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    Thanks! It works if I reload the textures and so on. 👍
  2. tonner


    Thanks for your reply. I mean a picture in the background lod, to act as an blueprint, i´ve got it there before, but everytime I restart obejctbuilder I need to do all the stuff again. Make it fit and scale it and so on..
  3. tonner


    Hi! Cant remember how to get the bluepirnt background back into objectbuilder when I´ve closed it and start it up again? Is it really necessary to do the whole thing over and over again, I mean to fit it to the backgorund and so on... Hope I´m not to blurry in my question. //Andreas
  4. In the "OnActivation" of the trigger. I believe...
  5. tonner

    ASR AI 3

    Hi! I get the userconfig not found problem when I try ASR? I´ve got the userconfig file in the correct place. Any ideas?
  6. When I try to use this in the init field I get the following error, init: Type script, expected nothing? Anyone know why?
  7. Have the same problem with the chernarus map and rhs addon, the mission worked a couple a days ago and now Arma hangs on the loading screen, everytime I try it out in the editor.
  8. Sure! http://shares.tonner.se/s#ac5dbbab-4a57-4f2f-ae6b-61bc53173904/skola.clouddrive.tonner.se/error.jpg And this is the error I get for every file.
  9. Hi! I am trying to download 1.08-1.11 Arma2co patch, everytime I try to install i i get the "error found in file" thing in every file of the update? Do anybody have the files uncompressed, not in an exe? Thanks! Edit! Sorry! Thought it was the arma2 forum, BUT, it´s the same with any updates I try with arma3? Weird.