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  1. kireta21

    [Suggestion] Arma 2 3rd Party DLC for Arma 3

    As pointed out, for ArmA 2 we already have CUP, which is good enough. Armed Assault is irrelevant, honestly. Recreation of Operation Flashpoint though, complete with official campaigns and scenarios, now for that I wouldn't mind paying full expansion price.
  2. As a fan of Doom, you should figure out that much: back ColdWarAssault.exe and rename ArmAResistance.exe. Same trick you use to fool steam into thinking it launches dosbox, not a source port
  3. Just reinstalled, and downloading GRAA right now Is NVG/Bino thing the only adjustement needed for 1.96 mods to work in 2.01, or there's more config changes I should be aware of?
  4. kireta21

    Masked Shooters 2 - stolen assets?

    Browsing youtube videos I stumbled upon this sorry excuse for a shooter. http://store.steampowered.com/app/434250/Masked_Shooters_2/ Do you find sounds in videos also oddly familiar?
  5. kireta21

    HEAT powerful than APFDS? what does HEAT mean?

    HEDP stands for high-explosive dual-purpose. It's combined HEAT and HEF shell, where explosion that creates penetrator is also used to create large shrapnels like in normal HE. They're essentially used as anti-everything shells, when APFSDS are used aganist armored targets that are beyond ability of HEAT. Main gain is limiting types of ammo tank needs to carry, from 3-4 to 2, which allows carry more of speciffic type without sacrificing fexibility of loadout. @The Man Without Qualities Main advantage of KE over HEAT is that modern armors (composite, spaced, reactive etc) are optimized for vs. HEAT effeciency, so even though HEAT offers more pen on paper, KE is still more likely to defeat target. All of that RL of course.
  6. kireta21

    How's 2017 ArmA 3 ?

    I'll keep it short. Been playing since OFP, lost interest aroud time Zeus came out. Now I see everything is 66% off on steam, so I'm thinking maybe it's time to go back. So here's my question: How ArmA changed in last 2 years? I know DLCs and proper expansion came out, but "more stuff" isn't answer I'm looking for. How's gameplay, how's perfomance, how's AI, and can unsquadded player have fun in MP? Anything more I should know about? I'm interested in opinions of active players.
  7. kireta21

    Funny & interesting videos

    Tears of laughter just don't stop :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen:
  8. Valve is retreating for now, but retreating enemy often turns out to be only regrouping or flanking. There's little doubt they'll be back. Who would resist idea of making money off other's work, if he could get away with it? "Adjusting" things would require heavy changes to workshop itself, firing likely most of current moderation beign first priority, and changing policy regarding stolen content from "don't ask, don't tell" to swift and mercilles as it is with cheaters caught by VAC
  9. As if they cared about modders beign paid. Why would Valve suport system where they don't get cut? @Macher It's technical. Most people read text as stream, using our brain's auto recognition. This is why you can read and understand text without noticing pretty evident typos. Lack of space after punctation or comma makes works around it blob together (since, unlike typing machine, they take less space then letters), breaking sequence, forcing reader to actually read words as if he was reading foreign language. [edit]talked about typos, made "works" instead of "words":j:
  10. My sentiment exactly. Mods are often more detailed and polished than commercial product, because modders spend plenty of time for them. They can, because they do that in their free time, so there's they can make their mods all time they want. If they would quit their real-life works and start modding for living, they would have to make their mods cost/time effective to make their living, and once product is finished, move onto another. You're forcing doors that are already open. It's up to modder if he feels he needs to be paid for his work (as long as game allows it). It's up to players to buy it or not. It's all fair, and all we do is sharing opinions on that, waging pros and cons of such approach, but I think we all agree, in the end it's up to modder Real issue at hand is to do it without brigning harm to modding community. And what Valve did to Skyrim community is nothing short of cluster bombing
  11. "did not read EULA" thing happens way too often. Or might have beign one of those poor sods who believed Valve will respect EU laws, and then then was brought back on earth by Valve's lawyers. Theoretically, if modder does not really owns all parts of mod, he cannot legally upload it to workshop effecively making obtaining it by Valve invalid. Practially it doesn't mean much, unless you're willing to go lawsuits aganist Valve, and good luck with that.
  12. While hate mail is the thing, this particular mod came under attack because author used assets from other modders, which wasn't issue untill he put it up for sale, to which they never agreed. Beign cool guy, he realised he did something inappropriate at least, and decided to pull it off from steam, only to learn mod is no longer his property but Valve's.
  13. I think "competition" isn't that much issue here, since I'm pretty sure most ArmA modders, beign here around since ArmA2 if not OFP would ignore steam workshop, or treat it simply as additional mirror as they did untill now. Problem is expected inflow of people looking for quick buck. Those who plain ask you for some of your "magic" to use it in mods are lesser issue, since it's up to you if you give it or not. Much worse issue will be people who would outright upload your mods or parts of them to workshop under their names and ask money for it. And knowing workshop's record till now, it will be damn near impossible to take such mod down. Maybe you are kind of guy who will just say "whatever" and ignore it, but I don't think many people will take it that calmly.
  14. Last OPREP is from April 15th, and you have to admit situation kind of changed last few days. Also Content Licensing as they call it is basically about buying mods by BIS to include them into official releases, which is fairy different from Steam's approach where anyone can sell anything as long as Valve gets money
  15. This whole situation is a mess on many different levels Nobody denies that. If he feels he needs to be paid it's his choice. I've donated money to several modders, because I appreciated quality of their mod. It will lower overall quality of mods but solution is to that just not buy shitty mods. Thing is Valve's system is unacceptable as alternative because: Out of 10 eurobucks donated, €10 went to modder. Not €2.5, after 300% steam tax was substracted I've played mods BEFORE donating, so I knew these are worth supporting. There's no one responsible for quality control. If it's broken than sucks to be you. If it's broken by patch sucks to be you. If it bloats your savegame sucks to be you. Modder may fix it, but doesn't have to. 24 hour "refund" is no refund at all. You pay real money, you get imaginary valvebucks back, while chargeback is a banable offence. There's also issue of who owns the mod. It's damn near impossible to remove stolen content from the workshop. Above already causes people to withdraw mods, because they don't want to take part in such shady activities. Even if mod gets removed somehow, Valve keeps money. Someone who has Skyrim installed please paste part of Creation Kit EULA that says that. That should settle that. Next thing you'll see will be publishers demanding money for using gameplay footage in youtube videos What REALLY bothers me is lack of Bohemia's response to current situation. In my opinion it means they want to take part in it (who would say "no" to free money of other's work?), but are afraid of beign caught in current clusterfuck, as there's no guaranty Valve's model will stay.