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  1. Thanks. I'll test it tomorrow.
  2. Hey ffur. How can I activate the launch with a trigger? Currently the script is activate instantly once the mission starts.

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Thank you! This mod alone got me back into ArmA 2.


    I started using TrueMods with ACE 2 recently and I'm loving it. I did encounter a bug in it though and I'm surprised that it hasn't been pointed out. I was able to launch myself in the air by swapping from an iron sighted weapon to grenades and throwing them. See for yourself. Maybe it's ACE and TM conflicting.

    COWarMod Release

    I know you said you need a lot of voices if you are going to make this ACE compatible, so count me in as a person who wants to play this with ACE. Again, awesome addon work.

    COWarMod Release

    Nice addon collection. Is this compatible with ACE? -edit- Never mind, just read the read me.
  7. It's better than going on patrol with PFC Geardo.
  8. It's a little bit early to go to sleep don't you think?
  9. Don't you dare talk bad about my credit score! :D
  10. Well, this disappointing. I went to Sproket to preorder BAF and they do not accept American Express, only Visa and Master Card. :(
  11. Noob question. Probably asked over one hundred times in this thread. Will this add-on come on disk form?
  12. Been having one or two "drivers stopped working" incidents today and yesterday. I haven't tried your NVIDIA profile workaround, Maverick, so I doubt your Macgyveyr that is causing the driver issues. I'll try downloading the beta tomorrow morning, seeing if that helps. I have the same rig as yours, so can you give me any tips on what to enable/disable on AO's NVIDIA profile?
  13. (Please dont quote images /Alex)Dude, slowdown. It's still in alpha and I'm sure Armatech will improve upon his addon.
  14. SEALVI

    ARMA 2 OA 1.52 :Bugs

    I can't get MLRS to work. I get the artillery targeting map, but it doesn't move.
  15. I can't get MLRS to work. I get the artillery targeting map, but it doesn't move.