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  1. Any fix for ACE_WeaponOnBack command ??? Here is one ticket i found http://dev-heaven.net/issues/9837
  2. dunno if i should make a ticket but is it normal when you have ACE wounded system enabled and you see the revive timer that you are no longer able to chat in game ?
  3. yes on my computer and on the server its updated. I have checked sixupdater logs and verified the files on my pc and the dedi both are fine. Even other clients cant play anymore
  4. hmm i cant play any of my missions now i get this error when i want to play it on my server 2010/03/12, 19:05:38 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. acex_wep_rh_ak It wasnt before the update today And in the editor under preview all RH weapons do show as normally
  5. that wont work because then i cant set it to Radio Alpha
  6. How can a specific unit in this case only the Group Leader activate a radio trigger ? It wont work when i group the trigger with the unit because then i dont have the Radio activation anymore. ---------- Post added at 06:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:32 PM ---------- please help : (
  7. tobmic

    BluFor spy

    what about grouping the Spy to the enemy side ? For example group the spy to a Soldier that has a higher rank then him and Presence is at 0%
  8. Hmm i must be doing something wrong and i have no idea : ( I tried all the methods and it wont work. Can you guys take 5 minutes time and check the mission folder and look what i have done wrong ? http://www.speedshare.org/download.php?id=CB9990ED11 At Galzohar can you explain me your example a little bit more ?
  9. i tried it today but the Taskstate didnt update for jip players :( i tried it first with the publicvariables on player conenct in init.sqf and later without but both didnt work ? Did i forgot to do something ?
  10. yeah it works now thx alot for the help
  11. Im going to try it out later on Dedi server if it work I have a quick question on this if i make a trigger with condition and on activation Will the units get spawned once on the server or aswell on player connect multiple times ?
  12. Got a quick question on this I used search before but didnt find anything that helped me. I placed a trigger with Blufor not present and on condition I placed this and on activation However i want to change the trigger condition that Opfor has to be present to seize the Area . How am i able to do that ? I tried changing condition to this but both ways wont work : (