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  1. pandex

    Curator Presets Mod

    Have you tried achilles ? should be able to do the trick.
  2. Just tested it intensively in yesterdays mission and it works like a charm. Instant effect. Great work !!! Nice to have vcom back. Arma is just not the same. We had an op last night, experienced nothing like you decribe.
  3. In the past, it did not work when setting this command on the fly (Atleast i have only ever made it work from the editor.). Does that work now?
  4. Is it suppose to not work when you shoot on your own side, as in blufor on blufor, we cant get it to work like that. but as soon we change we side to opfor it works?
  5. ^ +1 on this, as we are thinking of moving over to ACRE, but we heavily use these radios. and not sure if the ACRE versions actually do anything...
  6. Hey just downloaded your mod, as i think its really nice, just cant get the menu to show up on objects on a dedicated server. it works in editor but as soon i load the mission on our server, there is no menu on the ammobox. I have the mod on the server, but just cant get it to work. Is there anything special in the mod version to get it to work on a dedicated?
  7. pandex

    Moss Targets

    Seems really nice but it fails to load on our dedicated server.. havent changed anything and it works in the editor. This is all i get from the server rpt: Ive checked all the names and that is in global must be in the script somewhere it messes up.
  8. pandex

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    First to say, im really sorry if this have been asked a million times, but this thread is massive, and the search have not let me find what ive looked for. We would like to use RHS, we tested it at release but it some how conflicted with AGM so no one could hear each other shoot, have that been fixed yet? Any other problems that is know to happen with AGM or other mods that one should be on the look out for? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Probably because they dont have the mods required to play on that server.
  10. We are searching for a Clan/Group to do Joint-ops with, Preferable based out of Europe. We love Realisme, of course to the limit that it is a game, but we do play with the intention of making it very realistic. That means thats also the kind of group we are searching for. Only downside, is that we are not trained in (english/us radio protocol, but are very willing to learn) We have specialized in Short/long Range Recon. Not saying we cant play other things :) We are not a huge group, we have tight well trained squad of 8 guys. Many of us have experience from the danish army in some way, and thats also the military standards we play with. But if you or anyone you know might want to talk about some of this, send me a PM and we will talk :)
  11. pandex

    ADV Zeus Script

    Any one have a solution for using it with MCC, then youy have no module with zeus in the mission? really appriciate any help.
  12. pandex

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Might be thats blind, but where is the 0.91 download at in there :D
  13. I have been trying for a week or so to get a PVP mission going, with role selection, that works fine. But i cant seem to figure out what im doing wrong with editing the Weapons available and classes loadout. I have put it in the Init.sqf to the mission. but somehow i dont think thats correct. as nothing is happening there. Cant seem to understand where to put it :D Any help much appreciated.
  14. I allow my self to repost since i think the post got missed by everyone :D And working on a mission thats pretty dependent on the roleselection just cant find it in the new mcc.
  15. Just updated to the new and wildly nice MCC :D But where have you hide the Role selection :D have i missed something or am i just blind ? :D