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  1. weaponsfree

    Markers only visible to one Side

    @pierremgi That was exactly it. Thank you! So if anyone is curious : In your init.sqf : [] spawn { while { !isDedicated } do { waitUntil { sleep 1; alive player}; { _arr = _x splitString "_"; _pre = _arr select 0; if (_pre in ["WEST","EAST","GUER","CIV"]) then { if (format["%1",side player] == _pre) then { _x setMarkerAlphaLocal 1; } else { _x setMarkerAlphaLocal 0; }; }; } count allMapMarkers; }; }; And add the WEST, EAST, GUER, CIV, prefix to the markers you want to be visible only to that side. Thanks @Tajinmuch appreciated
  2. weaponsfree

    Markers only visible to one Side

    @Tajin Thanks for the tip. Trying it out. I get a "missing ;" error when trying it. Any idea where that could be coming from? My entire init.sqf looks like :
  3. weaponsfree

    Markers only visible to one Side

    Thanks for the quick reply Grumpy Old Man. This is for editor placed markers. I have 1 marker placed, "marker_rally1" that needs to be seen only by civilian side. A bunch of other ones need to remain visible by all sides. I think your line would delete all markers for non civilian units no? EDIT: So maybe something like this? if (side player != civilian) {deleteMarkerLocal marker_rally1}; EDIT 2 : Trying some setMarkerAlphaLocal stuff too : if (side player != civilian) {{"marker_rally1" setMarkerAlphaLocal 0;}}; To no effect (sorry for scripting nonsense, still quite green at it)
  4. So I'm losing my mind a little here. Been trying to get a marker to be visible only for civilian side. You'd think this would be an editor tick box kind of thing, but apparently it takes a degree in trigonometry (or intimate knowledge of Arma scripting which I don't have). The three main solutions I've been playing around with are init.sqf scripts from these threads : Haven't been able to make it work. Any help in finding the simplest possible solution would be much appreciated
  5. weaponsfree

    The Voodoo Missions

    The Voodoo Missions I'm starting to have a lot of missions spread across 3 campaigns, so in the interest of keeping them a little more centralized I'm creating a single page to store them and update with info. Voodoo Team is a band of ex-NATO Special Forces troopers. They started out as a regular front line unit during Operation Dardanelles in the Aegean Sea. After having seen what private mercenary groups like Ion Corp can do when left unchecked, they left NATO forces to create a Merc-Hunting team. Financed through unofficial and unaligned nations seeking a way to curb the rise in influence of non-state corporations such as Ion. Led by their Intel Officer know only as Highres, their first real test against Ion Corp was Operation Venture on the Tanoan Islands. They led a successful guerilla campaign against a large Ion Venture on the Island. The success of that operation brought in new recruits and new equipment. They are increasing the scope of their activities in the latest Operation Free Malden, where they are deploying heavy weaponry and air power for the first time. Campaigns (Ordered by most recent) All missions are Single Player or COOP Operation Free Malden Mission 1 : Hammer In order to Free Malden, we have to offload our new Infantry Fighting Vehicle. It's currently strapped to the deck of our trawler, which allows it to fire on targets on land. But to get it rolling, we need to capture a deep water port. La Riviere has one such port, and although it is well defended, we should be able to get in fast without alerting them too early. Strike fast with 3 teams, and capture the town and port! Workshop Link ========================= Operation Venture Mission 1 : Spider Spider has arrived on the south west island via speedboat. He's been driven to the nearby airfield where a deal with the local gang is being hammered out. Spider is meant to leave via that same speedboat, so our first task is to destroy it to prevent his escape. Ion does have air assets in the area, but it will take time for them to organize an airlift, so we will have time to reach the airfield, and kill Spider. One of our local contacts has left an RHIB near the airfield for our extraction and return to this safe house. Take note, the local gang is real nasty. They control the entire South West Island, and they'll shoot any (especially armed) strangers on sight. We can try and do this all stealth like, but I don't think we're getting out of this one without a few firefights. Workshop Link Mission 2 : Contacts Our Intel Officer HighRes is out meeting a contact. The rest of the team is resting at our beach safehouse. What could go wrong? Workshop Link Mission 3 : Requisition As you know, since our safehouse was destroyed last week, we are desperately low on hardware. Luckily, Ion Corp has tons of weapons and gear on the island just ripe for requisitioning. And they're not being very discreet about it. We know they are bringing in large weapon shipments through the Blue Pearl Industrial Port, which they have conveniently offered to guard for the local government in exchange for guns and bribes. These bribes keep the local government out, which is good for us because we don't have to worry about shooting local police while we aggressively requisition some new gear for our purposes. The downside is that the port is crawling with armed Ion thugs. We will have to steal a Weapons Truck from the Port, and bring it to our new Safehouse. Workshop Link Mission 4 : Intelligence Our raid on the Blue Pearl Port really helped us get back on our feet. We've got weapons and gear, and I've been able to re-establish SatCom. The downside however, is that Ion has used our attack on the port as a pretext to take over pretty much all of Tanoa security. They are now in most towns and cities with more agents arriving daily. I'm starting to think controlling the entire Island was the Ion Objective from the start. In any case our mission is still the same. Find and disrupt all Ion operations on Tanoa. More specifically we need to find out where the Regional Director is operating from. To that end we need additional Intel. Workshop Link Mission 5 : Centerpiece Our Intel raid has paid off. We've discovered that ION is not actually looking to control Tanoa outright, they just wanted an excuse to build up major military infrastructure on the Islands, and then sell the resulting installations to CSAT for a huge profit. The Centrepiece of their venture is the Island of Tuvanaka. They've been restoring and rebuilding various facilities on the island, and it will be offered to CSAT as a complete pre-packaged base of operations for the entire Area, with pre-packaged subdued local government to boot. If we can sufficiently degrade and destroy Ion military installations on Tuvanaka, we can make their Venture near worthless. Workshop Link Mission 6 : Power We managed to cripple ION's Venture on Tanoa. ION Personel have started to depart the Islands, but the Director is still at large. Communication Intercepts indicate he's based at a Villa near Georgetown. He has an armed guard, and the Villa is ringed by powerful floodlights. We will cut the power to his villa by blowing a power line, then storm the building, find the Director and take him out. Workshop Link Mission 7 : Departures Since we almost got you killed last time, Highres assures us that today's intel is top notch. Seems the Director was pretty convinced we had been killed at the Villa, and showed his face in public. He was followed to an Ion HQ building in LaRochelle. Intel also says that he's about to get the hell out of Tanoa. This is our last chance to get him. Workshop Link =========================== Operation Dardanelles Mission 1 : Preperation Take out an enemy Recon Helo so it can't be used to spot our invasion force. Workshop Link Mission 2 : Invasion! Hit multiple beaches and clear out enemy forces from the Southern tip of the Island. Workshop Link Mission 3 : Consolidation Consolidate our foothold on the island by capturing the radar station Mike. Expect a massive counter attack. Workshop Link Mission 4 : Sabotage! The frontline has stabilized, go behind enemy lines to sabotage an arms dump. Get out quick though! Workshop Link Mission 5 : Knockdown A major concentrated assault should break through the lines. Take the lead assault team deep into enemy territory to take out its HQ. Workshop Link Mission 6 : Rout! The enemy is in full Rout. Lead a sniper team and distraction team to the airfield. Lure the General out of his hiding spot and take him out. Workshop Link
  6. weaponsfree

    [SP/CO-5] Mission Pack - Venture

    Mission 7 - Departures has been added : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=933436661 I also added a bit of Voice acting and Badbenson's excellent video communications script to previous missions in the pack. The full collection : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=735673101
  7. weaponsfree

    3den Enhanced

    Man, this game really doesn't like anything other than straight up firefights. Are combat animations any different?
  8. weaponsfree

    Haze Increases During mission

    In case someone eventually stumbles into this discussion with the same problem, I was given a solution in another thread, this script should help to keep the creeping fog at bay : if (isServer) then {999999 setFog 0}; Although I seem like the only person to ever have gotten this problem :P
  9. weaponsfree

    3den Enhanced

    This is a great idea. Trying to find the right BIS music to fit in a mission is a pain. This will help a lot.
  10. weaponsfree

    3den Enhanced

    Thanks for the reply, sent you a mission via PM. Just want to repeat here I am not saying this is enhanced related, but looking to eliminate possible causes.
  11. weaponsfree

    3den Enhanced

    I'm having an issue that I am wondering if may be related to 3den enhanced. I've made 5 missions with various versions of 3den over the past few months. I've used fog settings once or twice, but in others no fog settings were applied. And I seem to be getting increasing fog (up to near zero visibility) after about 30-45 minutes of play. Even though the forcast fog is at zero. If I take one of these missions, save it in vanilla (3den enhanced not activated), set all fog to zero. I still get the increasing fog. If I copy and paste all units from one of these 5 missions to a new map, make sure fog is at zero and save it (again in vanilla), I still get the fog after 30-45 minutes. Is it possible that some fog settings get saved somewhere other than the intel menu in the editor? Something that can be copy pasted to another map? A screenshot of the mystery fog (maybe it's haze?). View distance is at 3500m
  12. weaponsfree

    Haze Increases During mission

    I suppose it could indeed be fog, even though my fog start and forcast are at zero. But since this problem is not circulating (no other forum posts, no issue tracking that I could find), you're probably right that it's a mod or setting. I actually have a potential cause in mind related to previous use of 3den enhanced. But I'll dig some more into it. Thanks for the help
  13. weaponsfree

    Haze Increases During mission

    I don't think there is a link. My bloom is at zero, and I still get haze 30-45 minutes into a game. Screenshot of the effect. My view distance was at 3500 when this pic was taken. Looks like haze to me : SP and MP. Vanilla and CUP
  14. weaponsfree

    Haze Increases During mission

    Bloom cuts the haze? If so I will gladly turn it off as well.
  15. I've posted about this before, and searched for other posts regarding it, but seems no one else is getting this issue. But it's driving me crazy. During missions on Tanoa, I'm getting an incremental increase to the haze until visibility is down to 200 meters. It's not fog, not view distance. It's specifically the Tanoa bluish haze. Is this really not a widespread issue? Vanilla Arma