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  1. EvEnLeaSe44

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Cant seem to find the black MXs... not in ammo crates or on a soldier?
  2. EvEnLeaSe44

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Happened to a buddy and I as well, we were just in Slammers... using the guns optics and night time, night vision, with rain. Seems to get pixilated at night, turning on then off night vision fixed it though (briefly)
  3. What is your view distance? Set it to 3000... then object view distance to 1200, tell me what happens? Gotta start low.
  4. EvEnLeaSe44

    Stream Only Forever?

    I <3 steam.... instant patches, reliable (mostly) service, and neat features. I don't see the problem with it, only over paranoid people seem to. OT: It'll probably stay steam exclusive, for ever. Much easier for the dev team to push patches and content.
  5. Do you have an SSD? Are you one of the people that think running 12k view distance should be the normal? (when it really shouldn't be, since this game isn't optimized for it really) I run 60+ fps, even online (good servers)
  6. EvEnLeaSe44

    "Opening up Arma 3 to paid user-made content" - How?

    I quote my self and stand by what I said. This ^ should be the end of discussion of user made paid mods.
  7. 1: Turn "lights on" when at night time, with gear down ;) Taxi light.
  8. EvEnLeaSe44

    "Opening up Arma 3 to paid user-made content" - How?

    I actually hope this does not happen. The community is already separated by mods, but to separate it by PAID mods would be outrageous. Want to get paid doing something you like? Get a job doing it or add a donate button on your mod page, don't punish your fans.
  9. EvEnLeaSe44

    Are there going to be more guns in final release?

    The US Military doesn't have variety when it comes to the soldiers weapons. This game represents that, perfectly. You have your main assault rifle, and the one and a few squad machine guns and long range rifles. This isn't COD. More weapons will come with DLC, free content packs, and mods.
  10. I'm not seeing v0.73b on the front page?
  11. EvEnLeaSe44

    Crew Glitch in the OPFOR tank

    If you hate this game so much, then just leave. No one is stopping you. OT: Good thing you saw this, now they can fix it.
  12. Hope these weapons come soon, it'll be great to see such stunning work with today's modern weapons. Good job!
  13. EvEnLeaSe44

    Reality Check

    The fact that kids these days feel so entitled to get whatever they want... Funny when they realize life doesn't work that way. I get it, a lot of the same stuff... but a lot of real life militarys do that, its actually common. Especially when it comes to down the rifles a soldier can/does carry. /edit: And HKFlash, you can literally.. in the nicest way... eat shit. :)
  14. EvEnLeaSe44

    Reality Check

    Hey, you can shove your opinion up your ass ok? Because this game, ArmA 3... is the best launched game in the series to date. Just due to the island, and the fact the launch wont be a buggy DISASTER. If you actually payed attention through all the years you've played this series, you'd realize that.
  15. EvEnLeaSe44

    Reality Check

    Honestly would be worth it. The island is beautiful, I've spent at least 10 hours driving around... flying around...