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    Arma3 Videos

    And here's us trying to play the mission Rogue Danger Get the mission here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=468917826&searchtext=
  2. I've just started playing again after a month off. noticed a huge screen tear when my character was exhausted. it blinks like the exhaust effect aswell. I could only fix it partially, this made it see-through, with post-process anti-aliasing. image Didn't have this problem before. spec: Intel Core i7 3820 @3.60 Gzh 8 GB ram Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 (running 337.88 driver) DirectX Dialog
  3. Sargoth

    Screen tearing when tired.

    It was gone when I tried to reproduce it today. Will keep an eye out though
  4. Sargoth

    Screen tearing when tired.

    No. Its present at first person as well
  5. Sargoth

    Screen tearing when tired.

    I've had that as well. No, this is much more annoying. Instead of the blurred tired/exhaustion effect, this screen tear keeps blinking in and out. and before I put on post-processing anti-aliasing, the bottom half would be solid freeze frame of the previous rendered frame. blocking half the screen.
  6. Sargoth


    This mod Works in Arma 3, but the textures needs a overhaul, could someone be so kind?
  7. Sargoth

    NATO Special Operations Command [BETA]

    Sure, but then calling this NATO Special Forces Command is a farce
  8. Sargoth

    Tips on flying a helicopter?

    Tried to some landing practices today. But apparently ArmA will have non of that shit. Even the gentlest landing crashed the chopper WTF?
  9. Sargoth

    NATO Special Operations Command [BETA]

    Where is Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey ? It's not really a Nato Special forces without all the Nato countries involved innit... is it? Albania, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland and Luxembourg isn't part of the Nato Special forces. (ISL & LUX do not have a standing SOF program)
  10. when I start the mission, the chopper explodes and kills everyone: Image
  11. Sargoth

    DEV patch (Seagull Attack) reverted

    thanks DnA, aprriciate it!
  12. Sargoth

    DEV patch (Seagull Attack) reverted

    would be nice to have a changelog! thanks
  13. Sargoth

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    Bluefor is Nato, very much as the war on terror is a Nato operation. And the campaign will focus on the British special soldier, Cpt. Scott Miller.
  14. Probably already mentioned, but 3D Beards.
  15. Nick: Sargoth Age: 27 Location: Norway (GMT +1/+2 SST) Games: ArmA 2, Operation Arrowhead + all Addons Mods : Tend to do vanilla, but mods are not a problem Languages: Norwegian and English I want to play with a group that are friendly, respectful, and mature. Has a good sense of humor and have a teamwork-oriented player group. Got mic and not afraid to use it! I like to play as infantry man
  16. Shield Class Patrol Boats
  17. on a side note, wasn't OFP campaigns being ported over to arma/arma2? I think that would be the tell tale to this discussion edit: I remember it was alot more fun piloting a chopper in OPF than arma/arma 2. I'm not sure which of the systems are more realistic, but I liked to adjust my course with the tail rotor in OFP, something that ARMA/ARMA 2 kinda revert on once you let go of the button.
  18. Sargoth

    They better have female soldiers...

    I'd like to see only females [Edit: or shemales] in arma 3. you know. I'm tired of looking at men all the time when I play! Need some pretty stuff with pink "hello kitty" weaponry. ;)
  19. Sargoth

    High resolution wallpapers

    I second that! I want them smeared all over my screen!
  20. Sargoth

    What Mouse For ArmA2?

    once you had Nintendo mouse, there is no other.
  21. I hope this comes with a Ac-130 wrapped up to go ;)
  22. Sargoth

    Please help! Tank/APC commander

    Also on the M1A1 the loader should be able to turn in and, ofcourse, load different ammo
  23. Sargoth

    Bullet Stray

    hmm, sucks to be a pirate then. Although with all these reports of bugs I'm getting a bit weary to buy the game as soon as it hits euro stores. But I'm probably gonna do it anyway. Took along time before Arma was looking like a gold release (after several patches)
  24. Sargoth

    One thing that really bothers me

    heck, we sell our oil cheap to the US, and fund their military hardware and yet they call us eurotrash usa-hating teenagers!