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  1. Hello, many, many thanks this DLC, it is so great i can not express my feelings in Words. a) How to open the rear ramp on the CH-53 by script? Found it 🙂: myheli animatedoor ["cargoramp_source",1] b) Where to put and find Missions for this DLC? I created Singleplayer and COOP 2 missions (without Addons, just GM) and also looking for such missions. As the TAG system in Steam is broken (or i am just to stupid to get it working) it would be nice to find a place for these missions. Thanks
  2. Hallo, first, many many thanks for the great DLC. I have a small request. Would it be possible to display a "Tätigkeitsabzeichen" (roughly translated in Service Branch Patch) above the right breast pocket of the Bundeswehr? Thanks Kuro
  3. Dear wld427, Many thanks for the info. I will download and try them . Concerning the Wiesel i would really like to see four (or more) Versions (Autocannon, TOW, Anti-Air, Ambulance). The BW mod in his last version, seems to have only Anti-Air. (in a previous version it also had Autocannon but it was somehow lost :confused: ) Concerning the PSG1 maybe PRACS and P85 can use the same model, because i really like the P85 weapon configs. CH53 and round paracutes are so common for this period, it would be nice to have them in P85 for completeness. (Many thanks for getting my attention to PRACS, i somehow did not give this mod enough attention, but it is really great) With best Greetings Kuro Ex-German Para (2./ FschJgBtl 251)
  4. First i must say the amount of stuff in P85 is amazing. Thinking about what would also be nice... Well, maybe a little bit german centered, but what about: PSG-1 (the ionic Sniper Rifle of this era) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_PSG1 Wiesel (one of the smallest tanks of this era) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiesel_AWC CH-53 (classic heli from this era) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CH-53 A round parachute (maybe i am just blind, but i can not find it in Arma2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-10_parachute Thanks for the great work Kuro
  5. Hallo CWR team, many, many thanks for your hard work and decication (could not be said enough). Especially i want to thank Wolle (how do manage to survive this workload so long !? Respect). Greetings Kuro aka (Thomas Schwarz)
  6. kuro

    Won't Unlock Full version...

    Please help me: I downloaded the Firing Range for Android v1.3.8.2. I really want to buy it ! But if i press the buy button it tells me that i am buying Arma 2: Firing Range Full Version (not THD! of course) Then i select my credit card (worked for other google play purchases) Press the Accept & buy Button "Your order could not be processed. Please try later" I tried yesterday, the day before and today :-( same error message. I tried different credit cards, same result. By the way i am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 Modellnumber GT-I9300 Android Version 4.0.4 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. kuro

    Strange Flickering

    Hallo, the Nodblur Addon under http://www.armedassault.info/download.php?cat=addons&id=929 solved the issue for me. Greetings Kuro
  8. kuro

    Strange Flickering

    Many thanks for the fast patch. (For completeness) the patch 1.01 does not solve the flickering issue on my machine, too. :confused: Looking forward to the next patch.
  9. kuro

    Strange Flickering

    Hallo, i have the same problem with a Quadro FX 1500M :j: Funny thing is that is only relates to first person view. Menu and third person is okay. I also noticed that the menu items in first person view (e.g. cross hair, team icons) do not have the issue. If you go to menu by pressing "ESC" the problem is gone as long as you are in the menu. Looking forward to the next patch. Keep up the good work (no PC game is without bugs) Greetings Kuro Specs Win XP SP3 Intel CPU T2600 @2.16 Ghz RAM 2.00 GB NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500M Memory 256MB (Driver ForceWare 79.48) (My Research shows the Quadro FX 1500M have the same GPU as the FX 7950)
  10. kuro

    Clean Sweep Speedrun

    Congratulations, i agree the issue with Fraps. I solved it by playing on a low resolution and recording on in Half screen size. Greetings Kuro
  11. kuro

    Clean Sweep Speedrun

    What do you do when you are stressed and depressed after work ? Well, i use to drink a beer and do some rounds of Clean Sweep. So this evening i wondered how good i am. Therefore i decided to do the first OFP Speedrun. Rules: a) The mission is the orignal, unedited Clean Sweep Mission (without aiming cross and target tags) b) The time starts with the first screen of the island (after pressing the continue or retry button) c) The time end when the radio messages states "We got them all... " d) Prove your time with some Frame grapping tool like Fraps The time to beat is 1 Minute 51 Sec. (Yes, i know i am not fast (i was drunken), if you could do it better,... My proof: (ca. 4 MB) http://www.modify-the-game.com/OFP/Kuro_CleanSweep_1min51sec.wmv