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  1. Brainbug

    HAFM EC-635 Helicopter

    It was once founded as a club for automobilists to provide assistance if your car breaks down on the road, i.e. you pay a yearly member fee and then are eligible to receive free servicing in case you need it. Today it's Germany's largest club, with some 18 million members. They've expanded their services to all kinds of stuff, not just repair services on the road, but also insurances, medical air transports back home from other countries (with small jets). In 1970 they were the first to provide emergency helicopter services, i.e. flying a doctor to the patient, and then bringing the patient to the hospital. That latter part is paid for by the health insurance, so you don't need to be in the club of course.Roughly half the well over hundred "primary response" emergency helicopters in Germany are operated by the ADAC, the others are operated either by the DRF (private company that only does medical helicopter services / they are painted red/white) or the Federal Ministry of the Interior (painted in orange): https://www.drf-luftrettung.de/sites/default/files/styles/news_image/public/flickr/16622843152.jpg?itok=9iEjt_55 http://www.rth.info/fdm/img/aspiranten/fdmInSpe.3495.jpg The EC-135 is very popular for that role because it is handy and the closed tail rotor makes it very silent and safer, important for a chopper that often has to land in the smallest places between trees, traffic signs, houses and whatnot. Additionally, there are also the SAR helicopters that also provide medical help if needed, but are usually not sent if someone called 112 because you tried to start your bbq with gasoline or have a heart attack. Those are often bigger helicopters used to winch up people from shipwrecks in rough seas or the like (some military helicopters like Sea King, UH-1 etc., some from the coast guard, some private ones). And then there are also intensive care transport helicopters that are used to bring patients from one hospital to another for special treatments, those are often also a tad bigger, like a AS365 Dauphin or the like.
  2. Indeed, me neither, and I assume noone has. As long as this is not meant to be a pure fantasy mod, I strongly suggest you change the pattern to the real ones. Jordan is using a custom made Hyperstealth pattern called KA2 in several color schemes. This photo shows the two used by the army and special forces (the latter being the greener variant): http://www.hyperstealth.com/ka2/sf/4970I.jpg http://www.hyperstealth.com/ka2/armyday/4240I.jpg http://usarmy.vo.llnwd.net/e2/c/images/2011/10/18/223307/original.jpg and here we have the navy variant: https://cmf24.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/20120626-cctf151.jpg http://usarmy.vo.llnwd.net/e2/c/images/2011/10/18/223306/original.jpg as for the vests, plain olive without any pattern seems to be correct: http://hyperstealth.com/ka2/armyday/4243I.jpg http://milinme.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/jaf-feb-04.jpg http://usarmy.vo.llnwd.net/e2/c/images/2011/11/24/227948/original.jpg http://usarmy.vo.llnwd.net/e2/c/images/2011/11/24/227950/original.jpg Apart from that, from looking at the screenshots it seems like you worked a bit too much on the normal maps, they seem to reflect the pattern as well, this shouldn't be the case. Mind that the normal map is used for surface forms, like seams in the fabric, buttons etc., but the pattern is just printed on the textile and thus should not be of concern for the normal map. Well, and you should give them M4 rifles, not SCARs or G36. Oh, and in case you plan to expand the addon to vehicles, they are using a pixelated pattern quite similar to their uniform, and interestingly as a kind of roundel they are using the outlines of their country: http://www.armyrecognition.com/customer/thierry/exibitions/2008_sofex_16.jpg http://www.armyrecognition.com/customer/thierry/exibitions/2008_sofex_15.jpg http://www.armyrecognition.com/customer/thierry/exibitions/2008_sofex_01.jpg http://img.bemil.chosun.com/nbrd/files/BEMIL085/upload/2007/09/Jordanian%20army%20Centurion%20tank.jpg http://img.bemil.chosun.com/nbrd/files/BEMIL085/upload/2007/09/Jordanian%20army%20Khalid%20MBT_09.jpg but maybe that was only on a few vehicles for exibitions or parades, they also seem to use plain sand colored vehicles, so I suggest you further investigate that issue if the need arises.
  3. Brainbug

    Afghan National Army Mod

    The pattern size looks good so far, but the brightness is a bit off, as does happen to many (if not most) people doing textures. In photoshop, the textures always tend to look much darker than then will appear in game. So in the editor, you must make it purposely way too dark, so that it comes out properly in game. I suggest you look at a few photos that show ANA soldiers outside, so that you can adjust it in the same way to the game environment. For example, these photos show good how it is overall much darker than MC, and also has way higher contrast (i.e. the brown is very dark, but the green is quite light, and the sand tone of course, too): http://usarmy.vo.llnwd.net/e2/c/images/2012/06/07/250528/original.jpg http://usarmy.vo.llnwd.net/e2/c/images/2012/09/04/262650/original.jpg And there are quite often or more often ANA soldiers in tan boots than in black boots, so maybe you should shift it completely, or maybe you put some soldiers in tan and some in black boots. http://media.dma.mil/2014/Mar/17/2000786585/-1/-1/0/140312-M-MF313-038.JPG (again also a good reference against MC and desert marpat) http://blogs.blouinnews.com/blouinbeatworld/files/2013/01/afghan-troops-afghanistan-asia-pacific-world.jpeg Another point of critisism, albeit just a minor issue, are the flaps and pouches, the pattern should not run over it continuously, after all those are different pieces of fabric that are sewn together. Relatively easy to fix, you just need to cut out the pocket and another pieces from a slightly different piece of the original pattern layer. The helmet needs to be changed, too, they usually use a plain olive helmet (that can have a bit of dust added to it) https://ukforcesafghanistan.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/jmoc-cct-2010-009-282.jpg You could also differentiate certain units with coyote instead of woodland vests. And because they don't seem to put any pouches and other stuff on the vests, you can't use any of the default vests from A3. The woodland tactical vest you used in the photo is the only viable way, but if you need something with armor, you need to look elsewhere. I'd kindly ask the maker of the CSAT modification project whether you can use his Azad vest that he custom-made for his Iranians. Looks pretty similar to the ones the Afghans wear on a bunch of photos, at least closer than the ones provided by vanilla A3.
  4. Brainbug

    [SP/MP] Putin's Dream

    when reading the tile, I first thought this mission was about riding on a bear, naked, wielding a railgun...
  5. Brainbug

    [SP] Operation Ghoul

    Cool mission, especially because it allows to play covert and finally uses uniforms as disguise (something I wait for since A3 introduced wearable uniforms). I noticed two small issues, not really bugs, but maybe improveable nevertheless: - It is possible to snatch the documents from outside of the building, actually even from outside the wall, on the road. This should not be possible of course, the pick up range is obviously just too large. Maybe it already helps to just turn the object so the interaction "sphere" is completely inside the house. Or you have to block some area outside. - And I wonder if you could add a way to disable the alarm, maybe by several steps of sabotage (e.g. use a fuse box on the corner of the building, which is however guarded by a soldier who is not killable due to the other soldiers around, so he needs to be lured away somehow)
  6. Brainbug

    EricJ Release thread

    I think you could improve the JAWS skin if you desaturate it by quite a bit. In reality there were variances between the planes, but none was so bright/saturated. The yellow should rather be a sand tone, not like a lemon. And it would receive more camo value in game if you shift the color a small bit into the red (which does NOT stray off the real example). http://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/a-10/images/jaws_258_01.jpg http://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/a-10/images/jaws_260_02.jpg
  7. Brainbug


    I think you can reduce the addon size by a great deal (probably way below 100 MB) if you don't put in all texture files (normal map, sdmi map, rvmats), which you did not change in any way, but only the color maps that you painted differently. The config has to be changed though. Now you have e.g. class PersianHead_A3_01_BWTarn : Default { author = "$STR_3Jgkp_Author"; displayname = "$STR_A3_TakistaniMen_LastNames11_jgkp_bwtarn"; texture = "\jgkp_camofaces\Heads\bwtarn\PHA301\m_persian_01_co.paa"; head = "PersianHead_A3"; identityTypes[] = {"Head_TK"}; material = "\jgkp_camofaces\Heads\bwtarn\PHA301\m_persian_01.rvmat"; materialWounded1 = "jgkp_camofaces\Heads\bwtarn\PHA301\m_persian_01_injury.rvmat"; materialWounded2 = "jgkp_camofaces\Heads\bwtarn\PHA301\m_persian_01_injury.rvmat"; }; instead you should inherit from each un-camoed default face and only change the color map (and author and displayname of course), so upper example should become class PersianHead_A3_01; // external class reference, you need to list all default face classes here. class PersianHead_A3_01_BWTarn : PersianHead_A3_01 { author = "$STR_3Jgkp_Author"; displayname = "$STR_A3_TakistaniMen_LastNames11_jgkp_bwtarn"; texture = "\jgkp_camofaces\Heads\bwtarn\PHA301\m_persian_01_co.paa"; }; and then you can delete all data files except for the *_co.paa ones. In general, if one copies anything in an addon that is already exactly the same in game (be it files or config lines), then you did something wrong/unnecessary. Only put in what is changed.
  8. Awesome! Does this mean I can finally uninstall A2OA for good (to free 50+ GB of my SSD)? All the old missions will work (including e.g. CRW2 stuff?)? Everything I played years ago, thinking "great mission, but the lighting at night looks shitty" will now look much much better? Is this the holy grail?
  9. a bit south of the "boats" marker, not far (less than 100 m).
  10. Brainbug

    [CP] FIREWORKS by Surfer

    Played this as SP. I must say, I rather prefer to set the equipment in the briefing, so it would be better to start with proper equipment and not fiddle with a crate at the start and loose time. I shot down the chopper with an AA Titan that I found on the patrol walking through the fields on the right flank, later I discovered that the officer died in the chopper crash. The officer objective never switched to "done" though. I've put the mines on the launcher crates and shot them (from the next hill) to blow them up, but I couldn't avoid the hospital to turn into rubble (maybe it was already "scratched" from the chopper crash?). Some voiceovers didn't make sense, I think the triggers are wrong. I had already destroyed the tanks and emptied the whole map when the line "need air strike" came. Seems to be triggered by walking through a certain area. Mabye you can make it trigger by spotting the tanks.
  11. Please look into the loadout settings again. It is very tedious if I have to sort the equipment when the mission has already started. Better would be to do that in the briefing screen, i.e. drop all the useless shit like laser designators, nvg, smokes, lights and whatnot, change weapons (in SP, maybe I want to use the mg or the battle rifle). In your first version that was possible, but now something is mixed up. I started as bravo team (why?), had to teamswitch to alpha asap, but on both teams the loadout wasn't like I had set it in the briefing. Obviously some script set it differently at mission start. And there was no mg available at briefing, unlike in last week's version. Another issue is that the guys on the rocks tend to sink in, in my playthrough today one of the parachute bombers was competely inside a rock and I couldn't shoot or bomb him out of there, the rock saved him. Luckily but for some unknown reason, after I had killed the last other guy on the island, this guy decided to blow himself up (thus ending the mission), and I wasn't even close. Better place them somewhere away from the rocks directly on the map surface. Also I haven't really found out what to do with the ship, I saw it traveling by, with some guys on it, but do I have to shoot them, blast the ship completely away or what is it good for? In the earlier version, I didn' see it at all. Sorry I've only looked at it from a SP perspective, not MP as you wished for. But concerning balance, I'm afraid for ten players this is not so much of a challenge, I did this alone and found it quite easy, as the opponents are relatively weak. Maybe make this a coop for 4 players at most (2x alpha, 2x bravo), that is already enough. Or put more resistance in it (more opponents or harder ones, statics etc.).
  12. Brainbug

    ArmA 2 Stryker Pack

    I'm wondering if it would be possible to have an additional set of lights on a vehicle: the usual headlights switched on/off by the driver, and independent from that a searchlight that is attached to the commander turret, i.e. can turn around (even greater if up and down, too), and is switched by the commander. Preferrably something with a more narrow light cone but farther range.
  13. Then put a remote operated mg on it. Something with 7.62 (or the weird 6.5) and thus less anti-armor capability and less range but in turn much more ammo would be interesting as alternative to the usual .50 with relatively low ammo for extended firefights.
  14. Brainbug

    [Campaign] Operation Aegean Spear

    don't forget to update the Armaholic file, that goes still only until mission 20.