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    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Thanks to the OP, the same thing came to my mind. As far as i understand it, if DirectX 12 is released (and developers are bugging microsoft to not force it windows 8 only) it can pass it's benefits to games running on DX11 too because it's completely downwards compatible. All what devs have to do is implement it. I don't know how hard it will be, but this will help Arma3 big time. So for new graphics stuff you may need an DX12 GPU, but the more interesting CPU utilization stuff comes for everyone.
  2. AlecDelorean

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Just grab a BECTI 0.96 mission from a server, start it in a LAN session (skill setting is 0.6 by default). Join as commander, build barracks and a command center, go into unit cam and switch to an AI unit's iron sights (a very cool feature by the way). Now wait until they reach the nearest town and see everything through the eyes of an AI, how they act and how they try to solve the situation. Usually, when i go into CQB, i'll switch to Autofire and aim for the center of body to make shure that a burst will lead to a couple of hits into the body of the target. In the current version of the DEV, u can see how the AI is going into single shot mode (rifleman and marksman) and aiming straight for the head. One day before release, we had the best version of AI in my view. In CQB situations, i witnessed how the AI unit i was watching, had to struggle with recoil in autofire and fatigue. One time i had a situation, where i was surprised by an Enemy popping up around a corner and we both emptied a full magazine on each other without a hit. I had the immersion that he was almost surprised as me and also had to take a second to react. This was the most humanlike behaviour i ever witnessed in Arma 3. And the AI popping smoke is not that rare in A3, i saw it all the time since the alpha...
  3. AlecDelorean

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Well, i have hardlocks all the time since first alpha. It's happening much less often, but still present. The game is the only application that is able to do this on my Win7 Ultimate computer...
  4. AlecDelorean

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    @KeyCat I do not agree, AI is still instructed to save ammo and turns in a blink of the eye to shoot you in the head. They are not wasting salvoes in the players direction, have not to fight recoil, they just point and shoot...
  5. AlecDelorean

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Actually the final release version is a step backwards (weeks) in state of development. There where 3 branches (beta stable, Dev and release version). Just switch to dev build again today, when a patch comes out that updates the game to the state one day before release. We all know that a release doesn't mean it's final or finished...
  6. AlecDelorean

    This game is amazing

    There is one thing that i don't get, the official release version is older (weeks) than the developers build one day before release. So if u want to see an updated AI, fully CQB capable, more humanlike shooting (not the 1-bullet-in-the-head killermachines, they also struggle with recoil and larger distances now) and better tweaked PhysX, go for the dev build today. BI anounced that the DEV build will have a patch today, where all these features come back into the game.
  7. I second that! Thank you Windies. I wonder if, at least at the very beginning, in that small time window when the decision fell "Let's make Arma 3..." the idea of going 64 bit was even on the table. And then, why they decided against it... Well, too late for now. They made so many right decisions, the game looks amazing, the controls and the handling are so much better, the new features, designs, AI improvements, the setting etc. - there are so many things i like about this game. I really hope these performance issues will not become the stab in the back of A3.
  8. @Myke I know what you are saying, all this is already known, i read it on several statements. You are slowly coming to the point. The decision to go 64bit had to be made several years ago. It would mean a massive overhaul for the engine. Consuming lots of time, money and manpower. Maybe all these problems will get sorted out through harder optimizing the engine as it is in the moment, but i cant let go of the feeling that on some point the designers just ignored what programmers recommended or vice versa. Again, just my opinion, from my perspective.
  9. Well, from my humble view, if you can take some load from the cpu (loading textures, objects, geometry etc. from the HDD, swapping the data) because they're already in RAM you indirectly save some time for calculating AI per frame... And Altis is a hungry beast, give it a bigger belly. 64bit is also about more bandwidth...
  10. I'm running the DEV build since the first Alpha release and i had lots of fun playing A3 over the last months, so i don't want to complain about anything yet (it's still a BETA). I'm just getting curious. In 2 days we will see, please let the miracle happen...
  11. Yeah, i spent some time... B-) There are way too many dirty ripoffs and edits around at this time. Mission makers have to keep in mind that scripting has to be more elegant and efficient, make more use of the modules and tools BI already provides within the A3 editor. @Myke i know what you want to say, but you have to admit that the best rig for A3 seems to be a dualcore 10GHz CPU with 4 GB RAM and a 3 GB VRAM GPU running Win7 32bit. Very unrealistic. I have an i7 extreme 6 core, 24 GB DDR3 RAM, nvidia 3 GB VRAM (384bit DDR5) running Win7 Ultimate and A3 on a SSD. I think i pretty much have the engine and the fueltank for the year 2013...
  12. @BL1P not 100% true. Simple test: 1. use a GPU (MSI Afterburner...) and CPU (Task manager) monitoring tool on a second monitor, 2. go into editor and place a playable unit somewhere into the center of Altis. 3. Click Preview and make a 360 degree turn ingame (to make shure all textures are loaded), now run, drive or fly a few meters and watch your GPU and CPU load and FPS. On most quadcore-cpu's you might get a usage of 40-60%, the GPU will run on nearly 100%. Dependent on your rig, you might have a decent fps-rate. 4. NOW go back into the editor and place some friendly AI direct in front of you (not 1 - 5 units only, add complete squads, "This is war" you know...) Then preview again and watch how your CPU keeps that usage of 40-60%, your FPS going down and your GPU taking a break because it has to wait longer for the CPU (GPU usage going down). Repeat adding AI as you like and watch your FPS going down more and more... Whats the point of having this beautiful huge terrain, if you can't fill it with life. I'm really sad about this issue. BI's devs have to rethink about 32bit and 2GB RAM restriction or come up with a new fancy streaming/instancing/crowd technology...
  13. AlecDelorean

    Jets unable to move on the ground

    The OP is right, sometimes they just stick in the ground. You have to bump them with a vehicle to free them...
  14. AlecDelorean

    Flares = Useless?

    If your chopper got shot down, you did something wrong - period. Every chopper or tank or armed vehicle is a high value target, you have to be extra careful and aware of the situation. There is one mistake i see very often on public servers, a pilot rushes to the AO, tries to stop quickly and the heli shoots up in the air. If you want to keep a low altitude on landing, you have to start decreasing speed within 1 km to 500 m before reaching the LZ. bah, useless discussion, thread goes elsewhere... in my opinion.
  15. AlecDelorean

    Flares = Useless?

    1. "...flying over the AO..." - first mistake, think of an attack chopper being a big fat sniper, learn what terrain flight & terrain cover is and keep your distance to the attack zone (2 - 1.5 km) having a high object visibility setting is a must. 2. "I would have had 50 flares in the air..." - every new lock on you doesn't care about the flares you already deployed, deploy a new package and move away from that location as fast as possible. 3. "once I saw I was targeted by AA..." - this means you missed my first point again or just in a bad attack position. if you see you are locked by AA, break away and look for another attack position. Basically you have to learn how to survive in a chopper, the way you described your flying style is something like "Hello! Here I Am!!! Shoot me!!!"...