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  1. Nightrain

    SLX Mod WIP

    Thank you so much Gunter! Your dedication is incredible :) I just wish I had arma with me at college hahaha. I can't wait to give it a try when I get back home!
  2. Nightrain

    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    I don't know if this has been suggested but in the original Mercenaries, when you were disguised as a different faction, normal grunts couldn't spot the difference but officers would notice you. Perhaps they could do something based on rank? Then it would also make user made missions more interesting.
  3. Nightrain

    Which AI mod are you guys using? And why?

    True that! ;) I'm using Zeus, GL4 and SLX but might ditch Zeus for ASR_AI.
  4. Nightrain

    Russian radar systems WIP

    Awesome work! :D Its stuff like this that really adds to the games overall realism and makes for a good fun playing experience! Tons of possiblities with these. :)
  5. Brings back the memories from After Montignac running in the forest and hearing this thing fly around above you. Terrifying.
  6. Nightrain

    Improvements to third person view?

    And when people wonder why I don't play mp, i point them to topics like this. Anyways, I think this is pretty much a done conversation. It will be in the game no matter what. I don't really care either way, i like the option of both for making missions and what not. And Woore, the devs do read these topics, and I bet they would say the same thing they have always said. ArmA is a game first and always will be. ;)
  7. Nightrain

    How far?

    Try flying a plane in any direction, i bet you'll never get to the edge. See this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=90222
  8. Nightrain

    Improvements to third person view?

    I agree with Vinc3nt. I rarely use it as infantry unless I'm behind an object that is to tall to see over while crouched or exposes me two much while standing. I really only use it in Helicopters, as i have trouble flying them. Planes/vehicles are a little easier for me to use so I only use 3rd person while driving somewhere to just look around and admire the game. I see no reason why to disable it completely, especially for those of us who play mostly sp.
  9. Nightrain

    RTB Script

    Thanks man! I'll write something up later and check it!
  10. Hey guys, I need some help with a script/trigger (which ever is best) that makes a plane/helicopter return to base after giving air support. I want this to happen when it has like 10% fuel and/or is completely out of ammo. I just don't know how to check the fuel/ammo and the commands to use from there. Thanks, Nightrain :) Edit: by rtb I mean fly to the edge of the map and get deleted.
  11. Nightrain

    ArmA3 Interview with Ivan Buchta by nordrassilradio

    They're thinking about weapon resting!!!! Yay :D But its good to hear about the setting and gameplay. We can finally put all the worries anyone had about future weapons to rest.
  12. Nightrain

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    Awesome work! I don't know whether I want to liberate the city or go for a sight seeing tour :D
  13. Very nice! Love small maps like this for some small infantry group action!
  14. Pretty much this. I do the same thing (minus dac and asr) and it works great. It just takes a lot of tweaking and combining to get it how you want it. :) But its totally worth it. For me, the AI use cover, don't stand in the open, aren't 100% accurate, and recongnize advantages and disadvantages of combat areas (hills, empty buildings, etc). Much improvement over vanilla and since I only play sp, it's a must for me.
  15. Nightrain

    US Marines

    Does anyone else get a ctd when using the USMC (Desert) AT Rifleman (SMAW)?