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  1. scars09

    [SOLVED] Firing sound

    i have identical issue, with special kind of weapon. i think the reason for it in my case is auto firing mode with rather long reload time and rather long soundfile. i actually dont know where the sound should be attached too, my weapon doesnt have a muzzleflash, could be that aswell. if you find a way to fix it would be nice to hear your feedback on how you fixed it.
  2. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Model_Config parts are called bones, defined in cfgskeletons, please check the link. but thats the spirit, we got one thing animated, lets split it up and see if we can animate it then :)
  3. thats not fixed, thats just a needless solution for a non existing problem. that is what you should do, cause there is no head in pilotview.
  4. door1 is as far i can tell the named selection in the model of your ramp. so we go with door1 in model.cfg door1 needs to be in the skeleton as bone of the mainmodel, and door1 needs to be in sections. try this, no guarantees
  5. he imported a .obj, as far i know only 3 point faces possible in .obj, so it was triangulated as it was exported. mapping is off, UVset0 is obviously ok, meaning, it isnt the uvset shown in preview, or not?
  6. 6 uv sets in uv editor (tabs at top), doesnt seem right, check the other ones and delete them if possible (all except UVset 0). also 3.5k points seems rather high tbh. edit: and i need to learn to count, its 7 uv sets :)
  7. https://configs.arma3.ru/162.137494/configFile/CfgVehicles/Tank/DestructionEffects.html easier in a all in one config as on that website, nevertheless, thats the entry from the tank base class
  8. maybe that works, in o2 in the resource library open up last entry, Sections, check if there are more then one for each texture used. sometimes it imports faces without mapping as a kind of second layer. so one section has proper mapping and a second section, identical number of points and faces without mapping. usually u check that right after import, cause when u assign a texture, and there really where 2 identical sections, you make one section out of it. so try it with fresh imported model. its rather rare to have such a problem, but since you mentioned it was high quality model i think that could be it. no guarantees :)
  9. check faces in o2, if i remember right the non linear mapping entries are the ones with the st error. if the faces have 4 points, triangulate, most of the time that allready does the job. if there is still a problem, hide everything that is ok, and open up uv mapping with the check faces result remaining unhidden. typically its bad mapping so you will see lines with 3 (or more) points in uv mapping wich actually are face(s) mapped "sideways". either remap them manually or you can also try to use the undeform UV button in uv mapper. carefull, you need to break the selection before you use the undeform UV button otherwise it messes up the mapping of the stuff hidden before (wich was fine)
  10. scars09

    Support waypoint does not work?

    give the support unit a single support waypoint right in front of it, give it to the driver of the support unit. make sure you are actually low on fuel in the unit you are in and that you are in command of that vehicle. tested it, works as intended
  11. i dont get the 2 skeletons, is the 2nd one for stock only?
  12. scars09

    Weapon is behind hands

    just in case that doesnt work, try in pilotview of weapon when the weapon is selected a faces move to top. i think since it is only in pilotview that it could be a reason to make it look like that. but the texture issue could be the problem aswell. i actually had some probs lately with _ca textures, wich i indeed created fom .png´s. i didnt know that using tga would produce working _ca.paa´s. i found out that in most cases a 1 layer png just works fine with the intended alpha channel parts when u do it as _co, if you convert to _ca, the complete texture is an alpha and light comes threw anywhere, useless. so thx for the tip with the .tga´s
  13. well, driver is busy, gunner u prolly allready have, commander left then. driveriscommander = false; hascommander = true; in gunnerturret a commanding = false; that should do it, well, of course also, crew = how many u have, cargo = one less. in theory that should be enough.
  14. <3 the red cross blitz, very nice