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  1. Understand, thanks. This type of magazine seems to have a very different look) It was just a suggestion anyway 👍
  2. Yes, i understand that, but this texture looks very "used", previous one on the other hand looks more "new". And because of that i'm only suggest old version as optional variant, for more variety.
  3. I mean previous version with "clean" "red" texture, without big dark spots.
  4. Hello Guys, Is it possible to return old bakelit magazines (those that are clean) for ak-74, maybe as an optional variant in arsenal?
  5. makkuranin

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419

    Thank you for your work LordJarhead! P.S. There's No Innovation Without Experimentation)
  6. All magazines in AKMN looks like drum from first person point of view, in third person all looks fine
  7. makkuranin

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419

    M16 and M4 real quiet now. But in general best mod so far for ARMA
  8. Simple pso-1 scope and it's sand version not visible in 3Den's arsenal in attachements for svd and all AK's, only "camo" version and 1m2-1 is visible. As always vanilla game without mods, without GM DLC
  9. All models of RPG-7 lost their grenades (all types). Vanilla game without any other mods.
  10. DAP: Official statement: This is new official page of VETERAN MOD in Steam Workshop. Previous page was removed because of Steam Workshop bug. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1774055232&searchtext=veteran
  11. Thank you guys! Arsenal works now.
  12. Problem with arsenal stays. And, if with uniform you can see popup (it is not comfortable at all), with weapon, popup completely not informative
  13. After last update all names in arsenal changed to common.
  14. One problem. With new system, i can't take ammo from backpack which located on back of my teammate