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  1. SaBrE_UK

    Enhanced Movement

    This is fantastic work, can't wait to see what it has in store for the future.
  2. This is incredibly necessary, great work! I can imagine the future possibilities! Instead of instant fireball, brushing a tree with your tail rotor simply sends the helicopter into a spin and a particle effect of mangled metal sprays out.
  3. It's all looking really great!
  4. Thanks for your efforts. I'm sure it'll be fantastic if the previous videos are anything to go by.
  5. What are your latest thoughts/plans tpM?
  6. Thanks for the info, tpM, sounds interesting. Look forward to it and good luck with the final leg.
  7. Looking forward to the video. I'd like to hear the parts you're most proud of, and a good showcase of the transitions e.g. indoors to town, to indoors, to forest to desert, or similar. And a variety of weapons. As for boosting sound output, sounds reasonable. But what are the side-effects? Crazy-loud birds? Any ideas on ways to attenuate such issues?
  8. SaBrE_UK

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    That video was incredible.
  9. Thanks for keeping us updated, and I hope you find a job to your liking very soon. As a matter of fact I took zGuba's 'tech demo' to mean just a showcase of the sounds and systems of ACSE on YouTube, not a release.
  10. Hehe indeed! Thanks for the update zGuba. Eagerly awaiting the demo.
  11. Ha I can imagine that could be demotivating and cause a few days off now and again :P I wonder how much is 'psychological'. That is, if you hear the sound whilst immersed in a battle in-game, the imperfections/ qualities might not be so noticeably out of place. Given a sound on Windows Media Player, the psychological setup is all wrong for the experience, perhaps. Honestly though, it sounds incredible to me (disclaimer: a civilian). I've always heard games designers say that they don't use real sounds because they just don't do the real thing justice, or that the real thing is underwhelming, so they hit a trash can with a baseball bat and record that instead. But having heard a few gunshots near and far I think you could get a good appreciation of the gravity of the sound (and feeling) produced, and ACSE is the first thing that really comes close to me, in more than one environment, with its variety allowing so much more. So thanks for your efforts.
  12. The balance must be very difficult to get right; would you say the balance between 'authenticity' and 'fun' is about 50/50, tpM? Any tentative plans for further showcases videos of ACSE in action? Keep up the good work.
  13. Ah makes sense, thank you. Good luck polishing up the mod.