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  1. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    https://screenshots.firefox.com/chlstXF8Tq7YciRv/www.youtube.com Could we get this for RHS? .50 BMG mounted on Hummer would look like it could smash anything.
  2. Project Zenith

    If I may say this looks just great,what I would like to have is gunbelt separately,so that I could use it with other clothes too.If possible,can we get a version of the gunbelt as a `sports shooter` gunbelt ,with the holster tilted forward,as can be seen in some photos from Internet. Thanks for a great mod.
  3. A possible bug discovered: The Flare trap won`t send up the rocket but it fizzes some and just land like 5ft from player. Is that intended,no such thing as a flare going up into the sky. It just lay there and look very bright. Thanks for a great mod.
  4. GSTAVO's Weapons

    Could you make a Predator movie -version,old ,gritty, rusty and perhaps with some green camo? Would look great,for this. Thank you.
  5. Can I please get a aoption to make the Ai load a guy onto a stretcher and put in a helo? I would prefer as a module ,where the Ai load in people within a set distance in meters from a landed helicopter.
  6. About the Tads system: Can this be made as a Flir camera that we can place at a pre-defined place below the nose and also as a placed on a pylon (on top of this ),added as a item from a weapon box? Using Dynamic Loadout System,we could choose where the Tads will be placed. Hopefully,this can use Kimys Hud and also be operated by pilot and incorporate a serach light .
  7. Is the updated Mcc out on Workshop yet? It says Nov 4 is last one. Could there be a possibility to place the carrier a long way out to sea,almost off map? Need to be able to do that for a mission.(2) Can there be a timer that can be used to spwan stuff after a set time ? Just a timer,no triggers,or zones,just sync to some moduel.Then planes takes off when timer reach 0. Also some way to make our own compositions for troop units and save them.Would be able to recruit new team members and make helos land be context tesitive point at. To be able to use the Support Requester/Provider in zeus mode,and some sort of Ambience system for aircraft.Aircraft fly around and maybe get fire missions near the player. If there could be a possibility to make use of the Rescue helos by being able to load in (rather make the ai load in ) casuallties onto stretchers and make that work automatic.
  8. Thanks for all efforts you put in and good luck to you in the future.
  9. The Flare system.Is there some way I can guarantee that the enemy will set these off,somehow? I mean,won`t they see them across the path of the roadways?
  10. Is it possible to add new versions of this throug the Garage or Vr-map? Do it myself?
  11. Does this work for AI,would be useful? I would like this to be used for Ai aswell. If this can be made to work for helicopters,letting us set altitude and choice of weapons,and if I may make a suggestion,make us be able to draw a flight parth on the map and if possinle exlude a possible target,I would say this is Much better than Support Requester/Provider,this will be the go-to mod for Air Support,thank you.
  12. Any way to be able to fly any addon mods aircraft used as CAS in MCC ? It would be great to be able to play as all available planes one could use from mods.....! It would be great if I can designate a person as a pilot in advance and have them automatically teleported as a pilot and replace the pilot of the plane with a Playable one.Possible ,add a IR-strobe to mark the target intended. Some way to place Vehicle in Vehicle throug Modules would be nice,if legal without the DLC. Some way to incorporate the Dynamic Loadout in a module for Advanced Helo CAS. To be able to use the Point in ACE 3 with ability to make rings diffirent colours to mark friendly/enemy position. To be able to turn any vehicle/Air into UGV/UBL. Composition Units. Make my own special compositions of units,give it a name and make it show up in zeus interface.Give Fireteams and Groups their own names.Make names have a Sign oand tadpole,visable to Team Leaders only in MP. Be able to make some enemies be invisable on the map,by order of type.Then make them visable again. Set altitude for enemy air units via slider from 5m-500m.Make them not use radar.
  13. What if the guy can stand backwards and crutch down and operate a Mark-19 or similar? What if he had a 2-man crew ,that can both drive and shoot at an arc of 180*? And can stow a uav+bag for it?
  14. Here is a few things I been looking for .1.Auto-Lock for missiles .2.Some way to use the"Ace 3 Point at" ring to show targets from Ground to Helicopter. Making this ring stay there for a set time in minutes,and use multible rings to show own troops and enemies.Diffirent colours. 3.To be able to set a Speed Bug to lock-down the speed at my liking. 4.For Copilot to be able to place rings at targets,if desired,too. 5. Can we get the possibility to mark a flight path with Shift+mouse and get some sort of cues for a flight to that position,flight path markers,like tadpoles,rings or similar. Thanks for a great mod.
  15. How do I change the modes of the stuff? Possible to add individual weapons to the Garage or VR-world and then execute code on them?