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  1. About Us: We are a small group of players looking to grow our unit into the public scene with focus on milsim but on a casual level for those who do not wish to follow a military type structure. We do not do training missions/sessions/etc as a requirement. If you would like to request a training session you can contact me directly. Most of our missions rely on a zeus player whilst everyone else participates in the op. These ops will never be over the type unless majority rules for it. These are meant to be casual and non strenuous, but fun! Mods: We use RHS as a basis for our equipment and units. We also are expanding into using Iron Front assets as well. Age: You must be at least 18+ to join, exceptions can be made after an interview process. Other Req: You must own a microphone, ArmA 3 and ArmA 3 APEX Contact: Steam Community Page or email at sasdeathrite@gmail.com Thanks! tyler4171
  2. Squad name:- Saber Battalion Timezone/location : US (EST/CST) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Co-Op Contact email: sasdeathrite@gmail.com Website address: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/saber_battallion Short description: -SRBN- Is a casual milsim unit that does not rely on military structure and is mostly focused on community fun. Language: English
  3. We are a small group of players looking for relaxed members if the ArmA commuity for in-group TvT and coop missions. We try and stay mod lite but some missions may require the CUP Complete series. We also have a 40 slot dedicated server running several different types of missions for public use. If you are interested in joining, feel free to join Obscene 9 on steam or add SilverXarrow on steam to chat. TS: Feel free to join and chat!
  4. I am having the same exact issue but on Esseker. In singleplayer, it works just fine. If I load it as a multiplayer mission, it craps out on me and will only spawn half or less of the map with loot.
  5. Our Website: http://pandemicinternational.enjin.com/home Pandemic International recruiting Pandemic is a US based community that is dedicated to provide a fun and tactical environment for like minded players looking for organization. We are a new community that is opening its doors to bring in new faces so that we can all make new friends and always have a group available to play. In order to create this environment we are divided into 3 platoons, each with a different specialty. Our by a US Army Combat Engineer to provide real life tactics in the field as well. Recruitment: You must be 18+ years or older You must have a clear microphone You must have Teamspeak 3 You must have the ability to attend at least 3 Operations a month or 2 Training ops a month. We also have a 50 slot TS3 server and a 100 slot public server. In Pandemic, we have one Company that has various specialties. Each Platoon in the Company is run by one officer. When applying for Pandemic, please specify a Platoon that you would like to take part in so it makes the transition process a lot smoother. Battalions: 1st Platoon - specializes in infantry combat and ground work 2nd Platoon - Special Forces Operations 3rd Platoon – specializes in air operations and aerial logistics We are here recruiting on behalf of Pandemic International Gaming, a multi-game supported community! Have a look at our website if interested and apply there.
  6. If anything, use setCaptive on the mortars.
  7. Tried removeMagazines and no go. It still wont remove it. Even though the command is to add an IV pack is playername addMagazine "ACE_IV"
  8. Sadly that doesnt seem to remove the IV pack :(
  9. Im trying to make a thirst script but would like to check if the player has a an ACE_IV in order to do it. Also I would like for it to remove it after its been used. I already have the script to kill the player after a value has been reached, i just need to know how to check if the player has an IV and how to remove after its been used. thanks! EDIT: Just found out how to check for the magazine bu still dont know how to remove it :(
  10. tyler4171

    Shadow Company TRU

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the ArmA 2 community, 174th Shadow Regiment would like to announce its first public tournament! The ArmA: Top Sniper Tournament will test 5 Teams of 2 from different Realism Units in the community on their marksmanship to gain the title of Top Snipers. Never before in the community has this been done, therefore Shadow Regiment would love to introduce a new way to learn the art of long range marksmanship and the chance to meet new people and grow acquainted with other Units. The Rules are basic: 1. No cheating of any sort at all! This will lead to immediate Disqualification. 2. You will NOT disrespect the graders and your fellow marksmen. 3. You will be honorable in any action you take. If we miss count let us know, BUT DO NOT ALTER THE SCORE! 4. Have fun and take back what you learn. Teach each other new techniques and help expand the marksmen's community in ArmA! To register your team for the event, please visit and register on www.shadowcompanytru.enjin.com After registering an account, fill out a Team Registration form under the Recruitment Tab. If any questions, please PM me on ArmAholic or send me an email at: sasdeathrite@gmail.com Hope to see you all out there! COL Daniel [174thSR]
  11. 174th Air Wing Time zone: GTM -5 GMT 0 GMT +1 Contact email: tylerdaniel4170@gmail.com Website: http://www.174thairwing.com/#! Game Preference: CO-OP
  12. Just a random bit of info, those red flags or "Panels" have saved my CAS from committing friendly fire, so even so they are annoying, they are helpful ^^ anyway, good luck figuring it out, as Lotus said, ive seen it done but dont know how
  13. tyler4171

    Creating New Animations

    I wish to add a movement animation, particularly this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vidL5L64-rQ seeing as how ArmA 2 seems to miss this, I want to make it, and have it played when the ACE2 option "Clear Jam" is activated
  14. Hello, Im new to making animations for the ArmA series, and everywhere I look, all character animations are done on the "BISkeleton". If this is true, where do i find this Skeleton?