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  1. Can you please add the right tooltips to the icons in editor streamlined layout mode? Its been like this since alpha, never fixed. Ideally, the icons should have small text bellow.
  2. afp

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    The groups don't always share critical information, I'm not sure how it works though, some time ago I tried to make a script to get past this issue, check my signature for the awareness script. However, such mechanism should be in AI engine, groups close to an event should share the information somehow.
  3. afp

    People not dying

    It may be because of "extended armor" option, it was just perfect 2 months ago, enemies taking maximum 3-4 shots before getting killed then they changed it... I imagine in the future it will be the same balance between armors and penetration, if the armor evolves so the bullets.... the fairest thing to assume. Default settings right now makes the enemies some kind of iron robots...
  4. afp

    The sound thread

    I haven't checked lately but last time I did there were flaws in the basics of the sound system. Like volume and hearing distance not working correctly for config sounds. If the basics are buggy you cannot expect a good sound balance. I might be wrong too but reading the comments I suspect bugs are still there. Also lot of sounds need manual amplification tuning, for example some footsteps have internal amplification of 0.9 some other 0.1, setting the same config volume for them will lead to a high difference in output.
  5. afp

    Blur effects in Arma 3

    Blur should be an option, like in all other games. Both in menu background and in wounded effects. Is just annoying as hell...
  6. afp

    The sound thread

    I've never heard in real gunfire shooting in my direction but I'm pretty sure that cracks are highly exaggerated while you don't hear the gunshot sound almost at all. However, I have been in a city during extensive firefights and the distant sounds where less like cracks and more like "boom"s, pretty much like here: This is not how it is in ArmA right now... I suppose there are enough people here that can help adjust the balance of cracks and gunfire sounds to make it more real.
  7. afp

    The sound thread

    I think the ArmA 1 could be have been a much higher success if it had good sounds. ArmA 2 had better sounds still not at the mods level. Now it seems that the individual sounds are much better but the balance and overall usage still full of flaws.
  8. afp

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Regular difficulty, one single enemy AI, skill 0.5, having one "HOLD" waypoint, open fire engage at will, full speed. (this setUnitPos "DOWN" in init field, but this is not necessary, you can shoot so he prone). Approaching from behind, I'm still able to move around him, without being shot. Conclusion: need to increase the rotation speed for AI prone stance or make him aim faster with upper part of the body, or something else.
  9. afp

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I think you shouldn't make the tolerances too large, like skill 0 - completely dumb, skill 1 = super human. This will lead to more difficult tunings.
  10. afp

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Just tested the new turn speed a bit, things are obviously pushed forward in the right direction. After accuracy, the turn speed is the second main important factor in defining the AI strength. The way it is now it is natural, probably the real life speed. However I think its a bit too fast (for standing) and make them a bit too overpowered. They turn and open fire precisely a bit too fast.. maybe some aiming time should be added after turning or slower the turn speed a bit. (regular, skill 0.5)
  11. afp

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    60fps distance to enemy 15m enemies standing enemies skill: 0.5 regular There is a new "turning" way, like fast small steps. This speed is slightly faster then the original very slow speed but still very slow. I think this speed should only depend by skill and stance and nothing else.
  12. afp

    The sound thread

    Where is that? I always liked ACE sounds, they were always pretty neat and realistic without too much "hollywoodish" reverb. As for JSRS, the "indoor" sound for hand weapons should be added in the game engine, so everybody can create an "indoor" version without scripting overhead.
  13. afp

    Fatigue effects

    The way it is now is too harsh and annoying. Fatigue should be very "light" with standard gear, it should appear only when the character is heavy loaded. Most likely everybody will end up disabling it in most missions just like it was in the first versions added to ACE.
  14. afp

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I wonder how you got that, I've tested a couple of days ago on regular/skill 0.5 and the turn speed was still slow like hell.