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  1. Punisher5555

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    You have never seen the newspapers on the floors and such?
  2. Punisher5555

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Still only a Single CPU Engine. Until they fix that..... Just take a look at Mobile_Medic's comment. That is the game. One CPU. Also there are still no ponds. Aliens still have taken all the furniture.
  3. Punisher5555

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Annnnnddddd.... Your framerate just dropped to 0......... Until they fix the engine to be properly multi-threaded....
  4. Punisher5555

    CBA - Community Base Addons - ARMA 3

    Thank you for finally putting this on the SteamWorkShop. Makes things easier.
  5. I guess you hate BIS then? The SteamWorkshop is the only official tool. It helps make things easy for NEW and CURRENT players.
  6. Is this ever going to be in the SteamWorkshop? Very big disservice if not.
  7. Punisher5555

    ASDG Joint Rails

    Is this on Steam Workshop?
  8. Punisher5555

    Next DLC poll what would you want it to be??

    Don't want anymore content. Just want 64bit or at least start using more than one CPU properly.
  9. Look on the forums here on how to create a RAMDISK and dump all the .pbo's from the Addons directory into it. This is the best you can do if you are running x64 with tons of RAM.
  10. Punisher5555

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    That I don't mind. But they should knock out little things like that boat sound.
  11. Did BIS/Steam fix the Workshop so there is no size limit now? Be nice if all this cool stuff was there.
  12. Punisher5555

    Arma 3 launcher/server list

    Nesting worked. Thanks for that find.
  13. Punisher5555

    Arma 3 launcher/server list

    Ahh...... Nest the Addons folder.... Good find there. I will give it a whirl.
  14. Punisher5555

    Arma 3 launcher/server list

    Changing it to @Addons still give the error message and adding it in the Parameters tab -> Mods: has no effect. Please BI change this so we can use the RamDrive thru the launcher.