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    Hello I'm Mitchell and I love playing the Russians on Arma2 I'm bored with USMC!
  1. Hey guys, I had A2 back in the 1.02 patch days running on my vista 64 bit rig and it sucked so bad. I know it was because it didn't run well with vista or 8 gig's of ram. Have they fixed these problems yet? I upgraded so to speak to 7 32 bit and using 4 gigs of ram. The game ran so much better at the time but to be quite honest I don't like 7 and miss my vista64bit with the 8 gig's. So basically, have they worked out the bugs with vista64 and 8 gig's of ram? Meaning no FPS drop or random crashes because of the operating system. Thanks for your help Mitchell
  2. Red Fox RUS

    Isla Duala

    Great Island, the campaign I'm writing will definitely cross this Island!
  3. Agreed, looks awesome!
  4. Red Fox RUS

    Isla Duala

    Going to definitely right some missions with the vdv fighting some of the people on this island :)
  5. Red Fox RUS

    OKB 915 addons for ArmA2

    lol okay Mil :p didn't know that 2 months was a necro :D Thanks for the info tho, get on BIS once every couple months.
  6. Red Fox RUS

    OKB 915 addons for ArmA2

    has the bmd2 been released yet?
  7. I'm so for you guys making modern air planes because it seems like we are never going to get an IL to drop that BMD :(
  8. Red Fox RUS

    Isla Duala

    Yeah I'm having trouble getting the units to make a map, I got all the unit packs and set them up in mod folders, put the keys where they needed to go and I still can't find the units lol
  9. Red Fox RUS

    Isla Duala

    that was freaken awesome! I love people fighting with parachute pants and life jackets on lol So you notice the clip spring out the bottom of the guys clip? lol what a joke. Anyway, so is the civilians working now?
  10. Red Fox RUS

    Isla Duala

    very nice, something to test my Igla against :)
  11. Red Fox RUS

    Isla Duala

    well nothing wrong with run flats :) lol always hated the 8x8's that got one flat and wouldn't move lol
  12. Red Fox RUS

    Isla Duala

    very nice! so how far are we away from Civilians on the island?
  13. Can't wait :) hopefully you guys do some VDV just up in here!