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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    During my time as a regular army Infantryman, I was issued a TA01NSN, with the rear iron sight bit replaced with a J-Point red dot (circa 2005). It actually comprised approximately 95% of all optics issued in my battalion, as we were newly stood up prior to your deployment in 2006. So yes, this was used in "non-SOF" capacities. But I do believe it's initial fielding was infact in the SOF community.
  2. Whiskey27

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Do you not TA01NSN muhreen? http://imgur.com/1qce0jI
  3. Good to hear you guys are still progressing. :D
  4. Well in their game play highlight reel I did see some custom looking insurgent types, but I'm no spokesman so don't take my word. Go check out the video and you'll see what I mean.
  5. I've almost thought of it as a bee buzzing sound when 155 goes over head, although it's been awhile that is what I remember. Noubernou your's sounds like a truck :D.
  6. Nice video nouber, but you did your compensated sight picture wrong at 1:08, I'ma have to give you a no-go at this station ;)
  7. This system would also be cool to have implemented for the ground mounted mortars as well, is that part of the plan?
  8. "Hey diddle diddle, far pole in the middle!" Who ever makes this, let them know I <3 them.
  9. Would make it even better to have a nice interior, but whatever final state it is in I'm sure will please the masses. :D Very sexy stuff SA.
  10. Depends, usually is an armorer thing as in our case the 203 was also noted as being on a certain weapon. But we switched the 203 between weapons easily enough, just take off the 203(easy to detach btw) and then slap back on your handguard or RIS lower piece.....
  11. Whiskey27

    fox's small projects

    Little something for Fox
  12. RPG-2 Still has some problems I'm trying to work through, mainly config. My main reason to post is to see if anyone can throw me some config help, and to see if there is a workable way to get an AT launcher in a primary slot. For now, Taliban Back Rocket Artillery hooooooo
  13. Otherwise known as it's military designation, M107 :D
  14. Whiskey27

    fox's small projects

    Getting a little creative there with the black surefire helmet light huh? :D Nice work on the vest fox.
  15. Well, after having just been around a lot of HWMMV's this past weekend, I think I could tell you that it looks fine. I would only say, the paint looks brand new and the truck must have just been washed. :D
  16. Clicky for larger, just interior shot of RHS BTR-70
  17. Whiskey27

    fox's small projects

    The grey things above the mag are little pull tabs that are attached to the elastic that holds the magazines in place.....But on the magazines they do look a tad odd. A bit wide it seems idk.
  18. Whiskey27

    fox's small projects

    Some do, usually in mech units where the nomex crewman coveralls are issued it seems. But there are also the FR uniforms (fire resistant). Also nomex flight gloves are one of standard issue things that everybody gets, no matter if the unit buys extra/different ones. Sometimes you'll see people (usually gunners on a hwmmv that i've seen) with nomex facemasks/hoods, and they may be issue or a personal bought item.
  19. Whiskey27

    DLC - Chernarus goes to the Snow

    I like the idea, but not Chernarus, make it something new, with NEW content, not updated content.....If it's something I have to buy, I want to see something worth buying.
  20. Whiskey27

    New Recoil and the AK-74 Series

    And also for the fact that the US rifles in this utilize flash hiders, not muzzle breaks. So the recoil couldn't possibly be less than the AK74, which is very reasonable in real life.
  21. Whiskey27

    fox's small projects

    Shoulders pads......ewwwwwww, but otherwise stuff looks good fox :D
  22. Also, a similar glitch in texture to the groin pad on the top of the helmet, sorry no pic but tis there!