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  1. lonewolf90

    WarFX Particles

    thank you for the patch :) nice work:D the only thing that bothers me in this newest patch, is that i cant see the smoke puff where the bullet hits especially far away ..Yeah i know the big smoke puff is not realistic but it helps me to adjust my aiming for long distance shooting & now I have a hard time shootig the enemy since I dunno where is my bullet goes :(
  2. have you tried to synchronize it first at Config>Presets ?
  3. lonewolf90

    SyNcRoNiCzZ AddOn Release Thread

    nice!! it looks good cant wait to try "Le Clarion" :D
  4. If you dont understand the instructions...try to take a look at video how to install ACE2..
  5. I hope mr.Cole is still working on it I just love the sounds of M4/16 from RH pack :bounce3:
  6. lonewolf90

    SyNcRoNiCzZ AddOn Release Thread

    Great weapon addon :D I love this but how do I use this in singleplayer or anywhere else outside Armory? :confused:
  7. lonewolf90

    RH Hk416 Pack ver 1.0

    Help..I have errors during extracting the files..it said that the files are corrupt :(
  8. lonewolf90

    New patch 1.04

    the patch runs fine for me..it eliminates the gun sound distortion ...not encountered any serious game breaking bug so far thank you BIS
  9. lonewolf90

    Where do you live?

    Tangerang, Indonesia
  10. lonewolf90

    ArmA 2 players

    From Indonesia right here....anyone else?:bounce3:
  11. lonewolf90

    Patch 1.03 Stability Survey

    The Game runs just fine for me..No CTD..No BSOD...slight fps increased perhaps but unfortunately, this patch causes a new sound issue for me..The sound is distorted when firing in full auto or quick succession...kinda irritating :mad:
  12. lonewolf90

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    just bought ARMA 2 & that made me as 19 years old ARMA2 player :yay: (lol..i love the banana)
  13. I see...do you get a stable framerate somehow? Anyway,I've found a nice thread about optimization:yay: http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=6713 I dunno how much extra FPS can I get from this way though.. btw I've also heard that next patch will focus on optimization..I hope it's true
  14. Yes my memory is DDR2..I forget what speed...but it's PC6400 Anyway, yeah..I wont expect high setting & HD resolution (my monitor doesnt suppoet HD either), that's why Im asking about running it in medium with 1024x768 (my native resolution)
  15. Hi guys Will it run at least in medium at 1024x768? Athlon64 3000+ 2 GB of RAM ATI HD3870 512mb Windows XP SP3 Thank you for any help.... btw first post in the forum, nice to meet you all :)