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  1. After releasing my original mission in 2014, I have since been working tirelessly on this scenario privately. There are probably close to 500 hours worth of SQF code in this 1mb mission file. Your task force stationed in Anizay is assigned dynamic and complex objectives in a 5km x 5km open world. Operators will need to work tightly with their team as the majority of tasks have complex conditions such as hostage executions or explosive timers. The supported player counts are from 1-24 however 5-15 is optimal. Discord, TFR or ACRE are not required, but I very much doubt you will succeed at many objectives without a suitable method of communication. DOWNLOADS/CREDITS/TUTORIAL https://sites.google.com/view/dicemod/ includes all the information you will need to get started. I have tried to keep the mod list as short as absolutely possible whilst maintaining an authentic feel. (Current version: 2.0 - October 6, 2019) SPECIFICATIONS MISSION DOSSIER MEDIA / SCREENS CHANGELOG
  2. Under functions\CONFIGURATION.sqf: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// // ADDON CHECKING REQUIREMENTS ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// // True mods are required to play and false blacklists that mod. Optional mods should be left out. DICE_configPatches = [ // Essential DICE [ "cba_main", "CBA" , true ], [ "ACE_MAIN", "ACE" , true ], [ "CUP_Core", "CUP Terrains Core" , true ], [ "DICEMOD_OCTOBER2019", "DICE Extra Files" , true ], [ "rhs_main", "RHS RU" , true ], [ "rhsusf_main", "RHS US" , true ], [ "ace_compat_rhs_afrf3", "RHS RU COMPAT" , true ], [ "ace_compat_rhs_usf3", "RHS US COMPAT" , true ], // Blacklisted [ "gm_characters_gc_characters", "Global Mobilization" , false ], [ "vaa_arsenal", "Virtual Arsenal" , false ], [ "mcc_sandbox", "MCC Sandbox" , false ], [ "task_force_radio", "Task Force Radio" , false ], [ "acex_main", "ACE X" , false ], [ "ALIVE_main", "ALIVE" , false ], [ "SSPCM", "SSPCM" , false ], [ "BloodSplatter", "BloodLust" , false ], [ "BloodSplatterLITE", "BloodLust Lite" , false ], [ "X39_MedSys_Items", "XMEDSYS" , false ], [ "AGM_Medical", "AGM" , false ], [ "ARP_Objects", "ARP" , false ], [ "tmr_core", "TMR" , false ], [ "TPW_MODS", "TPW" , false ], [ "xdf", "XDF" , false ] ]; Get them to check the coloured text on the right side of their screen, if there is any in red or blue they are either missing mods or running blacklisted ones. You can also edit the text above to change the requirements.
  3. Haha no problem at all mate. It was developed for private use however I thought I may a well share the love :) I will certainly look at moving @DICE to steam however it shouldnt need many changes due to it mostly being sound files. The other mods are already all from the Steam workshop: CBA ACE RHS US (+ ACE Compatibility) RHS RU (+ ACE Compatibility) CUP Terrains Core ANIZAY Shoot me a PM if you want assistance with any customizations to run on your server.
  4. Absolutely you can run it in Singleplayer, though you may want to make some edits to give yourself AI teammates.
  5. Any chance of getting the fix for vehicles and static weapons?
  6. Kushluk


    These are fantastic! Great work :)
  7. KUSH_fnc_rangeFinder = { _location = screenToWorld [0.5,0.5]; _distance = round(player distance _location); _string = "Range: " + str _distance + "m"; titleText [format["<t color='#00CC00' size='1'font='PuristaBold'>%1</t>",_string], "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true]; sleep 3; titleFadeOut 2; }; player addAction ["<img size='0.8' color='#DC143C' image='\a3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\CommunicationMenu\transport_ca.paa' /> <t color='#DC143C'>Laser Rangefinder</t>",KUSH_fnc_rangeFinder,[],99,false,true,"","(vehicle player != player) && (commander vehicle player == player)"];
  8. Kushluk

    Cruise Missile problem

    Kylania's version: http://www.kylania.com/ex/?p=21
  9. "Yay! Glad to see this out in the public. This is the best co-op gaming in ARMA3 you can get short of scripting up a mission yourself. I highly, highly encourage folks to try it out." - TinyPirate "First can I just say our community loves your mission and have been playing it nonstop! Actually can't get enough :)" - Azza (TF Ares) "After a couple of days I got to say I've had a great gaming experience. I really love the default config that makes this mission more "realistic". Me and my friends are really happy and we have been playing this every night. The dynamic scenario is great, Sagin is great, I love the role selection." - AlexSegen "First off your mission is fantastic! Freakin love it!" - Elmango I have not released much information regarding this scenario to the public, so this thread will possibly the first thing many of you hear about this project. Over time I have moulded the specifics of the mission to suit the needs of a niche populous within the arma community. Communities possessing high levels of coordination and teamwork will be most satisfied by the experience provided whilst deployed on this operation. DICE is a compilation of modifications, scripts and mission files designed to provide an engaging and immersive scenario focusing on infantry combat. The scenario is based upon the insurgency within Afghanistan and has been designed from the ground up to provide an authentic feel. Islamic militants are currently staging guerrilla warfare throughout the entire region and NATO forces are tasked with multiple important objectives within the area of operation. The insurgents have lived most of their lives in the hotzone, so they will not give up any territory without a fight. Expect hostile forces to make use of bunkers, armed offroads, roadblocks, crew served weapons and whatever else they can get their hands on; in their campaign to disrupt the operations of all western forces in the area. The in-game world has been populated by civilians, aircraft, ground vehicles, animals and other ambient entities to help provide that sense of immersion whilst players traverse the terrain. Improvised explosive devices have become commonplace throughout the terrain, causing indiscriminate mayhem and destruction on a daily basis. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel and equipment are frequently attached to any western forces in the area to both detect and disarm explosive devices that have been placed by militants. Operators can use the armoury to mould their equipment to their role in the team. Combat roles such as rifleman, machine-gunners and anti-tank troopers can employ heavy weaponry to get the job done whereas support roles fill other gaps in the section structure.Corpsman can provide emergency first aid, radio operators can request indirect fire support using ten digit grid references and combat engineers can use ordnance disposal techniques as well as repair damaged vehicles. The scenario employs a large number of supporting technical aspects thanks to third party content and the bohemia community. Simple methods of navigation and transport such as teleport to team, shift-click waypoints, map markers, mini-map and third person have all been disabled. Realistic assistances to mobility have now been introduced including the military GPS receiver and various deployment methods. Due to the complexity of finding your way around the area of operation, it is recommended that any players are well versed with the equipment and terrain. Planning any route in advance is highly endorsed by those with prior experience. Reading through the custom controls and using the operator menu will improve the efficiency of any seasoned trooper. I have spent an ungodly amount of my free time working on this project, so please provide constructive feedback. >> REQUIREMENTS AND DOWNLOADS
  10. I understand the unfortunate position you are in, however there does not seem to be any dedicated DICE servers available for the general public. The mission was always designed for approximately 10 to 20 players from the same clan who would usually operate within a dedicated team server. My clan hosts a DICE server instance, but your ping to Australia would likely make it a hassle for you. Alternatively you could possibly try to decrease the numbers of enemies, civilians etc in the init.sqf or alter the caching distance in the parameters. EDIT: In the next version, I will include a 'Population Density' parameter so that you can scale the number of units in the world to suit your player count and server strength.
  11. Mission file updated with the above fixes: https://sites.google.com/site/arma3dice/ You don't need a new @DICE mod.
  12. I have an updated mission file with fixed key-bindings and rallypoint deployment. I will upload it in a couple of hours.
  13. Sorry, this mod is aimed at realism enthusiasts. Too much of the mission is dependent on external content. Insurgent uniforms are now randomly sourced from a mixture of vanilla and RHS content.
  14. Modlist finalised: https://sites.google.com/site/arma3dice/ @DICE folder and collection will be updated on Six over the next few days when I get time. In the meantime you can manually download the @DICE addon and manually launch the correct mods if you are particularly keen. Changelog: 1) Complete overhaul of.... everything Known Issues: 1) EOD dog will not walk (Marksman DLC has broken him) 2) Rallypoint system is mostly untested New Keys: 1) Bind CUSTOM KEYS 3 & 4 in your controls menu to use the GPS. 2) CSE interaction menu will give access to the DICE operator menu. Some misc images: http://imgur.com/a/wpuhw
  15. Yeah some fairly large updates are in the works. Hold off downloading anything until I post updates. It shouldn't be too far off.
  16. Good Question! I would do it like this so it saves their loadout whenever they close the interface. This is not tested ingame. waitUntil { isnull ( uinamespace getvariable "RSCDisplayArsenal" ) }; arsenalLoadout = [player] call getLoadout; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {[player,arsenalLoadout] spawn setLoadout; }]; You can use aerosons excellent loadout scripts here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148577-GET-SET-Loadout-%28saves-and-loads-pretty-much-everything%29
  17. You can do either, however you need to remove the blacklist entry under clients\functions\fn_addonChecker.sqf
  18. Probably very few, you would need to do the following: - Delete any CSE medical modules from the map editor - Change medical loadouts (init.sqf) to use AGM medical gear
  19. Hi Bohemia Team, I am investigating the possibility of submitting my Multiplayer Gamemode for the MANW competion and have a query regarding third party content. Your MANW official rules page states that: "Multiplayer Game Mode - Arma 3 multiplayer game mode (multiplayer mission). Only single instance (= 1 MP mission) of the game mode is allowed. The mission can use new addons (e.g. terrain, vehicles, weapons, scripts), but they must be submitted as part of the MP Game Mode." Due to the fact that my multiplayer scenario was initially invisioned to be authentic to the military experience and themed around the insurgency in Afghanistan; my creative process required a significant number of third party modifications to compliment my own library of functions, scripts and gameplay concepts. These requirements are unfortunately quite extravagant in both filesize and number so they cannot be easily packaged into a single small pbo file. What would you recommend as the best course of action: A) Since the judges do not have time to download the modification requirements, I should rewrite the entire scenario using entirely vanilla arma 3 content and reduce the scope to a more userfriendly standard whilst subsequently lowering the immersion value. B) Addon requirements such as those listed on the google page below should not be a problem, simply submit the webpage or a list of requirements in the readme document along with the mission. I would also like to ask a handful of other smaller questions: 1) Are third party medical systems addons such as the one featured within Combat Space Enhancement allowed? 2) What about standalone third party revive scripts such as Farooq's Revive 3) Are the multiplayer gamemodes tested by multiple jury members on a dedicated server? I have provided hyperlinks to my possible submission content in the event that you need to review my case: Bohemia Forums - Release Thread Google Sites - Required Addon List Regards, Kushluk
  20. Thank you both for your replies, however I have since rewritten my scenario with entirely stock ArmA 3 content (ie. Requiring no addons) Upon reading your stance on community mission scripts, I noticed some examples of contest submissions that blatently list community scripts as part of their entry: The Great Altis Race: http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/1fzYVbvb15#.VDzSpRZ0YmU http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=314794489 Random Weather v0.9 Script by Meatball Player Markers v2.6 Script by aeroson Enemy Occupation System v1.98 by BangaBob Altis On Fire http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/PlSBZWOnTH#.VDzTXxZ0YmU http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=263604065 AI Spawn Script Pack by spunFin Civilian Vehicle Spawn by Zealot Enemy Occupation System (EoS) by BangaBob MAD Ambient Life by MAD T Headless Client AutoDetect Script by elec Repetitive Cleanup Script by Aeroson SLP Spawning Script by Nomadd Taskmaster/moveObjects/Random Position Scripts by Shuko Does that mean these entries will likely be disqualified?
  21. If the marker is circular, you can simply check the distance from each player to the center. _markerRadius = 500; while { sleep 1; (player distance (markerPos "MYMARKERNAME")) > _markerRadius } do { hint "CURRENTLY OUT OF BOUNDS"; sleep 1; };
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    Skip intro.....Permenant?

    Why do you even need the world to show in the main menu? -world=altis or -world=stratis will load those maps on startup.
  23. Good question! There is probably a more reliable method of detecting the arsenal specifically, however you could possibly just check to see if a dialog is open. ["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; waitUntil{!dialog}; hint "arsenal closed"
  24. Thanks Kari. The mediafire @DICE link now also contains a key and signatures.
  25. Thanks for the feedback! I have been assessing the various conversion tasks and it is possible that a 'lite' version will be available in the future. Stay tuned. Bisign and Key files are only introduced after the PlayWithSix @DICE content addon is updated. Please wait 24 hours or so.