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  1. ReiKuhr

    Alternative to Ace3?

    The map tools are under the miscellaneous objects in arsenal. The + tab. As for ACE it's built up in modules, so you can disable the parts you don't want in it.
  2. ReiKuhr

    Recon Tips

    One thing to note is that unless you're within 200m, firing at an enemy with a loud weapon does not always mean they spot you instantly. At 600m or more, if you're careful with firing your weapon, they will still not know exactly where you are. Try this out for yourself some time. Get around 600-800m, and fire at the enemy once. They will either immediately go prone, or they'll rush to cover. But if you hold your fire afterwards, they'll only be looking around. Wait until they get back up and continue roaming and you can fire again. Only one problem though: Eventually they WILL find you if you stay put. No matter how far out you are. Each time you shoot, they will triangulate your position. Sometimes you'll see them doing this as they patrol, turning left and right with each shot as they refine your heading. Once they have a general idea where you are, they'll start trying to flank you. This is why you shoot and move. Little story related to this: In ArmA 2 I was providing artillery support 4km out from the AO on Takistan. I even had a mountain range between me and the target zone. Since I was being fairly active in firing, 30 minutes into my fire missions I suddenly hear a SPANG of a bullet hitting the carriage of my M119. Ducking behind it for cover, I found out that one of the patrols around the AO was patrolling and came under threat from one of my attacks. They followed the direction of my shells and eventually got close enough to hear me firing, so they engaged me. Thankfully the other M119 I had there was shielded enough that I quickly trained it on the patrol (which was still about 600m distant on an adjacent ridge) and took them out. I quickly relocated.
  3. Honestly, I think the easiest fix is to simply modify the HP system. Basically think of it this way. 0 still causes explosions. But instead of the vehicle going from fine to boom, make it so instead of having 100hp, it has 140hp. But at 40hp, you have what looks like a dead vehicle. This allows you to crash land without exploding. However, further damage risks explosions. So high-speed collisions are still energetic enough to kill you outright, but managing to feather a landing would be survivable.
  4. ReiKuhr

    Air Burst/Delayed Fuse Munitions

    It's fuze.
  5. ReiKuhr

    Weapon Jaming - Illusion or fact?

    It happens to me rarely. I'm always on ACE though so I'm not sure if it's ArmA2 or ACE itself. It tends to happen if you fire your weapon automatically for extended periods of time.
  6. Well lets get some things figured out first. Number One: Did you unbind the hold breath from the same key (RMB) as iron sights? Number Two: How long are you waiting? Sometimes going to crouch or prone causes you to lose a bit of stamina.
  7. ReiKuhr

    Tank capture, non-threat

    This is an old bug going back to the days of Operation Flashpoint. For some reason if you disable an enemy vehicle and get into it, you will show up as a hostile to your own forces and friendly to enemies. I've had this happen to me before where I jumped into an enemy MG nest only to watch as they walked past me without noticing. However, unlike what the OP said, if I fire upon a SQUAD of people and kill one, the rest of them WILL turn hostile to me eventually. This is regardless though of friendly or enemy. If I fire upon friendlies they will eventually turn and engage me as well. There is a good point made though. If I'm in a vehicle that cannot be significantly damaged by an enemy, he will never fire upon me. For example, if I'm ina M1A2 Abrams and stumble upon a platoon of infantry, unless they have AT weapons they will attempt to break contact, either by fleeing or trying to hide themselves.
  8. All vehicles use fuel, whether indicated or not. However, fuel consumption for most vehicles is so slow that you wont have to worry about it. For aircraft, it's higher, but unless you're pulling long sorties, you wont have to worry about it. For ground vehicles, you can refuel from any refueling truck or any fuel station you find (watch out, fuel stations also make quite large explosions when hit). For aircraft it's the same, although parking a C-130 next to a fuelpump is quite interesting :P
  9. ReiKuhr

    A-10s wont use their main gun

    3000+ rounds per minute of 30mm HE or AP rounds is certainly not something to sniff at. Not to mention, they're effective at knocking out anything short of a bunker and cost a lot less to use.
  10. ReiKuhr

    Regarding dead bodies (lovely, eh?)

    If I recall, AI will notice dead bodies on the ground. I've seen missions where I'll see an AI patrol with weapons slung stumble upon some of their dead comrades and immediately unsling their weapons and start scanning around. Hiding bodies in that case makes sense.
  11. ReiKuhr

    Throttle & Afterburner control in planes

    I'm voting yes for this as well. As an X52 owner, I like to feel that the throttle serves a purpose. This game is designed as a military warfare simulator, and I do not see a reason to leave flight simulation out of it.
  12. ReiKuhr

    Body armour - Helmets - Protection

    It does matter actually. Even if the bullet goes through the armor, the armor will absorb a lot of the energy of the round, thus reducing the amount of damage it will do to the body. The same principle was used by the Chinese thousands of years ago with silk. Silk armor was not designed to stop arrows from penetrating the body, but it was strong enough to spread the force out across a wider area, and it also kept the barbed tip from digging into the body to make removal easier. So instead of having an arrow pierce the body all the way through, it would only penetrate about two inches, sometimes just enough to keep vital organs from being hit. Thus with body armor, if it can make the round expend most of it's energy on the armor, even if it enters the body, there is far less force and damage done to tissue than without.
  13. ReiKuhr


    I posted this elsewhere, but I think this is the more proper thread to bring it up. Throttle as of now is either on or off. I'd love to see a more analog throttle made for actual sticks. Many other games recognize joystick throttles as analog inputs while retaining on/off for keyboards.
  14. ReiKuhr

    parachute ?

    The parachute also takes time to open. Never try parachuting at heights under 50 meters.
  15. ReiKuhr

    Body armour - Helmets - Protection

    Everything depends on how far away the shooter is, the caliber, the amount of powder charge, angle, aimpoint. Body armor may intend to protect the person, but in reality, it's there to limit the amount of damage done. To put it this way, if you're going to get hit with a bullet, it's better if you can slow it down before it hits your body, to limit penetration and damage from hydrostatic shock. Oh and yes, if you get shot, even if it doesnt make it through, there is still enough kinetic force to break bones, especially without ceramic plates.