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  1. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I honestly think that suppression should be recalibrated, with the current maximum level of aiming inaccuracy to the bottom end, and when you hit 100% suppression no matter the skill should be such a huge penalty to accuracy and aim speed that a target beyond 25m is basically never hit. If necessary, make it so its harder to get the AI to 100% suppression if needed, but, an increase in the effect of suppression is needed.
  2. That is another thing, is there any chance for off bore missile locks?
  3. CUP Aircraft AWS Enhancement

    Any chance of changing some of the aircraft (such as the F35) so they can load AAMs on the internal/inboard pylons. An example would be allowing the F35 to take AMRAAMs on its internal pylons.
  4. Would it be possible to get a version you can configure, so set what distance rounds need to be in to suppress, a maximum level of suppression, speed suppression is lost and how much each round suppresses you and the like?
  5. Tanks - Fire-control system

    Oh no! Tanks are getting equipment they have in reality! Whatever shall we do? TI in Arma is unrealistically terrible, but other than that, the vehicles (as long as you use 1st person only) represent the confusion and level of awareness of being inside an AFV surprisingly well. In that you can't see anything, and realistically have to stick your head out to get real bearings. Question, how do you want to make a laser aiming system skill based exactly?
  6. Random question, is it possible to disable the autobalance effects on TI. They make TI almost uselss currently, as some hot item coming into your FOV while scanning further away changes the balance such that you can now no longer see past the hot item in the foreground, and while you can adjust the gain manually IRL with TI sights, you can't in game.
  7. Also, having the roads on can help navigation in helicopters and often even planes, so having the roads on all the time could be quite useful.
  8. Would it be possible to add some sort of indicator to guided bombs, something like a CCIP but an area, so you know roughly when it's going to start locking on and it's easier to bring into its performance envelope. So have the CCIP until you select a laser target, then it goes into an area mode to let you know where to put your plane.
  9. Targeting improvements

    Is there any chance of the Gunship Blackfish getting CCIPs for the gunners, because as is, you have to fly frustrating low and slow for the gunners to have any chance of hitting anything.
  10. Combat Patrol

    That's what I'm asking, for the parameters in the lobby to be more than "Standard" and "Reinforced". Just a few extra options to allow for extra difficulty options.
  11. Combat Patrol

    Could do with some more fidelity in terms of enemy numbers. I imagine that with vanilla AI, the enemy numbers are fine, but if you have something like ASR_AI or Vcom running, the number of AI suddenly seems insane when they all come to fight you. So yeah, a few different options on enemy numbers could be good.
  12. Having a problem: Making a mission, trying to test it on dedi, and it's throwing this "19:42:35 You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. ace_tacticalladder" despite the fact that ACE is loaded and the mission doesn't actually use that.... Checked the .rpt, the addons are loaded on the server, and on the client. Any ideas what's up?
  13. Jet DLC?

    I'd love a system similar to Mando Missile from ArmA 2. That group of scripts was the bomb.
  14. Has anyone else had the problem f the interaction menu breaking after using it once. Either not coming back up after the first time or the cursor not disappearing depending on ACE settings.