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  1. Plugin for Mumble (2009) ofp.dll ver0.8 - https://bitbucket.org/repeat83/mumble_ofp/downloads/ sources - https://bitbucket.org/repeat83/mumble_ofp/src/master/
  2. Requirements: All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) :( Are maybe without dependencies or two version (with and without)?
  3. How get moment when popup action "seat as driver/gunner/passenger"? At now i get like that: _veh = cursorTarget; _getinradius = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _veh >> "getinRadius"); if ((vehicle player == player) and (_veh emptyPositions "cargo" > 0) and (_veh modelToWorld (_veh selectionPosition "pos cargo") distance player < _getinradius)) then { but it's not work some models p.s. Sorry for bad English
  4. Me helped Run {GameDIR}\Expansion\BattlEye\UnInstallBE.exe Delete all files from this directory Delete all files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye\ Restart computer Install {GameDIR}\BEsetup\Setup_BattlEyeARMA2OA.exe Download http://www.battleye.com/downloads/arma2oa/BEService.exe and http://www.battleye.com/downloads/arma2oa/BEService_x64.exe copy this files to {GameDIR}/Expansion/BattlEye/ Run BEService.exe or BEService_64.exe depending on your version of Windows Run game. BattlEye trying update. It may get error. No matter. To connect and play. If hangs "Waiting for host", close the game and start again BEService.exe or BEService_64.exe depending on your version of Windows. To connect and play.
  5. i can't see server otstrel.ru #4+ In multyplayer menu filter works good fullname server: otstrel.ru #4+ ACE
  6. repeat

    Weapons Switch

    I extracted and recoded the ace_sys_weaponselect.pbo module. Would not fully recoded. Required: CBA (sorry i don't know how attach file here) - p.s. Sorry, I did not ask for permission, therefore I've removed the download for now, until sorted
  7. repeat

    Weapons Switch

    +100500 can someone make standalone addon like weaponSelect
  8. it's really problem. few day ago i fired missile near AI (1.5-3m) but he alive and can standing/move/run
  9. Hello. I try search how use manual host for download server's mods but not found. As it does six updater - sixupdater://six.tacticalgamer.com/bravo/tgbravo.yml (parse him get some info) as far as understand it load six.tacticalgamer.com/bravo/config.yml after parse his was found mods @TGMaps load six.tacticalgamer.com/bravo/@TGMaps/.repository.yml then load to addons folder every file from .repository.yml (example: six.tacticalgamer.com/bravo/@TGMaps/addons/mbg_killhouses.pbo.gz)
  10. Thanks again your app helps us.
  11. and you can run anytime any version (D:\Games\ArmA 2\@SGTu_beta\arma2oa.exe -beta=@SGTu_beta;@SGTu_beta\Expansion)
  12. [?] http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?103871-CBA-Community-Base-Addons-for-A2-OA-and-CO&p=2135662&viewfull=1#post2135662
  13. I mean servers list. If i correctly understand the ArmA 2 showing up each server when get info about it (in multiplayer menu). In Armarize you collecting all info about all servers and then show this. request: auto login