled with anything that can fit and drives. Thank you.
  4. Some smallish requests: Could I get : Smoke area,make runway with strobe in this area/direction set explosives and use some marker to place on top of a target and decide CAS plane altitude and direction . If I can make him set a small plane in-destroyable and make it land in a set direction,this would be very usable. Mod support for Silent Take Down and some way to record 5-10sec clip and upload to Youtube to make a clip for movie. To make a ai lase would be useful.To tag a target for a sniper and make all retreat and drop a smoke or strobe at own position will be useful and use a camotent and make that tent sink into the ground,making him barely visable . Make them use Flares would be useful.A function that lets ai load passed out ai into vehicles would be something new in game. What if he can put down a bunch of mines ,trip-flares or simply put down smokes on some sort of delayed cock-off that can be set off with a timer that can be shut down if wanted. If we could follow ai-with a camera that track-and-follow at ground level,would be more useful. If he can also make a ViV-- load in vehicle ,that would be just great. If we can make several "pages" of plans at one time ,for certain actions,like scaling buildings or fortify places ,would be great. These are just some quick ideas for you.Great mod ,looking forward to this.
  5. If you could add this GPWS for Ai pilots ,you could make possible to make AI fly using Autopilot Path Following /Altitude Hold ,to set these 2 things are absolutely crucial to make Ai survive in a heavy AAA area. If incorporated,we could fly `movie-like`missions ,if we could decide what altitude the plane beforehand when we put down the WP-and decide the speed with a speed bug connected to speedometer,we could fly low and fast in reduced visibility . If we could make ejection be automatic,it could make for some exiting missions,adding Auto-lock to this might be needed to make things when we need to use high speed just to survive. Some way to make the IR-signature to disappear to lower the hit rate in MP would be neat.Maybe ,even make SAM hits to turn purely FX. Here is how the F-111 aircraft "Fly UP" indicator looked. :https://screenshots.firefox.com/DOUZ5KzcNOtBd12c/www.youtube.com Thanks for the mod. Checked out the TCAS/GPWS video: Clould you change the pull-up a bit? Would like it to find out if there are any monntains in proximity to the plane-if not, just pull up and keep altitude to avoid a crash ,alternatively make it release some flares to protect from sams,if over flat terrain.
  6. Can ECM get changed to make sure it`s always on to protect other planes flying with Ai-planes ? That way we can get close to AAA-threats without the risk to get shot down instantly?
  7. Came to think of EF-2000 Eurofighter plane . I read that it came with "improved AI Ejector seat usage script". Something for this mod? Came to think of the VLS-system: Can it be modified to make planes and helicopters fly better and closer to the ground? Some mods have systems with a limited ability to engage low and fast movers. Is there a chance that CIWS could be down-graded to be less effective? Or if Autocannon could be used ,like German Sky Guard.If Chinese Forces got anything like that.Tracked Point Defence systems would be handy. Cold this come with something like a "auto-loading -into Transport Aircraft"-system -you place stuff down and add a module that loads all the stuff into planes. It takes a lot of time to load tons of stuff into various transports as Zeus and automation would come in handy. About the Argo 8x8: Can this be made to be carry a Stinger guy standing ? Or a AT or RBS-70 or small item. And as a UGV,it will be very useful,thanks. Is 122mm self-propelled gun-howitzers in this?
  8. About Mortar : Maybe there is a way to add a Virtual Mortar that exits and do fire mission every time we use mortar.Then disappear again. Could we be able to make our own Heavy Weapons Team drive there,then pick them up via a "explosives timer" on count-down and then the tank drives there and pick them up? Could the tank stop and kick-out the team and place them some distance away(due to poor driving skills) ?
  9. Is it possible to make the AP to fly pre-set WP and follow altitude setting with it? Missiles fly pretty well with Encore update.Something for planes ,too?
  10. Could you add a "airspeed bug" too? A small arrow that sets a max and minimum speed that can be connected to a autopilot setting. thnx
  11. Could you add an option to make the medic always heal the player if shot and make him bullet proof? Very useful for me.If he would use the GL when saving me,and then try to drag me away also,something like that,I may actually survive some encounters. If we could make Ai-helos use rappel to insert troops and Crew to hose down a area with gunfire,we could make inserts under fire better. If we could add a QRF-force with our own made vehicles ,make them ultra-fast.Maybe,just a button-press. Then,I would like to request a way to make helicopters maintain separation of a few meters,and be able to operate as a team and fly like this:http://www.richard-seaman.com/Wallpaper/Aircraft/Helicopters/American/NellisHueys_1.jpg
  12. Is it possible to add a sides aircraft as a part of missions and waves of infantry to support them by adding air to what is available by adding an "Air Commander" as in Alive? Would give us a reason to add AAA-infantry.
  13. Is there any way to use some systems in the autopilot to do terrain-hugging flight,with auto-lock ? And will there be a autopilot for helicopters? That would be most useful.Would like to have ultra-low height setting and very low speeds setting. Thanks for a great mod.
  14. WARMACHINE - PvP Game mode

    Can this come with native Headless Client support,please? Would be really useful.tnx