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  1. Hey, how to use the new reload eventhandler? Script or config?
  2. Hello guys! Your great map has couple of bugs: - satelite mask dont match with grass on the most of island (distant texture is black-ish, grass is light green. Possible solution - try darker grass or obviously tweak satmap - some rocks use geometric occluders that disable object render despite you are under them. Hopefully, there is a way to change objects to ones that dont use occluders. Despite of that problems map is insanely detailed and very interesting in terms of gameplay. Outstanding job!
  3. By organisation, marine AAV's are used in assault amphibius platoons, each 4 sections of 4 vehicles, which are able to transport transport whole rifle company with additional units. It is not a problem to add non proxied seats, but it would be really nice if you add the ones with apropriate proxy, for precise organisation fans.
  4. Hey, guys, can i ask you to alter cargo bay of aav7 to real 25men size? also stryker can carry 9 men instead of current 8.
  5. partyzan

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    barbolani, thank you for the answer! Actually, in our convoy case the fourward watch (sorry i dont know english term for this. I mean a small group or a vehicle which marches before the convoy to save whole unit from the ambush) can be good, but to make it even more apropriate i can suggest to script a route change if there is a contact on current one. Also, helicopter watch may be god aswell, but it depends on how apropriate is knowsabout logic of the engine. Speaking of music thing - well, may be i just was to busy to notice the different mood of music, seemed for me like just plain playlist. Sorry if you already done that.
  6. partyzan

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    Hello, buddy, enjoying playing your mission with my friends. Great work! I have some suggestions. 1) Convoy missions are too easy - in real life there is some key points on route that are guarded by troops, minesweeping activity on route, recon teams sequreing the route before the convoy, and even minefields on weakest spots. May be you will think of adding some more chalenge to them if you have time? 2) Roadblock outpost with 2 mg nests seem not realistic eather - only 2 covers, may be you will establish some 2 story bunkers instead? (not sure if ai will use them as cover though( ) 3) Might be just my mod mix, but in the case somebody noticed that too: Armor on AAF counterattacks plays really dumb - roaming around the outpost/base, getting at non strategic low places with no view on enemy etc. I think if they have some special script command, it can be polished. groups of enemy look like too calm - you can engage patrol or shoot on enemy base and other patrols continue roaming. Maybe i just being used to asr ai mod. Its support could be realy useful by the way. 4) Atmosthere thing. In BIS campaign scirmishes there is a set of functions, that change soundtrack dynamicly depending of what is happening. May be you can use it? Missions are located in addons like missions_epb.pbo. Also there is some comentary phrases on tasks done Actually there is a lot of interesing stuff that can be used like whole mini-missions and so. p.s. sorry for my english, i dont have language practice for long time
  7. partyzan

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Arma tushino Serious games streams http://www.own3d.tv/Squier87#/live/161452 http://ru.twitch.tv/partyzanrnd ( reserve + lq http://www.regame.tv/live/6096) Friday and Saturday 19:00 CET
  8. Good work, but actually, "2d" ak74 sound of ACEX_SM mod is really closer to one you hear irl. Is it possible to use it as a base for all theese features?