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    Development Blog & Reveals

    They didn't say that the customer is not improtant. Simply that not every customer idea is good. They will at the very least consider it before judging it not good.
  2. You should go read this: http://dev.arma3.com/sitrep-00051
  3. nicolasroger

    ArmA3 performance survey

    If you can't go over 60 fps that mean you have enabled a limiter of some sort. Try turning off vsync
  4. nicolasroger

    Weapon tests

    interesting tests what about and HE grenade in the optics?
  5. nicolasroger

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    CKrauslo: TSAndrey is actualy right. You are totaly over reacting. You should take the time to reread what Dwarden said. He is simply saying that BIS cannot be responsible if a driver lower the game performance. That's it, nothing more, nothing less. He even acknowledge that there are actualy engine issues (wich they are responsible for, unlike potential driver issues).
  6. nicolasroger

    ArmA3 performance survey

    SpetS: you can capture high quality video without performance hit using other programs then FRAPS. If you have an nvidia card you can use ShadowPlay (you might already have it installed without you knowing it!). Anyway, they is another thread wich talk specificly about this. I hope todays update helped performance wise.
  7. nicolasroger

    Nvidia GeForce 337.50 Beta

    noticeable or not, 145 vs 160 fps is still 15 free FPS. So the drivers do have an effect.
  8. nicolasroger

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Misty, the sitrep is also talking about optimization. Maybe you should go reread it.
  9. BIS in fact did include the back armored compartiment. But you can't enter it. It is the repair truck version of the tempest.
  10. nicolasroger

    100% GPU usage in Editor - Halp?

    Yes It happened to me before. There is a launch parameter that make the game load on the menu without loading an island (only water). I can't remember the name of said parameter, but when I used it I instantly had 300 FPS on the main menu. I remember I used this launch parameter to test the effects of graphics settings on water performance in the main menu. I heard (but I am no expert) that FPS goes up because your cpu has pretty much nothing else to do except send renderintg calls to your GPU. When in a big battle, gpu usage goes down because the cpu needs to do other stuff and thus delay the render calls a bit. EDIT: Xendance got it first! reEDIT: I think the parameter was: -world=empty
  11. nicolasroger

    100% GPU usage in Editor - Halp?

    Use a programm like FRAPS to look at your FPS, i am willing to bet you have a FPS of like 300 in the editor. Wich is why your GPU usage is so high. The best way to reduce your gpu usage in editor is to use a FPS limiter.
  12. I am playing since doom 95. 35 is still nice. I enjoy playing 100 FPS game, but this doesn't change the fact that I find 30 FPS enough.
  13. You have a right to your opinion, but don't come and tell me that "it's always 60 FPS min" to run a game. It is not for me and for a lot of other. Anything over 30 FPS is perfectly fine for me. The problem right now is simply that the multiplayer FPS is unaffected by graphic settings. Single player run fine for the vast majority of people, so the engine is in fact fine or this side.
  14. What he means is that you can already have that in single player, but not currently in multiplayer.
  15. nicolasroger

    Terrible Performance

    Opendome. First of all, you need to test your FPS in single player. Multiplayer FPs is mostly not dependant of your rig. I am not pro when it comes to graphic tweaking, by here I turned off all shadows and put view distance to about 3000 meters and object draw distance to about 1300 meters. Turn post processing off. Use HDAO in ambient occlusion. The rest is for you to test and see the results.