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    SteamCMD Install?

    Done, use: @sSteamCmdForcePlatformType "windows" Example: Steam> @sSteamCmdForcePlatformType "windows"
  2. Sounds to me like this person has root access to the machine your hosting on or a router close to it or at least enough access to disrupt the connections to your server. As mentioned already such activity is highly illegal and you should start by reporting this issue to your host, if they can't solve it for you the first thing I would do is find a new host.
  3. Just wanted to express my gratitude and let everyone that doesn't pay attention to the ads or that has ads blocked that they are having a Christmas Sale in the BIS Store. 80% OFF Arma II titles! 80%! I picked up the Steam version of Arma 2 : Complete Collection for € 5.79, that was like $7 and some change USD. Otherwise I probably would have never been able to get all of that content. It's wonderful to see such Christmas spirit, particularly in this day and age, so if your feeling the spirit treat yourself or someone else this season. Have a Merry Christmas and remember the reason for the season.
  4. Here is the proper and modern method for running a CO server folks, install Arma 2 and OA in their own folders inside of a common folder and run the server exe, it will automatically detect the Arma 2 install just like the client, I have it running at home now, no question marks and it shows Arma 2 in the expansions. No - mod required unless your running the beta or a mod, the old method of putting it all in one folder is deprecated, it still somewhat works but may have issues and clients probably won't join since it appears to be in conflict. The old version will show a question mark in the server browser and will not show Arma 2 loaded before Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead in the expansion list. I couldn't find this anywhere else so here it is. Not tested on .rar installs often used in hosting setups, maybe a dev can tell us how it finds Arma 2 exactly so we can be sure? Is it looking outside the OA folder or reading the registry? I'm guessing the former or Linux servers will have the same issue.
  5. callihn

    Stay away from Vilayer!

    WOW! Vilayer LTD sucks worse than ANY other support I've had for ANYTHING in MY LIFE, but Vilayer LTD had better features than some hosts and seemed willing to work with you during the sales questioning. Vilayer servers are the pits. During prime gaming times all of their nodes with game servers running on them increase in ping times from +30-60+ ms, the TeamSpeak 3 seems to be OK, though they don't want to add you to your Root Admin group, they seem to confuse this with serveradmin in query. I rented a CO server and in two days they couldn't get it running right and it took a day to get them to update BEC, the server kept showing the yellow question mark which indicates possible incompatibility and wasn't showing Arma 2 in the expansion list in the game browser, yet others located on a few other hosts did show it in the expansion list and had a green dot indicating they are a match, and Vilayer LTD tells me basically if I can join it then too bad and they tell me I don't know what I'm talking about? Err, I'm not supposed to that's why I'm paying them? What I do know is that my client is spot on as I just got Arma 2 Complete Collection on Steam from the BIS Store at 80% off with their Christmas sale! I stopped hating BIS yesterday. Thanks BIS! Though it's probably temporary and I'm still not happy about needing an OS update for Arma 3. :( Wish that was 80% off. But I digress. Vilayer LTD even has the audacity to close tickets without even acknowledging them or resolving the issue and then they tell you not to submit any more tickets. Let's talk about those tickets, 11 in two days, they act like I committed a crime: #552923 - Error connecting to acp panel - They sent the wrong link in the install email. How is that my fault for letting them know? Your welcome Vilayer LTD. #237665 - BEC Update - Why was it out of date? Hardly because of me. #879859 - Cpanel Demo is down? - They have the link wrong on their page, are they hoping for psychic customers? FACT: You look like an idiot when you say try our demo and it goes to a dead page (404). But now we know the whole truth, ;) Your welcome again Vilayer LTD. #155179 - RE: #237665 - BEC Update - Inquiry as to how long this takes and moving to high priority. It had been 7 hours without even a "Hey we will get to this sometime today, tomorrow, etc." #355640 - Horrible network performance - I mentioned this to JB in TS over 24 hours beforehand, he shrugged it off. Then there Support Manage sees my trace routes and pings ( See below ) and says "What .exe file where you trying to upload?" Where did they get that guy? How is this my fault? #754943 - Server running beta even without -mod parameter - Maybe I misunderstood but we talked about me being able to switch between the two and I thought that was with the -mod switch, maybe it's the -beta switch or maybe impossible, have to test more myself. Can we share that one Vilayer LTD? #132182 - Where is support? - Inquiry again, coming up on a day since I provided details on the network issue without even a "Hey, good catch, we will certainly investigate this and get it resolved, will probably be a day or..." Reasonable cause #238720 - When?!?! - Tickets are being closed without a reply or resolution that are a day old, being told not to make tickets for issues, wanting to know when resolution can be expected, wanting a response, getting nothing from a 27/7 support. They don't answer the phone either. Reasonable cause #732660 - Feature suggestions - Giving them ideals to make the service even better from my prospective. Was closed without even a response, as if the ideals were just rubbish. Your welcome Vilayer LTD. #855021 - No Arma 2 installed! - Server is not properly installed. Again, your welcome for me bringing these things to your attention Vilayer LTD so you can provide a better service to your customers ( like that will ever happen ). They trivialize it and suspend my account for $22.77? because I opened a PayPal dispute to open dialog and didn't even request a refund initially? Really? The way I see it I'm one of if not the best customer you had, you should probably be paying me that much at least. Ohh, and they try to get you to close the dispute claiming they will help you get it worked out, obviously they didn't and never intended to, they just want to talk you down and convince you that they don't need to do anything and that your just stupid. I told them "if you can properly install an Arma 2 CO server then you can do that on a new setup or on mine and start it and show me, then tell me your plan of action for the network issue and let's resolve this." Ohh and that network, here is Dallas: Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 30 ms 31 ms 31 ms adsl-* 3 31 ms 31 ms 31 ms *sbcglobal* 4 31 ms 32 ms 31 ms *sbcglobal* 5 42 ms 41 ms 42 ms *att.net 6 42 ms 43 ms 43 ms 7 197 ms 199 ms 108 ms 8 43 ms 42 ms 43 ms 9 44 ms 45 ms 44 ms 10 85 ms 85 ms 85 ms ge0-1.vl62.cr03-63.dllstx3.dallas-idc.com [] 11 84 ms 82 ms 86 ms 250-119-162-69.static.reverse.lstn.net [] Normally I get 40-55 ms tops to Dallas servers. Seen those as high as 118 in trace routes and pings and 478 in game. Ohh, and Vilayer LTD says they have never had a problem with anyone getting started like me, I advised them to Google Vilayer servers sometime. Anyway, who's next? BTW, here is the proper and modern method for running a CO server folks, install Arma 2 and OA in their own folders inside of a common folder and run the server exe, it will automatically detect the Arma 2 install just like the client, I have it running at home now, no question marks and it shows Arma 2 in the expansions. No - mod required unless your running the beta or a mod, the old method of putting it all in one folder is deprecated, it still somewhat works but may have issues and clients probably won't join since it appears to be in conflict. If your going to host a game learn how first. Edit: After emailing hundreds of hosts most of which did not want to set up the server correctly, did not want to update bec or the beta and or wanted to much I decided to start hosting again myself. Admittedly I'm a bit rusty but things are coming along great considering that and at least my customers will not be getting junk.
  6. As the title suggests I'm renting an Arma 2 CO server but it's not installed correctly and I don't know what the correct method is now for the server since the client does this automatically. I've noticed that the server shows a question mark instead of the green light and doesn't show Arma 2 loaded in the expansions as the others do with the same version and mods. I believe they are using the older method ( not that there is a new on for servers ) and have all the .PBO in the OA folder from Arma 2 from what I have access to. Please let me know how to get this working correctly since many users don't bother with the question marks since most of them have incompatible mods. Thanks
  7. Has anyone else noticed that the servers running 112555 do not show which mission is running in the server browser? Also, has the method for setting difficulty changed or is it broken? I can't seem to change it on my server. EDIT: Disregard this, I never noticed before that in both case the server has to be in the playing state to get the expected behavior, when in the waiting state the mission doesn't show and the difficulty setting shows recruit. I want all that life back I spent trying to figure out why the difficulty setting wasn't changing, I'm not going to tell you how much time that wasted. Feel free to delete this. :o
  8. callihn

    The Future of Arma

    Honestly my biggest issue is that writing multiplayer missions is too difficult, I have worked with several engines in the past and never had such difficulty before, it's like a single player game with MP possibilities available though not very optimal and the Multiplayer Framework just doesn't fill that void. I've never seen an MP game like this, in fact it seems that even some of the so-called global commands in fact do not work well with MP. I'd like to see all commands work in MP correctly with JIP, like any other MP game out there.
  9. Agreed and it always has been regardless of the game, though automation helps allot when it can be done, however as far as I know there is no kick or ban command that can be scripted in this engine so automation is out.
  10. Just to clearify a little more, while I concede it would be rude to expect people to do something that they are not required to do, this is not one of those cases since IMO since the OP volunteered himself and it is also rude to publicly announce your going to do something and not do it or publicly announce you are going to be doing it in X amount of time and then let that time pass without any update. The latter two most people seem to miss. Opinions may vary though they also may be just as unimportant. Anyway, not sure what the "old lightbars" are, but it doesn't sound too good.
  11. You still want have a way unless you have someone to test it with you because you can still only see what your client sees, but I've never had a problem with running both, start the dedicated server first and you need to do it directly not using Steam, etc. So if you have Steam you will need the beta to be able to start them without Steam. If you need further assistance just PM me.
  12. Thanks, that seems too easy. So basicly if the script loops using: ?(_car animationPhase "sirenon" > 0) : goto "start" Then I could simply use: sirenon = 1; publicvariable "sirenon" And that will cause everyone that sees the car to see the lights on, is that correct? What if there is more than one _car though, wouldn't that make the lights come on for every car on the map? What about JIP? I tried using [nil,_car,"per",rsetobjecttexture,_car,1,"\images\light.paa"] call RE That worked but seemed to cause some serious desync with just a few cars running. Could one rewrite it in .sqf and use rexecVM to call the script and get better results with the MPF? Thanks
  13. I have researched this until I am going blind and crazy but I just do not understand, I have gone over scripts from several sources, read the biki, searched the forums and I just do not get it. Could someone show me how to exec a script on each client please without MPF? For example only: private ["_car","_LB1","_LB3","_LB4","_LB5","_LB8","_LB6"] _car = _this #start _car setobjecttexture [1,"\images\light.paa"] _LB1 = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal getpos _car _LB1 lightAttachObject [ _car,[ 0.54, -0.27, 1.60 ] ] _LB1 setLightBrightness 0.4 _LB1 setLightAmbient[ 0, 0, 0.3] _LB1 setLightColor[ 0, 0, 0.01 ] Which is called with _this exec only runs on the client that started it, I tried changing createVehicleLocal to createVehicle and it did nothing! But I thought createVehicle was global? I used the MPF but it was waaay too laggy and caused too much desync. Another example: private ["_car"] _car = _this #start _car say "siren" Only works on the client that called it, though I thought say was a global command? Yet I look at other cars that seem to use the same command say and work in MP. This has become very frustrating and honestly I've never worked with an engine like this where commands do not work in MP.
  14. SOLVED! Thanks for coming! Can someone show me how this command works? I tried: [nil,_car,"per",rsetobjecttexture,[4,"\image\light.paa"]] [nil,_car,"per",rsetobjecttexture[4,"\image\light.paa"]] [nil,_car,"per",rsetobjecttexture[4,"\image\light.paa"] [nil,_car,"per",rsetobjecttexture,4,"\image\light.paa"] EDIT: This seems to work: [nil,_car,"per",rsetobjecttexture,_car,4,"\image\light.paa"] Thanks This is the script that runs the command: scriptName "MP\data\scriptCommands\setObjectTexture.sqf"; _caller = _this select 0; _target = _this select 1; _tObject = _this select 2; _tIndex = _this select 3; _texture = _this select 4; //textLogFormat ["MPF_ %1 setDir %2", _target, _dir]; _tObject setObjectTexture [_tIndex, _texture];