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Status Updates posted by kremator

  1. Hey gonza, you still about? VTS is still doing well. ..... but we need your input to drive it forward !

  2. Hey L'Etranger. Any progress on VTS that I can help with? There is an MSO mission up that combines VTS with MSO and it is really great !

  3. Any further with convincing your quiet friend to post the work on firing from vehicles?

  4. Hey mate .... just wanted to say how impressed I am with VTS and hope you keep developing it further and further !

  5. Hey Goliath !

    Still trying to get the script version of MM to work. Having problems with the markers more than anything ! Any further forward mate with the scripts as they would REALLY make A2 just superb - and REALLY make a name for yourself !

    Script version >> addon version however!

  6. Same Dale that visited my server ?