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    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Is this going to fix the issue where AI can get stuck and refuse to move? Been trying to get back into the game since I have a new PC that runs it beautifully. But I keep running into this issue with my AI squadmates, it's such a pain :(
  2. You can report bugs without being rude. Obviously you were never taught manners. Dev branch is going to have bugs because obviously it's where the experimental and early work is going to be, getting upset over it introducing issues is just stupid. I never said anything against finding bugs, really can't see how you'd misunderstand my post that badly. I know very well what the purpose of the devbranch is.
  3. Been getting this annoying crash lately, which is easily reproducible with the Whole Lotta Altis mission - it happens about 5 minutes after starting the mission. Thought it was just a beta build issue at first so I reverted to the stable build, disabled all mods, dropped texture detail. Game is running perfectly smoothly at the time this happens so I don't see it coming. In the error it seems to be requesting a negative amount of memory, and even if not, that seems like a large chuck of RAM for a single request? PC Specs: AMD Phenom 2 tri-core at 3Ghz HD 6850 2Gb 4Gb RAM Win7 64-bit Not sure where to find the ArmA 3 RPT/log files, will pull them up if that's any use. Will try some other missions to see if it happens elsewhere. Don't see other people reporting it in the SoAk missions thread so I'm thinking it's not a problem with the mission itself. Edit: holy crap just noticed, in 2 weeks I will have been a member of this forum for a decade :eek: Edit 2: Found this http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Custom_Memory_Allocator Tested -malloc=system. No difference, still crashed within minutes.
  4. Maddmatt

    Out of memory crash

    Nope. Turned off all that Steam crap recently, actually. Managed to play through a simpler missing, "Hard to Peel", last night with no crashes. So it looks like heavy scripting is related.
  5. Maddmatt

    Out of memory crash

    Tried maxmem=1024, based on the notes that should match the old values before it was changed in a patch? It made the game unplayable. FPS was about 5 and objects were not loading properly, still showing the distant LOD models when up close. Even if just one unit on the map (via the editor). The game did not run so poorly like this before the patch changes so something isn't right here. Removed the maxmem line and the game is smooth again.
  6. Maddmatt

    Out of memory crash

    Could perhaps test with more RAM, but it seems it's not just SaOk's mission. I am on 64 bit Win 7 though. 64 bit OS with 4Gb of RAM shouldn't have this problem when the game is supposed to be playable on 32 bit OS with 2Gb. I'll try messing with maxmem anyway and see what happens.
  7. Maddmatt

    Out of memory crash

    Still happening. Was playing a small mission from the Steam workshop, crashed 1 minute into the mission before seeing any action. Is 4Gb not enough for this game or what? No sign of performance issues before the crash happens and I could play on Altis fine before Christmas.
  8. Maddmatt

    Out of memory crash

    A single 1Tb hard drive, showing 177gb free.
  9. Maddmatt

    Out of memory crash

    I already have it set to be managed automatically by Windows. It's currently at 4093MB. With 4Gb of RAM, that seems to be plenty. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  10. Maddmatt

    Stencil shadows vs Shadow Maps

    Stencil shadows should be dumped completely. Pure cascaded shadows would look better, especially if more work was done on them so they could be higher resolution for first-person models and vehicle interiors.
  11. Maddmatt

    How to switch to DX10 instead of DX11?

    Because DX11 is backwards compatible with DX10 cards, just the DX11 exclusive features don't work (which, as far as I know, A3 doesn't use). So even if they did code up a separate DX10 renderer, there would be no magical performance gain. Sorry, but you're going to have to look elsewhere for your performance boost.
  12. Maddmatt

    Development Blog & Reveals

    How about just making most the clutter grass short with some tall bits and weeds so it doesn't really block the view. Then have some areas of tall grass that are placed as objects, like bushes. In real life grass isn't necessarily tall everywhere.
  13. The only services your survey mentions is Kickstarter and Indigogo. Have you looked at World of Mass Development? http://wmdportal.com/ It was started by a game developer and the only game they have there now is their own (Project CARS), but they're open to other developers. Might not sound impressive when you see there is only one game, but it has raised over a million Euros in community funding so far.
  14. I think that picture applies more to you. F2P doesn't mean it's completely free. It's a sales model. Base game is free, you pay to unlock stuff.
  15. Maddmatt

    Development Blog & Reveals

    BIS gave me one of those shirts when they sent my copy of ArmA 2:OA. The look on people's faces when they read it is quite funny :)
  16. Maddmatt

    Assassins Creed 3

    A bloodline isn't some linear list of people. The family tree on his mother and his father's side could be wildly different so could easily include Ezio and Conor and virtually anyone else in history... I skipped Revelations because it's just more of the same old game. And damn the Brotherhood ending was stupid, what a stupid way to kill off a character. Hope they made some big changes in the gameplay to make interesting.
  17. Why do all these combat games have to be so stupidly fast paced? We need more realistic shooters, hate how the combat always looks like something from a cartoon in shooters these days despite all the advances in graphics.
  18. Maddmatt

    Flight Sims X/2004/lockon etc..

    The Logitech joysticks are utter s**t when you are coming from a Sidewinder FF2. You can even feel the gears clicking as you move. Very poor accuracy and movement range. Logitech are weird when it comes to quality. For steering wheels they are great, for joysticks they suck, for speakers they are great again, and for headphones they suck again...:p I don't know what joysticks are good these days. Sidewinder FF2 still holds up despite being ancient.
  19. Maddmatt

    Mass Effect 3

    Combat is still as crap as it was in ME2. Feels like you're repeatedly clicking on them to make the health bar shrink instead, you know, shooting at them and killing bad guys. With they removed the stupid health bars and made the weapons feel like guns that kill instead of tools to slowly drain health bars. Story in the first part of the demo seemed really cool though. Was epic seeing the reapers all over the city. Second part felt like the usual simple repetitive combat mission from ME2. Maybe when it's cheap I'll pick it up. Felt like I was just playing ME2 again, which I did really enjoy at the time, but I don't feel like more of the same right now.
  20. Maddmatt

    Think i can play this game?

    I was 12 when I started playing Operation Flashpoint, that was 10 years ago. It's harder and demands more patience than most games, give it a go. The helicopters were also what lured me in at first.
  21. Maddmatt

    Hostage Rescue Somalia - US Navy seals

    As someone who grew up in South Africa, I cannot understand why :confused: Unless you live in Haiti, Iraq or something where it might actually be an upgrade.
  22. Maddmatt

    Hostage Rescue Somalia - US Navy seals

    Great. Pity nobody wants to rescue the South African couple being held there though, think they've been there for more than a year now, not sure if still alive. Must be nice having a home country that would actually rescue you if you were in trouble...
  23. Maddmatt

    Max Payne 3 - Your Thoughts?

    The story. Something very few games get right. Gameplay was always simple but everything was put together in a way that you just had to keep playing to see what happened next. GTA4 didn't pull this off at all so I'm worried about Rockstar getting this right.
  24. pCARS feels very different from Shift I can assure you :) Bugs me that Simbin only release a sound sample from GTR 3 in the Corvette article, I'm so eager to see the game in action.