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  1. Operation unknown wip

    Good Day Gents. After reciving alot of pm and mails i want to make clear. As long as the models and textures stays in arma anyone can modify it and adjust it as long the keep refrence to the ppl in the first message of this thread. sadly i lost all the of my data on a computer crash sometime ago but i will try to find working mlods as i gave them to some mods. i wish i would have the time to make these birds better and make some new content. Have fun, sfc
  2. Hey,

    I was curious, I have the Poject RACS version of your CH-53, and CH-46, and I asked them if he could reskin it back to a USMC paint and he said to come ask you for the permisions first then he would just send me the files. Is that possible? or would you be willing to even do it??

  3. Operation unknown wip

    hey.. first the addons are binirized if i wanted someone to open them i would have relesed it unbinrized.. i am working on the bugs they are mainly small. sfc.
  4. Operation unknown wip

    hey mate ther shouldnt be any problem with any other mod.. it works fine on my pc with ace and acex. on what folder did you put it on the modset. i dont see an ou_air folder. i need to add the bikey also. and p.s on older version it worked? sfc
  5. Operation unknown wip

    ok new version is up. fixed: landing gear. ramp. sound. signed addon. new pit (fixed pilot locations). new textures. link: http://www.multiupload.com/U94N66MTCM sfc.
  6. Operation unknown wip

    thats the beauty with arma almost everything is possible with coding. for the next wip ill add : radio control. genarator switch. lights control. maybe rwr. just to see how it goes along. sfc.
  7. Operation unknown wip

    in both of the helos the copilot is a "pilot"(using a cargo pos) and not cargo pos. about the arming i wil change the guns on both of the helos. and thanks. sfc.
  8. Operation unknown wip

    you can see it on the vid the activation of the fuel and the engine is done by looking at right pos of the instrument and then you can interact with it. now if look elsewhere the option to interact with it will dissapper. after i am done with the stallions i will give the 46 an overhull also to match the 53 status. sfc
  9. Operation unknown wip

    i ll add the thermals. wanted to ask if anyone is even interested in a fully working cockpit? i mean to have a startup and shut down procedure. the activation works based on where the head of the pilot is. the vid above shows that. sfc.
  10. Operation unknown wip

    hey, sorry for the abstinence, but was a bit busy. i am working on improving and fixing the bugs on the helos. right now i am working on the ch-53 and adding new features to it. i will add an MH-53J version of it right after i finnish with the cockpit. dI-r29KQxmU the pit is just a demo aint planing to go crazy and add every little switch. if you have more suggestions i will happy to hear. right now i know i need to fix: * sound *gear anim *get out anim *sign the addons sfc.
  11. hey itzhak any updates on operation unknown helos

  12. VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    its an addon for vbs1. old days..
  13. Operation unknown wip

    or you just can download this and land it with a simple helipad.. http://www.fileflyer.com/view/NrCnYBO updates will come.. sfc.
  14. The Lost Brothers Mod

    ohh please stop if you dont know dont bד... the idf uses the mk2 שמג the d armor is modlur so it can be added and removed. the idf armor core uses mk2 /3 and 4.
  15. Operation unknown wip

    ok after a lonnng time not here will update.. after a delay will release a new version this week with fixed stuff.. -new sounds for both of them (thanks Chris) -hope fully weapons to both of the helos -new scripts for landing gear and ramp (thanks meatball) -added nose fuel gear -and will integrate the new skins of brainbug. -fixed the landing bug -added damage points just wanna say thanks to wld427 for his support and help. really want to finnish with the helos to move to new projects. sfc. out