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  1. Hi guys, I have a few quetions : 1) what is the lastest available stable version 2) is it compatible with ARMA2 CO (ARMA2 + AO both owned on Steam) 3) I'd like to try ARMA 2 chernarus Apocalypse series on a dedicated server running on my machine in order I can respawn (the COOP mission alows to respanw on a free unused slot only if it's running on a dedicated server) 4) how can I select which mods to be "on" or off" on the server requirments system? Thank you 🙂
  2. hi Sumrak according your above statement namalsk FULL BUILD ( no need to update if this is the 1st installation ) Namalsk Crisis, Update 2.4 [any/none to v1.15.4], 709MB, 7z archive But the download file size is 677 MB NOT 709 MB are you sure this is the correct file on the server? I have some problems with some missions not ending like mission 10 , after i found the EVR weapon, the HIND IS KILLED, THE tunguska is destroyed by Michale and nevertheless the mission do not end. Same problem I have in AWAKENING FROM HELL, after the AP NEWS regarding the EMP which killed 4723 civilians etc etc, the screen remain BLACK for ever.
  3. Despite many efforts from some of you I am not gonna buy it al all, arma3 has no authentic vehicles, airplanes and chopers or weapons. Maybe just a few but the majority are fake/fictional such as the A-10D, what is that? Comon, and the new F18? These fast movers will never exist , the a-10c will soon end its life and there is no replacement or upgrades, and the f18 already is semi-new with the F/A 18 superhornet. What about the faction? Iran in Greece ?Wearing super-alien-technological suits??....it's not gonna happen. With the introduction of futurustic scenario ARMA series has been totaly killed.
  4. goaz

    32:9 Aspect Ratio or 21:9

    btw the Asus has a higher resolition and it is an IPS panel, I'd go for the asus.
  5. goaz

    32:9 Aspect Ratio or 21:9

    I also only play DCS and arma , you should read some reviews before choosing :)
  6. hi all, I know this has been discussed many times in the forum but I would just like to share my toughts which I'm sure are same of of many "old school players" who started to play this beatiful game series years ago. And the reason of this is quite simple: observation, observing how much people just downloaded RHS mod, the forum section/thread of ARMA3 pictures&comments is full of screenshot of people playing arma3 with RHS. When I started to play this game back in 2002 with OFP it was such a mind blowing experience being able to explore the enviroment and being able to use lets say " real weapons", real vehicles, and wearing real uniforms of course with some limitation. I played OFP, ARMA, ARMA2 and then when ARMA3 came out it's been such a delusion, a delusion caused by the choice of developers to create a fictional game with fictional weapons, helicopters, guns etc etc. Most of old players I am quite sure they loved the realism which was reached by ARMA2 expecially with mods like ACE, but ARMA3 for me is a total delusion becuase of developers choice of NON realism. I really hope that Bohemia will reconsider this choice and will get back to roots, ARMA4 should use actual modern equipment instead of fantasy weapons and stuff Just my 2 cents.
  7. goaz

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    I am not going to give BI not a single more euro untill they release a new GAME....arma3 disappointed mayn of us including myself, only BLIND people can't figure out/they don't want to , that a big part of ARMA community is very upset and pissed off because of a FAILED GAME. BIS knew very well that the entire futuristic shit has not been WELL ACCEPTED by the community, they're well aware and despite it they keep asking for MONEY. Well dear Sirs, fuck you!!! The path they took (with futuristic scenario) and expensive useless DLC has already broken the community.
  8. Good morning everyone, I have a noon stupid question, are there 2 different campaings I mean namalsk crisis + shadow of namalsk?? Or is there only 1 campaign?
  9. goaz

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yepppp already downloading :D :D :D
  10. I've found this mod only now...what I can say...it is so BEATIFUL!!!!!!!!Amazing music and story..I've just started the campaign today :)
  11. Can't wait anymore...I want it right now !!!!
  12. What Us heli will be available with the 1st release?
  13. Having a lot of problems and difficulties as well to complete this mission...I'll give it another try tonight...
  14. goaz

    BI should rework the AI behavior orders

    I am facing exactly the same issue, any idea?
  15. goaz

    Arma 3 is too futuristic

    Can't wait to play with that , but I think a proper colder and snowy scenario is necessary for this mod :)