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  1. fitzee


    Hi. Is there an easy way to add searchable objects to the list, i.e. garbage bins, crates, furniture that aren't already supported? Regards.
  2. fitzee

    GF Exported Loadouts Script - Mod

    Hi. Just wanted to say thank you for this nice script. It's been working flawlessly for me in single-player Ravage scenario. Following your example, I've added code for civilian side to control renegades load outs as well. If you are going to further edit/enhance this script, the one thing I feel could use improvement would be the ability to add the loadout arrays per side instead of under all units. It obviously works well as is, but seems like you need to make the same amount of loadouts per faction. Either way this script is good, just what I've wanted since I started playing Ravage. Thanks a bunch. Regards.
  3. fitzee


    Hi. First off, I can't thank you enough for the auto walk feature. I'm sure i've ruined at least 2 or 3 keyboards over the years by prying things in there to hold 'w' down lol. Everything seems pretty straight forward, but it seems I can only auto walk at a jogging pace(which is perfectly fine if that's what was intended). My personal preference would be auto walking at walking speed with weapon equipped and pointed down. Regardless, this feature is amazing and long-overdue. Well done! Regards.
  4. fitzee


    Hi. I posted a short while back about the weapon arrays. If a mod like cup is selected, then there's no problem adding other weapons to the array. If you want to define all weapons without any mod selected(with arma 3 content set to limited), then the ai all seem to spawn with weapons from the list, they also spawn in the loot, but lots of default arma3 weapons and ammo spawn in loot as well(just turn the drop chances up to see). I never had the naked bandit issue tho lol, because i still used cup equipment. Regards.
  5. fitzee


    Hi. When I define weapon lists in the equipment module, it works for ai and it spawns in the loot table. But, I get a lot of default arma3 weapons and ammo in the loot as well. This is only when I want to define all weapons, if just adding some to one of the preset mods, it works as expected. Regards.
  6. fitzee


    Hi. I used to do this with the override in zombie horde module. It requires a LOT of modules for a full map sandbox tho. Regards.
  7. fitzee


    Hi. I'm not sure if its a bug or intentional with new loot system. I always use cup content, before the latest update I would set cup content to use weapons and equipment, everything else set to 'no' except arma3 content set to limited. Looting worked good, mainly cup items for loot. Since the update with the same settings I tend to see 9 out of 10(if not all) weapon or ammo drops are defaut arma 3 content. Regards.
  8. fitzee


    Hi. Is there a way to exclude certain items from the clean up system? IIRC you can set tents or vehicles to 'owned' so they wont be removed, but I'm thinking more along the lines of editor placed loot items. Regards.
  9. fitzee


    Hi. The community has been this way since before I joined. Maybe best gaming community around. Back on topic - TY haleks for the updates. I'm also hoping you can find a way to control ai numbers. To avoid the big groups, I've set main and secondary hostile forces to none, ai multiplier to 0.7. That way I usually get 4-7 solo renegades/friendlies going berserk in towns. Kind of gives me DayZ ja vu.
  10. fitzee


    Hi. Thanks for the info. It didn't even occur to me to try a different terrain lol. Regards.
  11. fitzee


    Hi. First off I'd like to say thank you for this mod, its been a lot of fun, and getting better with each update. Really like the loot in furniture idea, even seems to be in the OCP houses. However I'm having troubles with it. If there's no loot all goes well, but, when there is loot I can never get it, lol. I search the furniture, car wreck, etc, then the loot window opens for an instant(long enough to see that somethings there), then closes. I've tried different positions (near, far, standing or crouching), weapon in hand or empty handed, but always the same result. Any help will be appreciated. Regards.
  12. I don't understand why people buy and play these games if they think the engine is so terrible. Then they come in here and bitch and moan, talk about bla bla engine is so much better optimized. Who gives a damn, OpF, as old as it is, is still a better game than the fad of the month garbage you talk about. /end rant
  13. fitzee

    Sahrani for A3 by SMD

    Hi. Great news, really looking forward to this. Regards.
  14. Hi. Typo? Or was it really that low in 1.0? By the time the game hit the shelves in my area it was already patched a number of times and at that point it definitely had more than 500 meter VD. Unless my brain is crapping out in my old age or something. I remember I had the fastest cpu/gpu combination available at the time P3 700mhz and a gforce 256(lol), and I couldn't even come close to max VD. Regards.
  15. Hi. Now I see what your getting at. Yes, It would be great if the ai would automatically set up fire teams. Right now it seems the only way to do that is scripting it into the mission, and unfortunately they still won't really act like a team :( Regards.