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  1. simo1000RR

    GTX480 issues... major.

    what driver u have for the GTX480? do u have the latest patch 1.54? did u do defragment after u installed the arma2 OA and patch 1.54 ( if u have it installed) what settings is ur game ( video settings ) for both gtx260 & gtx480? if u r running the game on highest setting thinkin that gtx 480 will do good no , nothing out there can run the game on highest , at least not yet.
  2. can u post ur system specs: cpu : ( if OCed specify) MB: RAM: what type VGA: if OCed also specify PSU : u said u changed ur PSU . what brand of PSU did u get and what is wattage . operating system u running . and get this softwares and install it and cpu-z & core temp and check the reading on the cpu .
  3. i was playing for about 1 hour yesterday on warfare server to come to a crash to desktop with error msg ( out of memory) . i've been having arrow head for a month and a half now with no problems what so ever hours upon hours of continus playing never had any issue till yesterday, here is what the msg said http://yfrog.com/mz89288684p my specs: q9550 OC to 3.8 ghz 2 gtx 260 sli @ 675/1440/1080 mhz nvidia driver 258.96 evga nforce 780i
  4. if u runnin on nividia card just go to the nividia control panel and turn off ambient occlusion it will fix it. thats the effect of ambient occlusion.
  5. simo1000RR

    @BENNY ,creator of warfare benny edition.

    reason i didnt ask him straight through PM is that i dont know his user/forum name . i was playing the map on a server last night ( hotshot server) and the guys there ushered me to ask here in the forum .
  6. hi BENNY, well i hope u see this so u can answer my question. i was playing ur map " warfare" and i like the color filter option that u have implemented there " FX1-FX2-FX3....FX5" but i was wondering if its possible to make that color effect permnant ingame so that i can always have that effect on other map ? is there a way that i can somehow edit a file or smothing ? let me know . ( the one i like is FX5) thanx in advance.
  7. simo1000RR

    a question about " blur effects"...

    i realy like the effect cuz it gives the game another look i mean better look , there is another thing also , how do i switch the color filter ? , u know the colors filters that u can apply in benny's warfare map . how can i make those color filter permnant also ?
  8. simo1000RR

    Better performance on higher settings?!

    im not trying to bash on what ur saying , but r u sure? , i dont wanna change my setting in shadow to high to find out that its not true , can someone else confirm that . thanks
  9. well the title says it , i like the blur effects that u get ingame after u run ur character in the game for a long distance " i dont kow what its called but its like a blur vision with haze effect to it" well the question is , is there a way that i can make that blur -haze effect permenant in game? i know its the post process but i wanna know if its possible to modify a file or so to make it permnant ,not only when i run in the game. help is appreciated and thanx in advance. simo out.
  10. i have the same cpu as u do and almost the same setting except i have a gtx260 and 4gb of ram, i get about 30 fps playing OA my game settings are all normal except for texture and shadow are on high , screen res is 1650x1024 , well b4 i used to have the same problem as u did till some of the guys told me to overclock my cpu which wasnt only bottlenek for the VGA card but also ARMA is not like any other game that requires only lil effort from the cpu arma needs all the juice that u can squeeze out of ur cpu . my CPU now is overclocked to 3.0 GHz and ARMA OA is working like a charm. another thing u should also make sure is to defrag ur game folder if u havn't.
  11. simo1000RR

    Try GPU_MaxFramesAhead=10;

    ^^^ lol thats so funny .
  12. just a side note to the guys who are having issues with thermal image , try to keep 3d resolution at atleast 125% it will make a lot of difference , i hade it b4 at 100% and it was blurry now i put it to 133% and i get a crispy thermal image.
  13. simo1000RR

    OA Mission E04: Jackal

    man that whole mission need to be fixed , its funny . i did that mission all prone , i got in from the front gate of the camp in front of all the guards , the funny thing is they come up to u and say hello and follow u , as long a u r proned they dont do a thing , they dont even care that u r wearing US army uniform , just keep prone and the enemy will consider u one of them , its funny
  14. damn ..nice i will try that . it used to bug me alot .
  15. pretty much ya but some vehicles are missing from there ...