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  1. OK I restarted my computer and the main branch doesn't work :D Before restart it actually threw the same error message but it still downloaded the files. Now it didn't. Need to test the dev-branch again and computer restart. ///// I found the thing! If I use the Arma 3 tools launcher or whatever it's where you can choose the tools it doesn't work. When I launch the Game Updater directly from the .exe it works. That's why the -debug one started to work suddenly and that's why i got it suddenly work in the main branch also. That's also the reason why it didn't work first with the dev-branch. So it works only directly from the .exe. Launching through Arma 3 Tools from Steam and it doesn't work.
  2. I wasn't using main branch today. I had dev-branch on from yesterday. Well now even the main branch one is working when I tested. Interesting that today suddenly after 2 months of errors it starts to download RC and Legacy branches. I only configured some Mikero tools, P drive, Object and Terrain builders etc. after yesterday's testing.
  3. No it's very big thing. The AtoC for Arma 2 trees actually makes the trees very good at concealing. Servers can force grass setting (terrain detail).
  4. Ummm. I put the -debug on and now it downloads :wacko: I mean good but sounds bit weird. I didn't restart my computer when I installed the tools again this time. Maybe after installing them and going in dev-branch and restarting the computer helped :huh: So the dev-branch tools might be good. You still want the logs?
  5. Yes still the same. I now reinstalled tools again (this time in the C drive) and tried the dev-branch version of it with no success. It's still the same as when I started this topic. Here are the logs: <link to logs>
  6. St. Jimmy

    Weapon Switching on the Move

    Weapon slinged on front and running does anyone know if it's actually used anywhere? I can't imagine that working at all. Pounding AK on chest and knees when running isn't good thing. There are just so many things wrong having a weapon hanging in front if you need to move anywhere other way than walking.
  7. I just say that the Arma 2 trees should've AtoC. Without it they don't conceal anything. Too bad that you need to have 2x AA on so it's quite a big hit for low end cards.
  8. Yes it makes big difference with the Arma 2 trees. With Arma 3 trees there's not much of a difference. So I disagree with the statement that it affects the same way in Altis and Stratis. The problem was already in the Arma 2.
  9. St. Jimmy

    Keys - Enhanced Interaction System

    Sorry for bumping but has there been any progress with this stuff? You also said something that you can increase dynamic lights and some other stuff. Is it still working or BIS has broken something?
  10. St. Jimmy

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    In this very topic https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/141095-terrain-improvement-dev-branch/?p=2418205
  11. OK there seems to be limitation that you can't sprint when changing on launcher so that's very good. Also the animation speed seems to be OK so it isn't too quick and you can move all around when the weapon change animation is going on. Overall Good job! I noticed some problem when running and changing weapon. Here's a video how to repro it: Have launcher on your hands and start to run -> change primary -> launcher -> secondary -> launcher -> and loop from that point to get bug between launcher -> secondary change every time.
  12. I haven't tested the new build so I'm just giving my opinion based on some posts in here: Weapon change when sprinting shouldn't be allowed. Run/jog it can be allowed but sprinting shouldn't. Weapon change movement could likely be bit slower than normal movement.
  13. OK I now tried to enter a wrong Steam Guard key and now I got a new one in the email because the Game Updater started to say I've not been authenticated and Steam has now send an e-mail. I now entered the Steam Guard code but it says now the same "your computer hasn't been authenticated, you got email for Steam Guard code bla bla bla..." so I couldn't download. Now that I tried it many times Steam blocked me for a while because I've so many log in attempts in a short time... I wonder if this is some Steam Guard code issue.
  14. St. Jimmy

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Just showing the NK texture mod in work. We haven't forget this ;)
  15. St. Jimmy

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    You're not the only one. Would be awesome if this could be made so if you're hit on leg or arm or you die on leg/arm shot you always make a scream. Headshot never screams and chest shot have some chance.
  16. St. Jimmy

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    Some real benchmarking finally: It could be just that the AMD DX11 driver sucks so much that it looks good in DX12. So the DX12 isn't really that big improvement, but there's still some improvement.
  17. St. Jimmy

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Yeah I haven't updated from 361.91. There has been so much problems in the recent years that I don't update anymore until it's really confirmed that it works.
  18. St. Jimmy

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    Hey bratwurste! When you monitor memory, I guess you monitor RAM usage and not the Page File usage with the afterburner? Just tried again without Page File with my 8GB of RAM and GTX 970 but I couldn't get any higher total RAM usage out of ordinary before and when the out of memory. It seems to load the memory somewhere else or the windows forces to use some small page file so this can't be monitored without 16-32GB of memory. Or then it's Crossfire or AMD specific or something. One thing you could also try is to play Skyrim with some graphic mods if you've that game. I've read that some people also get RAM load or out of memory errors if they don't have enough page file set. Not sure if it's just about that the VRAM runs out first or is some RAM/page file already used before that.
  19. Has the Easter rabbit chew all the data cables or what's going on?
  20. St. Jimmy

    RAM Management - Serious Question

    I can give my experience: RAM from 9-9-9-24 1600MHz -> 9-11-10-28 2133MHz - 8-10% performance increase Running Arma 3 from HDD vs SSD - I drove in Kavala with hunter PiP on. 5-10fps increase when playing from SSD ~10% increase in that scenario. CPU overclock - 3,8GHz -> 4,7GHz should probably be around 15% increase at least.
  21. St. Jimmy

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    Well then it's issue in VorpX or VorpX-Arma compatibility.If you don't use mouse to turn the wheel then you can enable freelook in vehicles from gameplay options or just disable mouse steering from the controls. That's some workaround if that's the only big issue. But shouldn't the biggest issue be that your aim moves and not just head when you're infantry or gunner? Or that's not even happening?
  22. St. Jimmy

    USA election 2016

    If America want to destroy themselves they vote for Trump/Clinton. I'd vote for Sanders.
  23. St. Jimmy

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    Does it move your mouse even in main menu, editor or even in the desktop? If not then you might want to look every Arma 3 control settings again.
  24. St. Jimmy

    Possible Solution to Stamina/Fatigue Conundrum

    They couldn't handle it because they were constantly moving with gun up. It's usual to see AI run in combat pace gun up which was very tiring.
  25. St. Jimmy

    Possible Solution to Stamina/Fatigue Conundrum

    I myself gave up with the stamina. We tried as best as we could in the dev branch thread but it still was pushed. They had already decided to do it and they won't return back to stamina until there's an announcement of it. Fatigue was scrapped because of AI.