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  1. WOW! You are still around and making SEAL TEAM 6 missions after so many years?? :) I took a couple of years away from ARMA into other games and due to all the fakey shooters out there, I am back here in ARMA and glad to see that you are still here! :)
  2. jasonnoguchi

    SEAL Team Six 4

    Takistan?? :( I don't have arrowhead yet
  3. jasonnoguchi

    [CAMP] Chesty Puller

    Not likely. I played this mission 3 times with GL4 before and never had a problem. You need to make sure you walk up to the humvee and talk to the driver BEFORE sending the girl onboard.
  4. jasonnoguchi

    Conspiracies: Substance

    can't wait!! enjoying Rising Dead so far, weapons need a bit more work though as the PSO scope markings really look too err.... :) Love the gameplay style. Never played something so RPG like in ArmA2 before. I think substance is really what would complete such a game of survival. The current stalker is too much like superman, never tiring, never subject to the elements. :)
  5. jasonnoguchi

    USRanger709's Release Thread!

    WOWOWW!!! OK THAT MAKES ME DROOL FOR TF94!!!!!!!!!! I am glad you always make missions that push the limits in certain ways and I believe TF94 will push the limits of campaign story flow! :) AWAITING!
  6. jasonnoguchi

    SEAL Team Six 4

    Completed the campaign at last!!! This is the BEST user made campaign I have ever played so far in terms of variety of missions, story / twists, intro and outro! The final mission is a tad too simple... did it in 19 mins. Landed the osprey, ran around to the back of the compound, SMAWed the fence behind, sneak up to and SMAW the BRDM gaurding the rear and then was surprised to see Victor with his back to me. Shot him from behind, a nice bullet time started and he is dead. Grabbed a stinger and then shot down the helo and then we are done! hahahha! too simple, really. Can't wait for your new green beret campaign!!!!!!!!
  7. jasonnoguchi

    SEAL Team Six 4

    Completed mission 8, very nice bullet time in the end killing Dmitri! Makes it very dramatic!!! Now, to finish off NPF once and for all like we did the NC Cartel!
  8. jasonnoguchi

    USRanger709's Release Thread!

    ITS BEEN A WHILE BUDDY!!! Hows everything going? :) Hate to see that Spooky Six is off... its Jackal gonna be your pinnacle master piece? TF doesn't seem to have that kind of screen quality anymore.. :(
  9. jasonnoguchi

    SEAL Team Six 4

    Completed Mission 7... VERY NICE Variety of action in one mission!!! Very nice twist of ploy in the end, that's one mini campaign in one mission! totally enjoyed it! Loved the cobra rail shooting and love how you made the cobra invulnerable so that it has the arcade fun feel! heheehhe
  10. jasonnoguchi

    Persian Hammer

    Awesome! Back to those Desert Storm times again! Can't wait!
  11. BULLET TIME!!!! WOWOWOWO!!!! WHEN IS IT COMING????? HEHEHEHEHEH Oh SNKMAN, is GL4 going to be ArmA2 or OA dependant like ACE2?
  12. jasonnoguchi

    SEAL Team Six 4

    Completed mission 6 today. So far, this is the most awesome SpecOps campaign ever in ArmA2! I am really really keen to see what limits you would push with your green beret campaign. When is it coming? :)
  13. jasonnoguchi

    SEAL Team Six 4

    Download the standalone stable V1.1 linked from first post and give the folder a diff name maybe ACE11 or something.
  14. jasonnoguchi

    SEAL Team Six 4

    Maybe you should be using ACE1.1 as recommended?
  15. jasonnoguchi

    SEAL Team Six 4

    Ok, did the end mission cheat... VERY NICE OUTRO!!!! Think I know whats the problem! ITS JTD SMOKE & FIRE!!!! The fire spread to and burns the commander faster than the team can reach. As such, if you are playing Mission 4, make sure you play without JTD! :) By the way, those of you choosing what weapons to use out of that many to choose from now, AVOID the SCAR with SPECTRE scope. Its got a dispersion bigger than heavy MGs! Wonder which mod that came from... gonna hunt it down... dispersion is so ridiculous you can hardly hit anything beyond 350m.