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  1. Wow these screens looks fantastic! The Uniforms and grenade look great and those material tests are crazy. Can't wait to see more in the next update. :D Quick question about the M15 WP grenade. Do you plan to model the Anti personnel/Incendiary effect of the grenade as well as wide smoke burst?
  2. Very nice, will update now. Any chance of the AAS Tank (KUMA?) being added? Always thought the Slammer was a bit of a light tank compared with a MBT. The Kuma reminds me a little of the Chally or at least a next gen MBT? Keep up the great work.
  3. Cool, Cheers for the update Gunny. Wondered why some guys were getting it working and i couldn't. Look forward to the fix in the future.
  4. Still no luck on that, I had Laser designator so must just be me. Maybe i've got a mod running which is screwing with it. I'll try it sometime just on it's own. Weird. Still nice launch.
  5. Hey guys, Congrats on the release. Quick question, I've tried the App key and also mapped the custom 20 key to another combination ( CNTRL + Z) and neither brings the Tablet up? Any idea's
  6. Enigma85

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    God all of THIS. Also would love to see a LSW as well.
  7. Enigma85

    Middle East Irregulars

    Nice release mate, Will look into getting these used with our unit. @Banky, I would expect it's the RPG 7
  8. Tracking this intently. 100% sure that my unit will use it.
  9. Enigma85

    Welcome back Ivan & Martin!

    Great news, Glad to see you guys back safe and well. Though still feel damn sorry for you that you had to spend the time away from your families and friends. Welcome home.
  10. Sounds Interesting, Are you going to be using maps already released to represent these theatre of conflict? Or make your own?
  11. Server runs latest full patch, No Beta's are running on the server. After 30-45 minutes, The server Crashes (Red chain/No message received)
  12. Great work Devildog, looks fantastic. Any news on if the IED's will be able to be disarmed/safely detonated for a full EOD sim? I'm sure i know a whole bunch of guys who would love to use these is missions. Keep up the great work.
  13. How this wasn't tagged as digging up an old post i'll never know S: But must admit i didn't see this when it was posted. quite interesting (as idea's go)
  14. Enigma85

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    I Think they have mentioned That they would have a campaign Wiki. *EDIT* found this post http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=2007727&highlight=campaign#post2007727 seems that you will atleast have some missions, Sure pederson will step in and sort something out And T_roc, The community knows your past transgressions. And no matter how you want to avoid it your past has came back to haunt you. Now as I've mentioned i will no longer reply to you here. I'm not going to allow you to sully another mod teams thread with your crap. You've PM'd me taunting me, like your previous infractions were a game. And not one that i wish to partake in. I apologise again to the HitP Crew, If this continues i would encourage some kind of administration actions.
  15. Enigma85

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    True enough. Patience is something that many members have a problem with in the community. Not wanting to wait for a addon release? Not wanting to give credit for others work? Not wanting to create there own textures? I don't know why we bother sometimes? It all seems like a futile effort. Any other quips about other teams i would suggest you keep it in PM, And not in the thread of a mod team who work from scratch. Anyway back to something a lot more important. Sorry about that HitP team, Back to Ontopic and what matters. You guys are doing a great job. The more media I see of you work the more interested i Am. Keep it up. From all the positive reviews (previews? dunno) I look forward to playing it went released. All the best, Enigma
  16. ??????????????????????????????? Is there something wrong or am i missing something :O lol
  17. Well we would be a little bit annoyed if someone did start using out name without being a part of the team ;) But luckily Jim falls into that category so it's all good :D
  18. Very nice, Loving the Zis 6
  19. Look forward to seeing your work. How many are in your team? Jimmy1975. Mr? ?jr Mc.? :D
  20. Enigma85

    Real Freeware Models

    Nice Idea, I think a few people have been caught out by people claiming work as there own and in the end it turns out it's freeware or worse taken from a game and under copyright. Props for this. *thumbs up*
  21. We are all still alive and Well, And work continues behind the scenes. We are currently working to build up our Armory back to a good size in the light of recent events. But everything is still ticking over.
  22. Enigma85

    Warhammer 40K

    Short answer, No. Long answer, Nope. And others has said. Search bar/Request thread
  23. Enigma85

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Never realised it was so big, Nice work. Would definitely not want to lug that around under fire.
  24. Enigma85

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Very nice, Is it me or is the scale off? Seems awfully big? If it is true to scale. I really feel for the crew of that hefty momma XD
  25. Do you mean a paratrooper jump script? So that they disembark from a transport? Yes, it's awesome in theory and in practice more so, angle of hit and much more (not going to spoil it) As for richochets for large calibre rounds,I'm not sure it's possible in arma engine.