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  1. Could I ask for a Fennec helicopter in camo ? Isn`t very satsified with Brazilian one .The Air part is looking great. Would like to get some way to get people out of the water and inside a helicopter too.Would be a nice feature,just saying. Thanks for a great mod.
  2. GX Addons v2

    This on Workshop? Huge problems to install this config or whatever.Can`t get it to show up in ADDONS.
  3. Could we get ViV? And a Parachute Drop point WP?
  4. How do I get to the Create Convoy -option? Question: Can we get a option to decide spacing and speed option for aircraft? I`m thinking of helicopters to make them orbit by making them do that by setting it in advance at WP and maybe get Ai to board any helicopter within 100m. Formations flight like this would be great,like Go Ladder High. https://www.facebook.com/UH1HUEY.U.S/photos/a.108979816453106/114662129218208/?type=3&theater If we could change the spacing between the helos up and to the side,this would be so much better than any other mods,if we can get ViV and to place 3 helicopters in a line and make them turn on a line onto a certain direction and then climb out to set altitude ,would be great. A "Saturate Area" option ,gunrun it repeats until depleted would be a new option . Can we also get a "ultra slow" -speed -3km/h to be able to fly below treetop height,would be useful sometimes. Could we make our vehicle become `semi-bullet proof` by ,making the planes take say 50 % damage and then take 150% damage before it gets destroyed to mimic armor ,like "delayed damage"-system from meny option. Can we get a way to choose load out by using a Spawn Vehicle- mod of choice (Dcon) ,can we also get the possibility to turn on light bars from the Menu ,it would be fantastic. If we can use insert by Fast Rope ,it would be a nice addition. Thanks for a great mod.
  5. Sabre's Secret Weapons

    Could you add A-26 Invader to this,please? Thank you.If we can set a "Formations" we could set the type of ,it would make the mod much cool.
  6. About NR6 Air reinforcements; Could we get a splash-screen for simplicity to choose what aircraft we want to use for this reinforcement? A little like MCC mod . I would like to give it some escorts too,if there are some way to add formations with a way to add a escort helicopter and a transport that can secure a landing strip for C-130 to land and make a 360* zone around it ,would be great. It`s supposed to simulate how things would work -zones where AT-helos are on flying standby,I suppose,and so on. If the Hetman system can work with a AWACS ,that could feed `Intel `to the system to make it know the predicted loss of certain stuff like AT or needed kinds of troops,it could replace them only.If it can fix transport for those and if it can `notefy`the other side of this ,that doesen`t have something to do with the current fighting to do,it may make some stuff to happpen `randomly`happen ,like ambush and so on. It may look cool if we can see some big transport aircraft to fly overhead and maybe use Droongos Air Ops system or some simmilar mod,where you can define airports and use the system in there with some snippets of code and make it work for you. If you can intigrate the use of Logistics to make sure the fighting is followed be the neccesary re-stock of supplies and even the evac of wounded would make this a go-to mod. We would acctually need a mod that would spawn Dust OFF Huey helicopters that could follow the players around and pick-up players ,tranport them to MASH and re-insert players that been `combat-ineffective` due to damage and then transported to a MP-Spawn point . Some sort of AIR Rescue would be a new to Arma .If we could make it to sling load stuff it would make it possible to add to possibilitys of the system.
  7. Could some one make a flyable version of Israeli C-7 Kfir jet,a version of the Mirage 3 .If I could request a BMW R 1200 GS bike too,it would be great .Thank you.
  8. This will need some real useful ECM scripts to make this ATL-flying work .I would make a C-119 or other turboprop maybe a C-7 Porter or similar as a dedicated ECM-plane .With such a potent Sam-system currently in Arma 3,this may be a must.
  9. Should I press Autodetect before I try Automatic View distance before it render when I fly? Helps?
  10. Can this be made to work with MFD Cougar ? Really keen on seeing this operate the camera and so on.That would be a pretty easy thing to make work ,I think. Would be very happy if so.Congrats on this mod ,it`s shaping up to be a must-have mod for all.
  11. Recently bought the MFD Cougar for some other flightsims.Would like to add these for Arma 3. To make them work I think I will need a API ,a plug-in to make them show various stuff that is possible to call up on screen. Would like to make these work with ITC mod ,if possible. Some general API would probably be needed for it and perhaps someone could make some other addons for FSX that can get ported over to Arma 3. Maybe,this could all be in a module? Will need someway to steer the camera. Thanks a lot if you could pull this off.
  12. Project Taketombo

    A Skin for the USCG TA-45 helicopter would be great.Coast Guard used a bright red and white paint and was used for training and if you want to do some other version,it`s most welcome.It looks great .Very exited to see the Airframe vibrations at work.
  13. I did try it out ,it`s very good .Works on modded helicopters ,what I can tell after some flying.I did try it out ,it`s very good .Works on modded helicopters ,what I can tell after some flying.Will this change Advanced Flight Model?
  14. Line Drawing

    This should be pre-planned and you drop it in there to save time .
  15. Pook BOATS pack

    Could you buff the speed up on these,please? Would like them to compete with Combat boat 90 @ about 60 knots. IRL these are very fast boats. Would like to be able to have increased Inventories in these,but also be able to add a Sam launcher or ejection to these that makes inserting Ai divers easy.