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  1. From dev version 07-01-2015 EXE rev. 133832 (game) EXE rev. 133831 (launcher) Added: Amphibious engine simulation for vehicles using tankx simulation (http://feedback.arma...ew.php?id=19911)How to test? None of the vanilla tracked veichles seems to be amphibious. I've tried the CUP and the RHS ones but on entering the water they just turn in circles (RHS BMDs, Sprut) or freeze half submerged(CUP BMPs).
  2. All in all great additions! Some bugs -The Mora IFV ammo casing eject point does not rotate with the turret. The mirrors also do not work. -The Kuma MBT has no "destoyed" texture or model and the player can walk through the model once destryed -The T-100 has got a new coax MG! but when firing the smoke come out from the commanger MG
  3. -Rear view mirrors for Marshall the mirrors do not work for me.. they appear with black texture. Can anyone confirm? -The Gorgon commander head clips out his hatch all the time! He can be shot dead.. -Sparks of Sabot hit should glow even at night now Great!! :)
  4. -Gorgon driver is clipping out his hatch all the time.. -The new Gorgon mirrors are nice but useless.. they should be turned to look more on the side of the vehicle.. as they are now you can't see the road behind.. -The new runway lights are nice but the red ones are still misplaced on their model..
  5. What did change? The sparks particles are still not bright at night..
  6. As stated you can go over the clouds, but it is not like in a standard flight simulator.. the effect is stange.. the clouds form a sort of cilinder around your plane and as you go highter you start seeing patches of blue sky looking above. The CAS jet needs a bit of time to get there as it's engine is pretty weak.. To me the "overcast" effect needs a lot of work but I think it's low priority given the fact that you cant see neither the island nor the sea from that hight even in clear sky ---------- Post added at 02:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:51 PM ---------- Is this still being implemented? From my test I went as hight as 3200m but the rain never stopped. I could see patches of blue sky above me.
  7. No it's not worse than before!! Now it has proper collision so it does not rain indoor anymore and is affected by wind and some(just for now I think) lights.. The rain texture can be better yes, but it is still wip.. I do not think the project cars rain can be implemented: that is a racing game with limited enviroments related mostly to tracks.. it can afford more sophisticated effects because of that. For a more correct example you should look at the rain in skyrim: better texture yes but it still passes thru objects.. not much better
  8. The new rain is a great step forward but I think it needs a little more work: -Add some sort of splash effect when rain hits the ground, water or objects.. -the rain streak orientation is not influenced by the speed of the player.. ie the rain looks always vertical even flying thru it in a jet -I dont seem to be able to fly over the rain... even at 3200m is still raining.. -It should interact with veichles windshield in some ways to have an effect on gamepaly (maybe make the wipers working..) -It should be rendered in PIP displays -Check that every light source correctly apply to the rain.. -maybe add random rain pools texture decals to the ground after sometime that is raining.. -Explosion dust should be reduced when raining.. New tank muzzle blast ok but check the round tracer effect and the impact effects too: APFSDS round hitting water still kicks up dust and when hitting metal the sparks are still not visible at night. The tracer effect is from an mg, it should be bigger and yellowish, more round looking.
  9. I see the fume extractor working.. good but still need some work: -muzzle blast look ugly and low res compared to other smaller guns. -APDSFS round hitting water throws up dirt and rocks instead of water.. also the effect is smaller than the one of he coax mg.. look: -APDSFS rounds hit effect sparks still invisible at night..
  10. In the latest DEV or in the next one? If the latest I can't confirm: The crew can still be seen from the turret back and side.. but I cannot kill them now.
  11. pipin78

    Mods and ARMA 3 on the same level as FSX?

    VBS is not targeted at gamers but at the military. To me they should continue with the traditional model: payware big expansion like OA with a lot of content. The released DLCs from BIS where not that good: BAF was ok, PMC and especially ACR where mediocre..
  12. pipin78

    Mods and ARMA 3 on the same level as FSX?

    He's right the engine is not ready for this type of business model. A model that I don't like anyway.. the community will implode when payware addons start appearing.. this is a mostly multiplayer game, not single player as fsx.
  13. pipin78

    Tank destruction effects: some suggestions.

    I'm hoping BI would fix the ones we already have adding missing weapons and loadouts.. creating new damage/destruction effects and correcting the bugs in models and physics. Even if the types of tank BI choose to include to me make no sense for the given factions, they can become much better.. I know you are working on a great effects mod but I would like some improvements in vanilla too for the servers that don't allow mods..
  14. When you're fighting insurgents maybe.. In 2035 apparently we will be fighting iranians in the mediterranean.. not quite the same. But this is not my point.. It's silly to have such big spaces like the central plains only to engage at rifle ranges..
  15. Yeah but infantry focus on a 270 square Km map it's a bit silly..