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  1. Seitan

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Czech won their hockey game already today. Release the news already. :)
  2. Seitan

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Nuclear warfare? End of the world situation.
  3. Remnants of War = Great mini campaign. Story and voice actors top class. Really well done here. Nice way to show new angle to war. This is War. Bravo BIS.
  4. So much talk about singleplayer. It's co-op campaing no? Still every page complaints about how it does not work well on sp. <_< My thoughts after 3 missions (3 guys playing): + Runs great at server. + Voiceacting and music (feels like 2016 game) + Respawn (just need fix it, so you can't respawn forward in the misson from where you die) + Revive system is good like that. + Nice mission locations - Who am i, riker, rider wtf kinda confusing? - Ambush convoy. (3 cars convoy. Come on. Could make it little bigger? Cars go all over the jungle. Too farway from eacother) - Sound problem? repeating some dialogues in 2nd mission or was it part of the joke? :) mary had a lamb, mary had lamb, mary had a lamb... - End of 3rd mission. Extraction. Misson end is weird. Cant get in the vtol. Then some radio chatter... mission done. Overall positive feelings about the campaing so far. And the idea that in the future we will see player made coop campaings sounds interesting. Predator and Vietnam -mods already coming? :)
  5. Seitan

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Back from holiday. Bootcamp update: Prologue and Virtual Reality was fun. Too bad it wasn't in the release of the game. But nice that BIS made it. It's a good way to start learning the game for new players. Don't much use mods or addons these days. So my life didn't collapse when some addon doesn't have sound now. They will fix it anyway.
  6. 4-5 FPS Mooaarr in the ArmA III main menu -world=Altis. Before the trick that is at the first post, it was 68-69. Now it's 74-75. :)
  7. Seitan

    BattlEye: Corrupted Data #3

    edit. ups wrong game :)
  8. Playing Zeus on a open OFFICIAL server is imposible. Constant yellow/red chain. Zeus might be good for 15 player coop + Zeus on a locked server. But at current state the multiplayer is in this game, 3 side war with players connecting/disconnecting every second it is just not possible. :mad:
  9. Adapt - Scouting missions are the best part of this whole campaing. In particular the missions you do at night. ArmA3 just looks fantastic. Ok it's not very realistic that you go "scouting" all by yourself at hostile terriotory. But it's way better then the main plot missions where your stupid ai comrades are trying to do anything but the things you order them to. Luckily you can just order them to stop and do everything alone. Back to scouting... Air Superriority, Weapons Dealer, Mysterious Cache... wow all great fun. So many frustrating and rewarding moments with these missions. Just when you think that you are home free you crash your truck to fence or rock. Because you are trying to avoid roads. Anyway lots of similar feelings with these few missions that i had 13 years ago when playing ofp campaign. :) Still couple missions to do in adapt i think. Before i can jump into WIN.
  10. We were just thinking the same with few mates from the good old ofp days. ...That wtf. Looking down on that server list. Where is that military simulator :confused: But on the contrary i think these Life/Wasteland etc. maps are great example of what ArmA is capable of. Just not my cup of tea. There seems to be lack of "middle ground" here. There are these new game modes and then there are these über serious military style gameplay servers. And yea no clans or gaming communities like early ofp/arma days had. But that's just way of the world now. No fun for "old" farts. ;) Anyway I'm glad that someone plays ArmA 3... was it rpg, zombies or what ever. I've played it almost 400 hours and no end in sight.
  11. Just to confirm that the dev branch text does not show on that screen or any other mission select screen.
  12. This. Overall the story seems interesting. Strike Back anyone?
  13. Seitan

    Altis map - planned changes

    lol yea. I expected something like Camp Nou. Anyway nice additions i'm sure. :)
  14. No problems with the campaing. It was running smooth. 40-55 FPS all the time. Liked the voice acting and visuals. Some missions were better then others. Still better then A1 or A2 main campaigns. Overall feeling was that it felt kinda cheap. Too "home made" for modern day standards.
  15. Very good mission for Altis. Had great fun with few guys last night on [DEV]TheUnxploitables server. You really feel like you've been hunted by the enemy. Suddenly there is AI's everywhere. Tank lights in the fog. Random civilians with their cars. Some epic moments there. :)