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  1. I the script for Arma 2 you could go in and change the liftable vehicle types. In the new script for OA there's no vehicle types to edit. When I do try to edit it it wont work. i lifts everything but armored vehicles. Is there a way airlift armor vehicles??
  2. I have a question about the logic script. In OA I cant seem to edit the script so that armor can be lifted. Any suggestions there?
  3. I'm new to scripting and I don't know how to use these scripts. I got these scripts using the BIS_fnc_help feature by creating a trigger with the following info in a trigger. Condition: !isnil "bis_fnc_init" On Activation: [] call BIS_fnc_help; Here's the first one. scriptName "Functions\spawning\fn_spawnGroup.sqf"; /* File: spawnGroup.sqf Author: Joris-Jan van 't Land Description: Function which handles the spawning of a dynamic group of characters. The composition of the group can be passed to the function. Alternatively a number can be passed and the function will spawn that amount of characters with a random type. Parameter(s): _this select 0: the group's starting position (Array) _this select 1: the group's side (Side) _this select 2: can be three different types: - list of character types (Array) - amount of characters (Number) - CfgGroups entry (Config) _this select 3: (optional) list of relative positions (Array) _this select 4: (optional) list of ranks (Array) _this select 5: (optional) skill range (Array) _this select 6: (optional) ammunition count range (Array) _this select 7: (optional) randomization controls (Array) 0: amount of mandatory units (Number) 1: spawn chance for the remaining units (Number) _this select 8: (optional) azimuth (Number) Returns: The group (Group) */ //Validate parameter count if ((count _this) < 3) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] Function requires at leat 3 parameters!"; grpNull}; private ["_pos", "_side"]; _pos = _this select 0; _side = _this select 1; private ["_chars", "_charsType", "_types"]; _chars = _this select 2; _charsType = typeName _chars; if (_charsType == (typeName [])) then { _types = _chars; } else { if (_charsType == (typeName 0)) then { //Only a count was given, so ask this function for a good composition. _types = [_side, _chars] call BIS_fnc_returnGroupComposition; } else { if (_charsType == (typeName configFile)) then { _types = []; }; }; }; private ["_positions"]; if ((count _this) > 3) then { _positions = _this select 3; } else { _positions = []; }; private ["_ranks"]; if ((count _this) > 4) then { _ranks = _this select 4; } else { _ranks = []; }; private ["_skillRange"]; if ((count _this) > 5) then { _skillRange = _this select 5; } else { _skillRange = []; }; private ["_ammoRange"]; if ((count _this) > 6) then { _ammoRange = _this select 6; } else { _ammoRange = []; }; private ["_randomControls"]; if ((count _this) > 7) then { _randomControls = _this select 7; } else { _randomControls = [-1, 1]; }; //Fetch the random controls. private ["_minUnits", "_chance"]; _minUnits = _randomControls select 0; _chance = _randomControls select 1; private ["_azimuth"]; if ((count _this) > 8) then { _azimuth = _this select 8; } else { _azimuth = 0; }; //Check parameter validity. //TODO: Check for valid skill and ammo ranges? if ((typeName _pos) != (typeName [])) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] Position (0) should be an Array!"; grpNull}; if ((count _pos) < 2) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] Position (0) should contain at least 2 elements!"; grpNull}; if ((typeName _side) != (typeName sideEnemy)) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] Side (1) should be of type Side!"; grpNull}; if ((typeName _positions) != (typeName [])) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] List of relative positions (3) should be an Array!"; grpNull}; if ((typeName _ranks) != (typeName [])) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] List of ranks (4) should be an Array!"; grpNull}; if ((typeName _skillRange) != (typeName [])) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] Skill range (5) should be an Array!"; grpNull}; if ((typeName _ammoRange) != (typeName [])) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] Ammo range (6) should be an Array!"; grpNull}; if ((typeName _randomControls) != (typeName [])) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] Random controls (7) should be an Array!"; grpNull}; if ((typeName _minUnits) != (typeName 0)) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] Mandatory units (7 select 0) should be a Number!"; grpNull}; if ((typeName _chance) != (typeName 0)) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] Spawn chance (7 select 1) should be a Number!"; grpNull}; if ((typeName _azimuth) != (typeName 0)) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] Azimuth (8) should be a Number!"; grpNull}; if ((_minUnits != -1) && (_minUnits < 1)) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] Mandatory units (7 select 0) should be at least 1!"; grpNull}; if ((_chance < 0) || (_chance > 1)) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] Spawn chance (7 select 1) should be between 0 and 1!"; grpNull}; if (((count _positions) > 0) && ((count _types) != (count _positions))) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] List of positions (3) should contain an equal amount of elements to the list of types (2)!"; grpNull}; if (((count _ranks) > 0) && ((count _types) != (count _ranks))) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [spawnGroup] List of ranks (4) should contain an equal amount of elements to the list of types (2)!"; grpNull}; //Convert a CfgGroups entry to types, positions and ranks. if (_charsType == (typeName configFile)) then { _ranks = []; _positions = []; for "_i" from 0 to ((count _chars) - 1) do { private ["_item"]; _item = _chars select _i; if (isClass _item) then { _types = _types + [getText(_item >> "vehicle")]; _ranks = _ranks + [getText(_item >> "rank")]; _positions = _positions + [getArray(_item >> "position")]; }; }; }; private ["_grp"]; _grp = createGroup _side; //Create the units according to the selected types. for "_i" from 0 to ((count _types) - 1) do { //See if this unit should be skipped. private ["_skip"]; _skip = false; if (_minUnits != -1) then { //Has the mandatory minimum been reached? if (_i > (_minUnits - 1)) then { //Has the spawn chance been satisfied? if ((random 1) > _chance) then {_skip = true}; }; }; if (!_skip) then { private ["_unit", "_type"]; _type = _types select _i; //If given, use relative position. private ["_itemPos"]; if ((count _positions) > 0) then { private ["_relPos"]; _relPos = _positions select _i; _itemPos = [(_pos select 0) + (_relPos select 0), (_pos select 1) + (_relPos select 1)]; } else { _itemPos = _pos; }; //Is this a character or vehicle? if (getNumber(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _type >> "isMan") == 1) then { _unit = _grp createUnit [_type, _itemPos, [], 0, "FORM"]; _unit setDir _azimuth; } else { _unit = ([_itemPos, _azimuth, _type, _grp] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle) select 0; }; //If given, set the unit's rank. if ((count _ranks) > 0) then { _unit setRank (_ranks select _i); }; //If a range was given, set a random skill. if ((count _skillRange) > 0) then { private ["_minSkill", "_maxSkill", "_diff"]; _minSkill = _skillRange select 0; _maxSkill = _skillRange select 1; _diff = _maxSkill - _minSkill; _unit setUnitAbility (_minSkill + (random _diff)); }; //If a range was given, set a random ammo count. if ((count _ammoRange) > 0) then { private ["_minAmmo", "_maxAmmo", "_diff"]; _minAmmo = _ammoRange select 0; _maxAmmo = _ammoRange select 1; _diff = _maxAmmo - _minAmmo; _unit setVehicleAmmo (_minAmmo + (random _diff)); }; }; }; private ["_units"]; _units = units _grp; if ((count _ranks) == 0) then { //If no ranks were given, make the first unit the leader. _grp selectLeader (_units select 0); } else { //Make the highest-ranking member leader. private ["_bestCandidate"]; _bestCandidate = _units select 0; { if ((rankId _x) > (rankId _bestCandidate)) then { _bestCandidate = _x; }; } forEach _units; _grp selectLeader _bestCandidate; }; _grp Here's the second one. scriptName "Functions\spawning\fn_taskPatrol.sqf"; /* File: taskPatrol.sqf Author: Joris-Jan van 't Land Description: Create a random patrol of several waypoints around a given position. Parameter(s): _this select 0: the group to which to assign the waypoints (Group) _this select 1: the position on which to base the patrol (Array) _this select 2: the maximum distance between waypoints (Number) _this select 3: (optional) blacklist of areas (Array) Returns: Boolean - success flag */ //Validate parameter count if ((count _this) < 3) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [taskPatrol] Function requires at least 3 parameters!"; false}; private ["_grp", "_pos", "_maxDist", "_blacklist"]; _grp = _this select 0; _pos = _this select 1; _maxDist = _this select 2; _blacklist = []; if ((count _this) > 3) then {_blacklist = _this select 3}; //Validate parameters if ((typeName _grp) != (typeName grpNull)) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [taskPatrol] Group (0) must be a Group!"; false}; if ((typeName _pos) != (typeName [])) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [taskPatrol] Position (1) must be an Array!"; false}; if ((typeName _maxDist) != (typeName 0)) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [taskPatrol] Maximum distance (2) must be a Number!"; false}; if ((typeName _blacklist) != (typeName [])) exitWith {debugLog "Log: [taskPatrol] Blacklist (3) must be an Array!"; false}; _grp setBehaviour "SAFE"; //Create a string of randomly placed waypoints. private ["_prevPos"]; _prevPos = _pos; for "_i" from 0 to (2 + (floor (random 3))) do { private ["_wp", "_newPos"]; _newPos = [_prevPos, 50, _maxDist, 1, 0, 60 * (pi / 180), 0, _blacklist] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _prevPos = _newPos; _wp = _grp addWaypoint [_newPos, 0]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp setWaypointCompletionRadius 20; //Set the group's speed and formation at the first waypoint. if (_i == 0) then { _wp setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED"; _wp setWaypointFormation "STAG COLUMN"; }; }; //Cycle back to the first position. private ["_wp"]; _wp = _grp addWaypoint [_pos, 0]; _wp setWaypointType "CYCLE"; _wp setWaypointCompletionRadius 20; true I'm want to create groups via trigger in different locations. Some patroling, others defending.
  4. tuocs

    Evolution Blue Edit

    Well its best to have it that way to avoid the lag issues. The way it works atleast ot my understanding is your using a trigger to spawn the opfor and in doing so once the triggers params a met it spawns the enemy, and once the trigger param's are false the trigger deactivates. The Only way I know to have the enemy stay is to simply place them on the map where you want them. I'm almost cirtain you can force the trigger to stay true but I'm not sure on how to do that without testing it myself. As fare as your previous question I'm in transit on my R&R leave from Iraq, and I don't have any way of getting that info to you. Once I'm able I'll get it to you. However this may be 15 plus days before I can do so. Or maybe someone else can help you whitchever happens first.
  5. The best way to dao that I think is to script the group using the createGroup. Then creating a trigger to call the script when the trigger conditions become true. If you need an here is an example of what I mean http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=92872&page=2 This should help you out if this is what your wanting. Good luck.
  6. tuocs

    Joystick problem

    I agree I have had a simular problem wher arma mis-assigns or add assigments to one already preset. I havent had that problem with ArmA 2 and I use the x52 pro. Over all it sounds like na easy fix if thats the problem.
  7. Their are a few differnent ways of doing that. I made it easy for myself and I down loaded ArmA 1 recruit script from armaholic. I just changed the unit class names with arma 2 class names, and I had the issue with the ai dieing when landing with the para droping so I just made them spawn next to me. I would say search around see what you can find in the forums here. I do remember seeing different ways of doing somewhere in the forums. Over time I have broken evo down and I use a lot of evo's ways do doing it. from Objectives, side missions, and recruitment. Then one thing I cant figure out is how to del the rank system in the recruit, missions dialog. So I think I'm going to learn how to make my own dialog like evo's for the recruitment side missions ect free of the rank system script and post it for mission builders/everyone.
  8. I don't know how to set the marker color bule but if you do the following 1. create a marker name it what ever you like 2. Place "MARKER NAME" setMarkerAlpha 0; this will del the marker once area is clear of enemy. Trigger set up should be ONCE, NOT PRESENT, OPFOR. You can script the marker or trigger. Create a new Obj: Create a new marker name it obj2 placing it where you want your next obj. In your first trigger place the following: Plaece a trigger just like the first one to know when the area is clear of enemy.
  9. tuocs

    Evolution Blue Edit

    The script works the same but just remember the other features in evo such as addactions like build a mash, engineer building a farp, anything like that wont work (if your using any of Evos scripts in your mission)You'll still need to create a trigger named Airportin so your playable players are able to still you those addActions. And you'll need your playable players to startthe mission, and respawn in that triggers area. The following script requires you to create a center to ensure the scrips works correctly. NOTICE: If soldiers of one side are to be generate while the mission is already running and no unit of the respective side has already been placed, it’s important to allocate a center to this side to make sure that these units can communicate with each other. Then the setFriend order has to be used and the both sides needs to become enemy's to each other. Otherwise the AI wouldn’t start shooting the enemy side. It’s necessary to define the setFriend order and the center within the init.sqs script. If one has already placed units from all parties on the map, then these centers will be generated by the engine automatically. In the following example you can get the entries for the example Init.sqs: CENTER: For center, you can just place an enemy unit on one of the outlying islands somewhere, then when you use the createUnit command it works no problem for me. It's only when there are no enemies in the map it won't work. Or you cna place one of the folling (depending on what you want ot do) in your missions init.sqs file. As how Center can be created, it can be deleted again by using deleteCenter SIDE. But that would be unnecessary. GroupSquad1.sqf if (isServer) then { GroupSquad1 = CreateGroup East; _leader = GroupSquad1 createUnit ["SquadLeaderE", [(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 0,(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 1,0], [], 3, "FORM"]; _unit = GroupSquad1 createUnit ["SoldierEB", [(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 0,(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 1,0], [], 3, "FORM"]; _unit = GroupSquad1 createUnit ["SoldierEB", [(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 0,(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 1,0], [], 3, "FORM"]; _unit = GroupSquad1 createUnit ["SoldierEB", [(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 0,(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 1,0], [], 3, "FORM"]; _unit = GroupSquad1 createUnit ["SoldierEG", [(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 0,(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 1,0], [], 3, "FORM"]; _unit = GroupSquad1 createUnit ["SoldierEMG", [(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 0,(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 1,0], [], 3, "FORM"]; _unit = GroupSquad1 createUnit ["SoldierEMG", [(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 0,(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 1,0], [], 3, "FORM"]; _unit = GroupSquad1 createUnit ["SoldierEAT", [(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 0,(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 1,0], [], 3, "FORM"]; _unit = GroupSquad1 createUnit ["SoldierEAT", [(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 0,(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 1,0], [], 3, "FORM"]; _unit = GroupSquad1 createUnit ["SoldierESniper", [(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 0,(getMarkerPos "Squad1") select 1,0], [], 3, "FORM"]; _leader = leader GroupSquad1; wp1 = GroupSquad1 addwaypoint [position SquadAttack, 0]; wp1 setwaypointtype "MOVE"; sleep 1.0; hidebody _this; sleep 5.0; deleteVehicle _this; if (true) exitWith {}; [color="red"]You can place as many groups as you want including the vehicles in this script just repeat the script changing the group's name, or create a new script for each group namng it anyhting you want. The getMarkerPos can still stay the same if you wish or just create a new marker for that group.[/color] The above code spawns that particular group at a Marker called "Squad1". wp1 sets up a waypoint, and their waypoint is set on another Marker named "SquadAttack". To add more waypoint's just repeat the following step slightly changing the marker names and placing them on the map where you want them: wp1 = GroupSquad1 addwaypoint [position SquadAttack, 0]; wp1 setwaypointtype "MOVE"; wp2 = GroupSquad1 addwaypoint [position SquadAttack1, 0]; wp2 setwaypointtype "MOVE"; wp3 = GroupSquad1 addwaypoint [position SquadAttack2, 0]; wp3 setwaypointtype "MOVE"; [color="Red"]and so on till you have all the waypoints you want.[/color] With the waypoints theres a few more commands you can use to set their alertness (Safe, Careless, Combat etc) if you look it up somewhere. The "FORM" area is where you put "NONE", "FLY", "FORM" etc. And "SoldierESniper" defines the type of unit to be placed. _leader defines which of the units is going to be in charge of the group. This is the best way of placing units on the map to ensure good preformance sence they only appear when the trigger you set conditions become true. I'll have to look into createing vehicles. More than likely I'll take a look at Evo and see how its done. QUESTION: 1) What type of vehicles are you wanting? 2) Do you want the enemy using them/driving/flying/inside? 3) How many of each vehicle? REMEMBER: To call the script (getting it to work) you must place the following in your missions init.sqf file or in a Triggers on act line: null = [] execVM "GroupSquad1.sqf" If you wish to place the scripts inside a your missions folder and inside a nother folder called scripts be sure to tell the Init.sqs or the Trigger that for example: If you have the GroupSquad1 script in the following place your mission\scripts\GroupSquad1 you'll have to place the script init code like so null = [] execVM "scripts\GroupSquad.sqf" ect....
  10. All aircraft require adjustments in the pitch to maitaine level flight. The air flow that passes over and under the wing's of the aircraft which in turn grenerats an aircrafts life causes the aircraft to be unstable such as the pitch, and roll. When encountering rought air (turbulance) it shakes the aircraft and it will move off course if not being manualy flown (hands on) or on auto pilot. I've been taking flight lessions for a little while now and playing a lot of flight simulator x where take off's flying, and landings are alot of work between the wind, the weight of the aircraft, the electronics, communicatos to atc's, the difference type of navigation VOR or IFR flight rules I could go on. Sorry rambelng on here lol hobbies ya know. But that about raps it u pfor me.
  11. I play a lot of Flight Simulator X flying the 747, 737, and the bell heli from time to time, and their's a lot more to do flying in that game lol. In ArmA in general I fly low with a sister aircraft if possable (Helo's that is) working togeather lasing tgt's for one another using trees and terrain for cover and concealment (best way to fly I think in PvP). I generaly don't fly to fast that low but if I'm at 100 plus feet I move fast changing my alt and spd so its harder for me to get shot down. I use the Saitek X52 Pro Flight Control System Joystick /w throttle, peddles, the famous IRTracker /w 3 monitors (Great view the irtracker helps a lot). The throttle works great at keeping altitude. I go for the accurate stable flight controls because of FSX. I some times use my yoke and throttle setup for FSX on the C130J It works out good for me. I think a lot of people learning to fly ingame watch their artificial horizon trying to maitaine their pitch/ speed, using it to ensure they got that perfect hover (it's a heli it dosen't hover perfectly your still going to move. You just gotta learn to compinsate for it). I would say if you cant fly, or have trouble in arma games flying practice to get the feel of the games avation responces for any 1 aircraft, how realistic the simulated fight is for example: (it sims the lift of helis, so if you try to do a barrel roll ect the heli (if you dont have enough alt) will crash because it couldn't regenerate enough lift in time before hitting the ground. NOTES ON WAYS TO HELP PEOPLE FLY IN THE ARMA GAMES: You'll also notice once you get going fast enough you lose rudder contol in a heli. This is true in real life. So you gotta turn the aircraft at an angle to turn. (The more of a bank/turn the faster/harder you'll turn). When making hard banks your heli will slow and slightly loose alt. (At that point you'll have rudder control to help you turn) Use your throttle to help you regain/maintaine alt. The Landing :( When learning to land a heli you should approch slow, and at a low alt flying straight in where your intending to land. As your slowly/slightly pitching the nose up to help you slow down. (when pitching up you will notice you gain alt to help correct that problem ease off/back down the throttle slowly so you don't go to fare), As you get closer to where your landing give it less throttle/back the throttle down slowly, giving it a harder/more nose up pitch if needed. As you get close to the ground probibly around 50-15 feet, level off (dosent have to be a hover/perfect) keeping it in one spot or manuvering the aircraft over your landing area slowly back the throttle down till you touch down. Don't worry about looking at your artificial horizon try getting hte feel of landing first by looking at your surrounding's. You can tell if you moveing/drifting in any direction. (If you have a gunner, crew chiefs, or a Co Pilot have them help guide you down have the gunner/Co Pilot callout alt, directions tohelp land on your targeted landing area. Have the crew chief's/gunners tell you if your in the clear to land and not going ot hit anything. (After all that's one of their jobs in real life make them earn their pay lol) Firing Unguided Rockets at Targets: I forget what its called all I can remember at the menent is the aircrew saying "Were abeam" this tell the ground forces to lift and shift fire so that don't hit the aircraft when it moves in. What they do is fly in low and as the gunner/pilot ID the target and are ready they will rappidly gain alt (this 1 slows the aircraft down so he gains more control of his rudder controls) and will fly most of the time straight when firing the 60mm cannon, or when firing the rockets the aircraft will pitch downward (loseing alt slowly to maitain it's rudder control) while the pilot lines up the aircraft with the target as the gunner/pilot begin's to fire, and bails out of it's desent quickly to gain speed as the aircraft pass over/by its target. If you have a sister aircraft it would normaly (depending on the target/situation) follow the lead aircraft in to re-engage the same target. This same procedure can be done with ground crews first calling up a CAS mission (Close Air Support) marking their pos using smoke, IR strobe, kemlights, and more (use what works in game)as the ground forces mark the target by lasing the target/target area. Using smoke, tracer fire. You can even discribe the target/target area and the aircrews will try and find it (just remember what you see on the ground is different then what they see in the air) but this method work's just a well. You can even use aircraft it any type of aerial reconnaissance. Such as route, zone, and area reconnaissance. I hope the above information helps people out their that have trouble flying. One thing That needs fixing is the fixedwing aricraft's rudder controls. Once you get going fast enough you lose it too. That not true in real life infact rudder control on a fixedwing aircraft becomes extremely touchy the faster you go. Anyways just my thought.
  12. I had this very same problem. If you can do a simple test so I can be 100% sure if this is the problem. Remove your GTX video card, and try it with a different card. If the replacement card works just fine it's your GTX video card. I had a GTX 285 Overclocked card and that's what it did to me. So I called Nvidia talked to one of their peeps and he said its a comon problem for the GTX card's comming out of the box falty. So just return it and get another one you sould be good to go. Depending on how long you had the card you might have to send it off to nvidia to get a new card. I would also recommend reg the card so you have your life time waranty (I think it is) for the card.
  13. tuocs

    Evolution Blue Edit

    You need to create the init.sqs file then, and place one of the following in it: _action = [] execVM "rearm.sqf" OR execVM "repair.sqf" Also while testing this your vehicle needs be damaged atleast 0.1 so in the editor have the vehicles health ammo status a little lower or half ect. You can try placing one of those in the trigger but I don't think it will work like that for the evo repair script. What you need to do is place the above code in the init.sqs file so your mission knows it's their and can run the script. If you don't do this it simply wont work. If you do that and it still don't work that just means there's more to the script and I'll be able to find that np. As for the unlocking of evo vehicles, ammo/weapons ect their is a very easy way of doing this. Simply go to evo's init.sqs file and I think at the top of it you'll see something like Rank1= 10; all the way through Rank6= 200; ect.. just change the points needed for each rank their. That's the easest way of doing it. The point thing your talking about is the admin login feature evo has in it I think. I don't know how that works.
  14. tuocs

    Evolution Blue Edit

    Here's what I would do first to the repair script. 1) rename the script something like repair. 2) Add that script to your missions folder. 3) in your mission's init.sqs add the folowing line (DO NOT PLACE IT IN THE ANY FOLDER OTHER THAN YOUR MISSION"S MAIN FOLDER TILL YOUR SURE ITS WORKING): _action = [] execVM "repair.sqf" << I think that will work or try execVM "repair.sqf" Question: Is this still the Evo mission your want the repair script for or one you are creating from scratch??