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  1. teaboy

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    But if they own the servers themselves - Then it not that easy. Plus whats to stop them from just signing up with another service provider, or getting their own server(s) if they not already using their own?!
  2. teaboy

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    You all do realise that legal action is complex and time consuming. Forcing A3L offline for good is not something BI can do overnight, first they must mediate with the owners/operators of A3L to get them to cease and desist, if that fails, then legal action would be needed (especially if they using their own servers). Then you have the added complexity of international boundaries, jurisdiction etc. You can't take someone to court if they in a different country (unless an agreement exists between your country and the country (or countries) they are resident in), you have to go to their country regardless since they'll be defendants - it same for each defendant, meaning BI may have to make claims in courts of various countries to get all the operators to cease and desist etc. But on top of that, in order for legal action to be successful, you need to build a solid case against the defendants. The onous of proof is on BIS, to prove they are in breach of license agreement, to proof they are using modders creations without their consent. That can take months to do!! End of day BIS said they are looking into it, they are not however going to give A3L operators a heads up by publicly stating what they going to do here now are they?! Especially when doing so could do more harm then good. I.e. if they say anything now that a court later disagrees with they could find themselves being counter sued for libel!
  3. "Hold breath is now separated to Left Shift so you don't have to always hold breath while you're in optics" Haven't tried it out yet, but can someone tell me if this means we can no longer (by default) use right mouse button to hold breathe whilst in optics?
  4. In that case, only other thing i can think off is a complete uninstall and re-installation of the game and see what happens then. If that doesn't work then it may be an issue with your steam client. Though if other recently updated games (updated yesterday or after) work then i can't see it being steam.
  5. Have you verified integrity of game cache via steam? As it maybe your game files were corrupted or not all files downloaded! I do the above every time the dev build is updated prior to playing the game.
  6. teaboy

    Faction restrictions

    Most of the issues you mentioned could be worked round with scripting i would expect, and you should have posted this thread in one of the forum pages here http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?169-ARMA-3-EDITING I believe the only reason we do not have a module for each specific possible action or usage is simply down to the lack of development time needed to do it. Hence why BI allow the use of scripting and provide a Biki for it and threads in the forum so we can share our own scripting knowledge. As for interchangeable uniforms, i doubt that can be worked around as BIS removed that feature due to it being a war crime under the Geneva convention for opposing forces to use each others uniforms. The only exception being for espionage carried out by secret services (Spies), where other rules under international law apply.
  7. teaboy

    Twitter message

    I believe the Dev's have already stated that is never going to happen. Best your going to get is content ports made by the community as BIS have released arma 2 content for modders to port to Arma 2. You also have AllInArma mod too which contains arma 2 maps and content, just not the campaigns, plus the Arma 2 modules in the editor don't work well or not at all in arma 3.
  8. teaboy

    BIS? swallow your pride hire ai nodders.

    To be fair, whilst they may have other jobs already and family, the fact they could still be paid for the AI mod work in their spare time, and send their work directly to BIS (via secure file transfer or similar systems) to implement test etc and provide to the rest of us in game updates. Means they wouldn't have to then give up their jobs or move house, let alone to another country. As they would basically simply being getting paid for what they already do at home in their spare time! Perhaps holding a competition for the best AI mod would be a good idea too. With a financial prize of course. Though obviously not hundred of thousands like "the make arma not war" competition.
  9. Well i can spawn about 150 to 200 and get stuttering (Mainly in towns) but micro stutter in some rural places (countryside) where lots of AI are present. Using the Alive mod, with all areas off the map populated with AI, i can get loads of stuttering when first starting the mission, but it settles to about 15-20fps after about 10 minutes, which is just about playable for me.
  10. Your asking a question where its answer is determined by what YOUR system specs are!! In other words, there is no answer, as its different for each person. It will also depend on what else is going on in the mission, like triggers and scripts etc. Basically you could spawn Hundreds or even over a thousand or so of AI and it may or may not cause you lag, depending on your system and your settings.
  11. teaboy

    key for mp

    If its Mod related then your best asking the mod creator.
  12. teaboy

    Arma 3 Cheating / hacking / Exploiting.

    The shield is an addon/mod not a hack - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBedvbUeoK0
  13. Steam says "No Connection" here, but its still downloading for me.
  14. Yeah restart steam and it will start to download.
  15. Downloading now 1.5GB - Should be done in about 15mins