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    Hey, wondering where I can find the CRCTI missions? More specifically, the ones that started you off on one side of the island (e.g Everon South - where West and East would both start off on the south end and only fight for a few towns as opposed to the whole island. Remember these being a ton of fun).
  2. Oh wow, thanks Rydygier! I was aware of the command but totally misused it in practice.
  3. Hey, Is there anyway to disable the AI from issuing combat ineffective commands? I am trying to make a push map with respawning AI. The problem I run into though, is that the AI only re spawn when the whole group is dead - HETMAN will often times send groups with one member back behind the lines. Is there anyway I can make HETMAN send these 1 man units into combat as normal teams/disable such rest commands?
  4. Hey, So working on a rally script. Problem is, the script fails to detect the object being created, and thus wont recognize that the rally is down, allowing the player to continuously make rally's. _play = _this select 0; _name = _this select 1; _markname = _this select 2; if ({alive _x } count [_name] > 1) then { hint "Rally already placed!"; } else { disableUserInput true; sleep 5; _name = "LIB_AmmoCrates_NoInteractive_Large" createVehicle position _play; disableUserInput false; _markname = createMarker ["_markname", position _name]; _markname setMarkerShape "ICON"; _markname setMarkerType "hd_dot"; _markname setMarkerText format ["%1 Rally", _play]; _name = _name addAction ["Destroy Rally", "Destroy.sqf", _name]; publicvariable "_name"; };
  5. Thank you, EDIT : Nevermind - figured out my last question - didn't realize that (_this select) was referring to the sequence and should remain 3 (in the destroy.sqf).
  6. Last thing, So trying to add a "scanner" which detects enemies within a radius, preventing you from placing the Rally - this is not working. Suggestions? _play = _this select 0; _name = _this select 1; _markname = _this select 2; _Toclose = 0; Close = _play getVariable ["Close",objNull]; ObjVar = _play getVariable ["ObjVar",objNull]; _rallyExists = !isNull ObjVar; _distanceExists = !isNull Close; _distance = {if ((side _x == west) && (_x distance _play <= 700)) then { _play getVariable ["Close",_Toclose];} else { _play getVariable ["Close",objNull];}} foreach allunits; if (_distanceExists) then { hint "Enemy too close! Must not be within 700 meters of an enemy soldier"; } else { if (_rallyExists) then { hint "Rally already placed!"; } else { disableUserInput true; sleep 5; _name = "LIB_AmmoCrates_NoInteractive_Large" createVehicle position _play; disableUserInput false; _play setVariable ["ObjVar", _name]; _markname = createMarker ["_markname", position _name]; _markname setMarkerShape "ICON"; _markname setMarkerType "hd_dot"; _markname setMarkerText format ["%1 Rally", _play]; [_name, ["Destroy Rally Point", "Destroy.sqf", [_play, _name, _markname]]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, true]; publicvariable "_name"; } };
  7. Okay that works - problem is, is that everything works but destroying the physical crate - presumably because the crate doesn't have a "name"?
  8. So cool, that works! I edited it a bit so I dont need to deal with making the marker names strings _play = _this select 0; _name = _this select 1; _markname = _this select 2; ObjVar = _play getVariable ["ObjVar",objNull]; _rallyExists = !isNull ObjVar; if (_rallyExists) then { hint "Rally already placed!"; } else { disableUserInput true; sleep 5; _name = "LIB_AmmoCrates_NoInteractive_Large" createVehicle position _play; disableUserInput false; _play setVariable ["ObjVar", _name]; _markname = createMarker ["_markname", position _name]; _markname setMarkerShape "ICON"; _markname setMarkerType "hd_dot"; _markname setMarkerText format ["%1 Rally", _play]; [_name, ["Destroy Rally Point", "Destroy.sqf", [_play, _name, _markname]]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, true]; publicvariable "_name"; }; However, on to the Destroy script - for some reason everything in the script works (or I should say, the marker delete works) but destroying the object - it instead sets the players damage to 1. _play = _this select 0; _name = _this select 1; _markname = _this select 2; _name setdamage 1; _play setVariable ["ObjVar", objNull]; deletemarker "_markname";
  9. [squad1, ["Build Rally Point", "RallyPoint.sqf", [squad1, rally1, west_rally_mark]]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, true]; _name builds the physical rally, _markname puts a marker on the rally which will be used as a teleport, and _play gives the name of the player which lets the script know where to place the rally. So far, everything works up until the script not allowing me to build multiple (have not got to test the destroy addaction though).
  10. Hey, So currently I am trying to make a script which counts the amount of non-player units in a vehicle, and ejects them. if (isserver) then { _veh = _this select 0; _unit = {!isplayer _x} forEach crew _veh; sleep (random 3); {_x addBackpack "B_parachute";} forEach (units _unit); { {unassignVehicle _x} forEach crew _veh; (_x) action ["EJECT", vehicle _veh]; sleep 1; (_x) action ["openParachute", vehicle _veh]; } forEach (units _unit); }; This is what I got now - the issue is I can get the script to work without the _unit part (meaning, all units in the vehicle will disembark), however, as soon as I add that _unit part and try to keep it only AI who eject, I get a whole host of issues.
  11. Couldn't you theoretically at least make it accessible for the AI via script commands? Cant imagine the AI bugging out too hard if you simply fired the stand up command on a c47.
  12. Hey, it appears manually firing the attach commands (e.g statement = "[this] spawn LIB_G_TowAttach;";) as well as the standup, staticjump, etc commands do not work for AI. Any reason as to why?
  13. Hey, So I got an issue - this little script works fine in SP but not MP (dedicated). I'm aware there are some locality conflicts, but every attempt to clean it up ends in failure. I was under the assumption that the hint should still fire for the client who activates the addaction, as it would be local to his computer? Essentially, the script is a simple conversation action which should alert the player of the condition which is set in the script. So on a few AI I have this : this addAction ["Ask about the downed slick","HUEY.sqf"]; and in the HUEY.sqf I have this : if (triggeractivated NE_1) then { "Last I heard, that slick went down in the North-east corridor of the zone" remoteExec ["hint",[0,-2] select isDedicated,true]}; if (triggeractivated NW_1) then { "Last I heard, that slick went down in the North-west corridor of the zone" remoteExec ["hint",[0,-2] select isDedicated,true]}; if (triggeractivated SW_1) then { "Last I heard, that slick went down in the South-west corridor of the zone" remoteExec ["hint",[0,-2] select isDedicated,true]}; if (triggeractivated SE_1) then { "Last I heard, that slick went down in the South-east corridor of the zone" remoteExec ["hint",[0,-2] select isDedicated,true]}; if (triggeractivated Dead_1) then { "Last I heard, that slick's already been taken care off" remoteExec ["hint",[0,-2] select isDedicated,true]}; and despite using the remoteExec, the hint's still wont fire for the client on a dedicated. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. _this execVM "HUEY.sqf"; <-- Where exactly would I put this? Put it in the direction (NW_1, NE_1, etc) triggers to no avail (as in, the script worked in the editor but nothing on the dedi), and couldn't place it in the addaction from what I've tried.
  15. Question for the dev's - is there anyway to get the ALIVE AI Commander to be more reckless on the attack? Currently making a little Normandy breakout mission on IFA3, and due to the size of the map I must keep AI counts low. Ideally - I would like there to be around 250 Allies V 200 Axis. The problem is, the Allies refuse to attack unless they outnumber the Axis 2:1 - and even then they still leave over half of their forces idle on the beaches. In order to remedy this, I must bump allied numbers up to over double the axis numbers, leading to a collapse in frames. Anyway around this? As a side question - anyway to make the occupation commander stay within the bounds of his zone? Also having the issues of Axis forces finding there way onto the beaches despite spawning well inland.
  16. Same lag issues as everyone is talking about on the Kunduz map using all the required addons. The Atlis version is fine. Menu's lag to the point of being unplayable and certain functions such as group halo jump do not work.
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    Oh awesome - exactly what I'm looking for. What does XROFP add?
  18. http://s8.postimg.org/44qcvf0ud/download.jpg (229 kB) So its been maybe 3-4 years too late... But I made a mission awhile back that I thought was a blast and have finally gotten around to sharing it. So the mission is essentially the Tarawa invasion mission from the original content pack for the mod, but now on Peleliu. I tried to make it accessible to players with fewer numbers by adding the ability to recruit AI (at the flagpole on the starting ship). I also have added a nice day/night system , a AI counter attack system, and zone control system. The mission has been optimized for solid performance on all PC's and has been tested at 39 players (awhile back - 39 players is the max player count). MISSION REQUIREMENTS - HELL IN THE PACIFIC - ACRE (Yes I know its outdated. If anyone wants to open this mission up and replace it, be my guest). DOWNLOAD http://www.filedropper.com/defenses20for20peli2dcondensedpedpeleliu P.S : I would love to get a group of guys together and place this. Let's set something up EDIT : 9.7.15 - fixed link
  19. For us SP players, any chance we could get a update in the future allowing us too see where the friendly OPCOM AI are thinking about attacking/defending/etc. I feel a lot of the time I spend playing SP is teleporting around the map looking for a fight :O simply due to the fact - I don't know where my AI are going/planning movement.
  20. Tour of Duty : Lowlands ---Pictures needed! Submit some from your play sessions to help fill the ackward gap! :) --- MODS NEEDED 1)UNSUNG 2.6 2)CBA OPTIONAL : ACRE OVERVIEW An open world type COOP Mission for UNSUNG that encourages realistic era based tactics where the players have to coordinate together and patrol two separate zones looking for both a rouge South Vietnamese soldier and a VC civilian. The players will have many assets available to them for completing these tasks, such as Helicopters, Jets, Artillery, FOB's, and more. Some people at this point will be asking how any of this promotes "Vietnam era" style gameplay? Well, using UPSMON and a few other AI based scripts I have created a mission that spawns enemies at random in a 2500 by 2500 zone. In order to eliminate all of the targets, coordination and patrolling are a MUST. Some missions you'll walk through the jungle without a hint of combat, other times you will be getting overran left and right. This leads to an immersive and very enjoyable experience. FEATURES *Commander spawned FOB's *Loadout saving *Dynamic engagements that change as you play *AI Recruitment *Enjoyable gameplay even with low player counts (Most playthroughs were ran with as little as 6 people) *UNS Firesupport + Heli extraction *Vietnam Style Music (Think Battlefield Vietnam) // Only available on the missions with Music enabled *Time Acceleration (Day + Night) *A few more that I am blanking on at the moment NOTES *SAVE YOUR LOADOUT EVERY RESPAWN!! If you do not, your next spawn will be without the gear you spent so long setting up. *Sometimes you will spawn without a weapon. This is because you did not spawn with your loadout and due to a bug within the mod, UNSUNG characters do not spawn with there class and rather an M4 + NVG - a script will remove these, leaving you with just a grenade :) . *It is recommended that a player takes the "Platoon Commander" slot at the start of the mission to spawn in a FOB (accessible by the radio menu). FOB's are placed in the zones and can be used as mobile spawn/resupply/recruitment points. Be sure to keep them safe! *I am a pretty infant scripter. There is a GREAT possibility that some of my scripts will not work as planned. If you notice anything odd, please report by PM'ing or replying to the thread. *This mission has only been tested with player counts of up too 10 (using AI recruitment of course). I can not guarantee that this mission will be stable over 15 slots (especially if friendly AI is in use), so please report back if anything goes wrong with larger player counts! *More versions on seperate maps are planned! S.E.A will most likely be coming within the next few days/weeks. KNOWN ISSUES *Music can be finicky. Not much I can do about that *Sometimes while the mission is initializing the AI, an objective will be completed (due to one of the objectives presumably dieing). If this is the case, you can either take it as it is, or reset. From our tests, taking it as it is does NOT take away that much time from the already long mission :) *The ending trigger can be finicky. If all of the TASKS are complete, the mission is over Version History 1.30 Initial Release 1.40 DOWNLOAD NOMUSIC EDITION 1.40 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26589 MUSIC EDITION 1.40 https://www.sendspace.com/file/ldn5st (NOTE - The music edition is so massive due to the tracks. if your having organized play with friends/clan mates I recommend this version due too the extra immersion that music adds. If that isn't important too you or your hosting public play, I recommend going with the no music edition.) CREDITS GEQQU - For helping me create a music script and giving me some pointers on general scripting BON - His "recruit units" script and "vehicledrivercheck" script CELERY - His cly_removedead script UNSUNG TEAM - There mod and modules... Plus a few scripts from the evo mission WOLFFY - His "crB_teleport" script ENGIMA - His "DynamicWeatherEffects" script GENERALCARVER - His "Settings" script MONSADA - His "UPSMON" script Changelog *Redid whole framework to make mission more Serverside based and more JIP + MP Friendly (hence the week long delay of the update) *Tweaked Daynight Cycle - now 30 min Day 30 min Night *Fixed many bugs including JIP oriented bugs and FOB spawning issues *Tweaked number of enemies, added respawn for some enemy AI *Added AI Artillery *Added Demonized "AISoldierFlare 1.3" Script *Added MHQ in the form of an APC that respawns *Added parameters to the mission so instead of three separate versions, only one now *Removed napalm dropping Planes + Helicopters. Caused ArmA 2 fire bug when JIP *Added the ability to recruit AI outside of the FOB via APC (recruiting inside the fob leads to them not being able to leave - so only use recruiting at the inside flagpole for defending!) *Fixed Outposts wrongly displaying when they have and haven't been overran *Fixed "Settings" action - now works properly _____ DEMONIZED - His "AI Shoot Flares" script