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  1. Hello, I really reeeally need some help with this issue. I have looked around but cannot find something similar. The thing is my game is crashing, sometimes randomly and sometimes when i hear a certain sound. Im using the steam version. I have tried with mods, without mods, with 64bit and with 32bit. Tried verifying the files as well. Now i even got a new computer with all new Components and just installed ArmA3 and played but STILL it crashes. I dont know what to try next.... I have saved the report from the latest crash. Here is a link to the ZIP file with reports and logs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p564uzri5q0v5dh/AAAmJyzlIfmtiqdooByMYO1Za?dl=0 Pleeease help!
  2. Hello, And congrats on an awesome mod! This is all we play on our server now :) Was wondering about this: ALiVE PersistentDoes that mean that the cache hunt is persistent with alive even after restarts? Havent been able to figure out what to turn on to get this feature. Would be awesome if we can keep hunting even after restart since we are a small group.
  3. Hello, Working on my MHQ script for my mission. Got almost everything working as i want it to, except for when the FOB vehicle is destroyed when being deployed. The issue then is that the camou net and flagpole is still deployed after the vehicle has respawned. The script for Packing the FOB is using deleteVehicle (_FOB getVariable "CAMONET"); deleteVehicle (_FOB getVariable "FLAGPOLE"); To remove the netting and flag when being packed, but i cannot get this to work upon respawn of the FOB. Trying with a trigger using !alive but cant get the On Activation setup properly.
  4. frosties

    setFuel on servers?

    Thanks! Worked like a charm!
  5. Hello, Im working on adding a script in my mission that deploys an FOB vehicle. When the FOB is being deployed it places a flag, and it should remove all of the fuel so its stationary and cannot be moved until its packed again. But setFuel 0 doesnt work on the server, only when i try locally. Been trying to find anything to help me with this, but i need some help locatign it.. i bet its here on the forums somewhere... // Frosties
  6. Hi, Im wondering if its possible to get a script to write to the dedicated server console? Example: in init.sqf write a code, that start with sleep 60 so that after 60 seconds the script will write a message to the console? The reason is i would like to get a "confirmation" to console that the server is ready.
  7. frosties

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Ive tried this mod a couple of times, but each time it seems the AI gets super accurate and its nearly impossible to have a firefight since they locate us through bushes, and quickly before we can act. Im using the script version, and i have put null = [] execVM "VCOMAI\init.sqf"; in the init. When using debug i see their tracks and the text, so the script is loading, but their skill level seems very high. Im using RHS Russia MSV as enemies. What can i do to turn down the skill level? And also, to be able to have the AI use artillery and mortars, do i have some enemy artillery set on the map ?
  8. I will take a look at your examples. Its the ones linked in the bottom of your signature? The insurgency part sounds awesome, doesnt have to be a specific "task" that has to be done. My post was just a way to ask if it was us that was doing something wrong or that it in fact was a bit broken from time to time :)
  9. First of: Great mod! We are using this constantly on our server to keep us busy :) We have encountered some issues, but not sure if we are doing something wrong, missing a setting or what so here goes: - Destroying buildings is almost impossible (but i saw that this issue might be related to Tanoa). - HVT mission. When we arrive at the mission area it is impossible to know whos the target. So we have to sweep the entire area and even then the HVT sometimes get away. Would be nice to know what the target looks like to that maybe a Sniper/Spotter team can finish this. - Pickup/Insertion, most often the task is cancelled before we even get airborne. When it still is assigned when we get there, no tropps appear when we land. Tried several helicopters. Any more we have to do then just land? Any restrictions on wich helo is needed or something? - Clear the town. When we are running this task, and when all players are outside the area (maybe after a rearm) the mission comes up as completed? Do that mean the enemy de-spawned or maybe left the area? We are a small group that plays together, so not having to build missions with zeus or eden is awesome! Ive been looking through the previous post, but i might have missed something related to our issues above, sorry about that if thats the case!
  10. frosties

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Tried this mod today again (script version) but it seems that its not using the settings in the userconfig file. Ive turned on both Debug and Tracking but i cant see either anywhere. Where is the debug info shown? Im using RHS factions, would this interferce with the ai control?
  11. frosties

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    My AI tosses smokes and move smart, but when debug and track is on nothing shows. Its like the userconfig isnt loading properly. But its in my A3 root, should it be somewhere else?
  12. frosties

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Hello, Trying to check this mod out, but i cant see any changes compared to earlier. Not sure if im loading it correctly and i have tried both script and mod versions. Tried adding the debug to my init but didnt see any debug stuff while checking with zeus, both on locally hosted MP aswell as on my dedi server. How can i easily check if the mod is runnig properly? Thanks for your awesome work!
  13. frosties

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Hello! Found this mod today and just starting try it out. Encountered a "Repair-vehicle task" today, and tried everything but cant figure out how to repair the broken vehicle, can sombody help me?
  14. frosties

    AI HALO Jump Example Mission

    Ive tried it with the modifications above but still just get teleported to the location, not HALOed in.
  15. It seems that some parts of the built-in spawn system is bugging the MCC somehow. When removing some parts i was able to get the MCC action menu to show after dying once. What is the default button for the Commander Tablet? EDIT: Okey, i found how to change the controls...Guess i should look better next time ;) EDIT: Encountered an IED for the first time now, but i couldnt disarm it.. It said "Hold Left Windows to disarm", i hold it for a few minutes but nothing happens.