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  1. Cancelled ---------- Post added at 08:44 ---------- Previous post was at 08:40 ---------- Hello Could you please post that mod, please?
  2. I can confirm that overvolting GPU may make the trick. But it's always easier to blame your computer than Arma3 game http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?180734-Crashing-Crashing-and-Crashing&p=2736075#post2736075
  3. I had to raise GPU core voltage from default 1.000 V to 1.075 V to get rid of crashes. Every other games are fine but this game requires more voltage :plain: MSI GTX 580 TwinFrozr OC II I7-2600K@4500MHz
  4. I would like to change my German Metaboli Arma 2 version to English. Is it possible just by re-installing and changing CD-key to English version? I can send my original German key if someone send me original Arma 2 English CD-key. Bohemia Interactive should release the language patch as they talked a year ago.
  5. Today I also remembered these missions. There were many inf groups patrolling via roads. DAC and GroupLink would make those missions more challenging. I also hope if someone could convert this trilogy for Arma 2. Rare missions have as good atmosphere as those missions had.
  6. karhu

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    How can I edit the evolution mission so that the ai stays in the city when I go outside the city borders? Also Is there already a version with non respawning enemies in the cities?
  7. In the forest I got 15 fps with 1280x720 resolution, visibility about 1550. Lowering resolution to 960x540 didn't give extra fps. I am not going to buy new computer so I will sell original German Metaboli CD key and download links for 30 eur if anyone wants to buy it. Just PM me. Thinkpad T61P 15.4" 4G T7500 570m (with modded 8600m gt drivers), Winxp
  8. Thank you for good mod! I cannot extract CWR campaign. Where can I find a tool to decrypt it? I often played that "escape" mission in editor. I added a rescue patrol to rescue me from the prison tent at the right time. Another variation was to put the ambush right there were the Uaz trip ended in the night.
  9. karhu

    FDF Mod 1.0 for ArmA

    It's not about the money.... I simply don't like QG i own QG but i installed it only once and after seeing what it contains i deinstalled and since then NEVER installed it again. To me QG is a waste of Disc Space!! Not more and not less. I just ordered Queens gambit eur 4.50 from Play.com. FDFmod was the only reason to buy this addon. Play.com Thanks for the perfect christmas gift, Finnish brothers! Â
  10. karhu

    Evolution - Single Player

    Could you modify newer evolution missions to sp missions? EvolutionB2 Vr is my favorite. Â
  11. karhu

    ArmA running on a laptop?

    My museum: Asus Z71V Pentium M 2.128 Mhz, 2x512MT 533Mhz, Go6600 300/300 Mhz Custom resolution: 840x525 16 bit. View distance is about 1100 m. Game is somehow playable with lowest detail settings. I hope that possible coming FDF mod is not too heavy .
  12. Training targets fall after 3 rifle shots . Shooting distance does not affect to this. Is the hitting power too low or what is the problem?
  13. karhu

    Testing netcode settings

    What are the best settings for 100 Mbs lan game with 4 computers and server?
  14. karhu

    Sniper mission 9

    The chopper base is at FB-5F.