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  1. B35 Reupload : -hotfixing BIS buggy update
  2. B35 Out : -fixed UI bugs -fixed fastrope issue -Improved fastrope render -Improved vehicle lift render -fixed & improved VTS revive system -Improved vts_isStealableUniform option -Updated UPSMON scripts by Azroul -Update HC system to use the new method. -Other fix for stuff BIS breaks
  3. If you use the shop items restriction, there is a script that remove an item the shop don't have in enough quantity if you load your loadout. Example: you load a loadout with 2xRGO, but the shop as 0 RGO available, then it will remove it from you after your loadout has been importe. GM doesn't have the restriction and can buy everything without need of money or quantity. The weapon not been displayed in the shop could be either : they use a different class ID of standard weapon, or there is classname conflict. Do you have the config of the weapon somewhere?
  4. A) Nice, where you guy playing? B) They are save on the server profile. Next version, bugfix related to BIS changes mainly : -fixed UI bugs -fixed fastrope issue -Improved fastrope render -Improved vehicle lift render -fixed & improved VTS revive system -Improved vts_isStealableUniform option -Updated UPSMON scripts by Azroul -Update HC system to use the new method. -Other stuff BIS breaks
  5. What do you mean by "it breaks it" ? editing the mission with the editor should be ok, except if BIS broke stuff again.
  6. Timezone/location: GMT-5 (East Coast) Gamemode preference: COOP Website address: http://tacticoolhq.wordpress.com Language: English/French Tacticool is a new Canadian community building up from scratch. The purpose is to run 0 revive coop operations (if you die, that's it for the day) in a non governmental agency. Which allow big creativity in the operations range; from drug cartel stealing to military coup d'état, and by using a range of equipment from vintage weaponry to unreleased futuristic warfare prototypes (which depends on the budget). Majority of missions are build-up live to ensure a dynamic/reactive outcome, depending on the tactical and morale choices of the platoon. In the difficulty of the task, adaptiveness, fast reaction and teamwork are keys. Every assets counts. Requirements Being 18+ years old Having a microphone Speaking either English or French Willing to use his brain as much as its trigger Installing 3rd party softwares (Teamspeak 3.0, Play With Six) Please visit the website and forums to ask more informations : TactiCool Website We are currently looking for Admins & Players
  7. l etranger

    VTS Simple weapon resting

    @Variable : Yes unfortunately when I created the mod, switching the player to a stance adjustement was locking him in the anim state without escape. I don't know if BIS has fixed this since.
  8. l etranger

    Hiring Modder (Details ITT!)

    Forester155 show good values. The Arma content creator community moved a bit too close to slavery, abuses and disrespects, in the last few years.
  9. Well maybe one day. As for the revive, we do play with 0 revive and no respawn setup on our side, so basiclly when you die you move into spectator (ala OFP CWC)
  10. Next version : -Fixed 2D spawn of vehicle with "airplane" or "helictoper" (A2) simulation to fall on ground
  11. l etranger

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    I think so, it was working fine until a point. But Maybe somebody didn't, hard to tell. Could you have a typename check in case of ? because then it break the session for everybody (as the server side broke).
  12. l etranger

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Server issue with v0.9 sometime when multiplle players are switching radio : Server rtp After that, the radio were not switched anymore when player got radio (from initial class).
  13. They should be compatible. If you mean export them in text format, then just loadthem and export them.