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  1. sahbazz

    Community Factions Project

    GREAT! You (all) just made my day!
  2. CBA seems to have been fixed on PwS. Thanks to whoever did the update.
  3. Hi, could you please reupload the CBA to PwS since it looks like the version on iz now has multiple keys and CBA versions included. See my screenshots below. Thanks.
  4. You may. ;) Oh, thats the case? I tought they upload their own stuf up there.
  5. I understand @commy2. I'm just saying someone (from CBA) should fix it ASAP since it's an easy fix.
  6. Thanks for the link, but I need the PwS version fixed since I use the collection there for updating the server, and our teams Collection. :(
  7. No, I am using Play with Sync, and the version that's availabble there is messed up. Noone can tel me what's happaning with CBA.
  8. Hi all. Whats happaning with CBA on Sync? This is how my CBA looks https://www.dropbox.com/s/lr0sdemojql7dcx/%40cba folder.png?dl=0 , my @cba/addons https://www.dropbox.com/s/45d1bd2iid5neyi/addons folder.png?dl=0 and @cba/keys https://www.dropbox.com/s/rb92jmuuskikrl7/keys.png?dl=0 this is freshly installed from Sync (yesterday) Today theres is a new version but I still have duplicate keys and additional cba folder inside @CBA_A3 one.
  9. Emm... My units inherit their properties from vanilla NATO units, since they're just retextured, but when I play with vanilla units+ACE3, vanilla units somehow get earplugs by default, but my units don't, there must be some config voodoo that must be done in order to have earplugs in units inventory by default. I'm wondering what... :S Edit: I think I got it. earplugs are added automaticaly to units that have bigger caliber rifles (7,62 and up). Can someone confirm?
  10. Hi all. How do I configure units in the .cfg, so they have earplugs automaticly when ingame? Does ACE3 convert some item into earplugs like FACs that ger converted into 2xbandage and 1x morphene?
  11. Hey all. I've got a weard problem. I'm using only ACE3 and CBA3 both patched to curent stabile version and I tested the Vanilla AT launcher (the Javelin like one). I aim at the tank, hold Tab for lock, the launcher locks to target and I fire, while still holding the Tab button. Now for the weard part. The rocket never hits the tank. I shot about 10x at the tank, using both the TOP and DIRECT mode, from 1km, 500m and 300m and the rocket never hits the tank. Has anyone had a similar problem. Let me just say that I have been using the ACE3 since relise and have been using the launcher without problem until now. Any ideas?
  12. Here is the link to public SBP discord chat. https://discordapp.com/invite/0at5rHYr1sy2Mp8y
  13. TheStainlessSteelRat, you take correctly. The server is updated and online, so you can try to connect to it, after you update the files in the repository. If you experiance any problems with connection or anything else you can contact me via SBP public discord channel. ( invite link ---> https://discordapp.com/invite/0at5rHYr1sy2Mp8y )
  14. Thank you all for coming to TAO2 and I hope you all enjoyed the mission. Sadly I had to leave around midnight. (I needed to get up at 0430) I think we played really well and that communiction was good between teams. We just might continue this kind of multinational events in the future. ;) Take care... P.S. NPM confirms.
  15. sahbazz

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Hi. How can I manualy update weapons/uniforms etc. list of a certain addon. Let's say that I want to update Weapon list for CUP_weapons addon?